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The Spirits say here that gratitude is literally our "strength in life"; it gives us the strength to do whatever it is we need to do or to learn or to grow; it's our Magic.

- Thanksgiving   

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This is the 'old' website for Kay Cordell Whitaker and the teachings of Ka Ta See.

Kay is the author of The Reluctant Shaman, Sacred Link and Love Ka Ta See Style.

There is still a great deal of information about her work on this site, but for up to date information and updates please visit Kay's new site.

Ka Ta See


Please Note

If you do decide to peruse this site please keep in mind that some of the information you will find here is not up to date, especially announcements of events and upcoming classes.

For up to date information please go to

  Private Appointments  
  Traditional Energy Healing  

Kay Cordell Whitaker has studied, researched and practiced a number of ancient Healing Traditions from around the world. She primarily relies on the Healing Traditions she was taught by her Peruvian Grandparents Domano and Chea Hetaka from the Katasee Tradition as well as ancient Healing Traditions from the ancient Egyptian mystery teachings of the temples of Isis and Osiris.

In addition Kay also draws from her extensive Radionics Energy Healing Research work with the Red Door Radionics Instrument.

For more information about Kay's Energy Healing work and how to arrange a private Energy Healing session, please go to the Traditional Energy Healing.

  the Throwing of the Bones  

The Throwing of the Bones is the most ancient form of Devination, or talking with the Spirits, known.

For more informaiton or to arrange an appointment for a ceremony with the Spirits of the Bones please visit the Bone Throwing pages.

  Katasee Courses  

Setting the World In Balance
4 Year Course Series


We just finished a Level 3 weekend from the currently ongoing 4 Year Course Series and here is one of the e-mails we received from a student right afterwards:

"Boy was Level 3 amazing - one of the most beautiful things I have ever had the joy to experience. It is so amazing that you can spend so much time studying different traditions, and within you is such wonder just waiting to be discovered. I told someone afterwards that I fell in love with Katasee after that weekend - how could one not? It makes such sense now, that quote on our [class] site from Kay about song being the most powerful thing she knows (sorry, paraphrasing here). I was just blown away by the experiences on Sunday. What an incredible thing to feel the pattern of someone's soul/mind that way. There still are no words I know that can come even close to the reality!"


  For more information and to register for the next installement of the course series please go to the
4 Year Course pages.
  Red Door Radionics - Online Course Series  

We are working on the final details for the upcoming Red Door Radionics online course.

To make sure you are receiving the latest updates about this special course please request our Newsletter since we will share any new information about the course in upcoming issues of our newsletter.

In the meantime, please go to the Red Door Radionics section for more information about the Red Door Radionics Energy Healing Research.

  Song Explorations - Online Course Series  

This is an upcoming online course to explore Song and Masks and the wonders of Katasee and what these teachings have to offer and can bring to our daily life.

Again, please request our Newsletter to receive updates and details about this upcoming online course.


Sacred Link

Joining Fortunes
with the Unknown

By Kay Cordell Whitaker


  Hidden within the senses between the sublime and the incomprehensible is the most important piece of spiritual knowledge any of us will ever find. More  
The definitive work on awakening our senses and living the
life we are meant to live.



Waking Up

"The way they see humans is that we are this enormous entity that is just huge, vast, ancient. Ancient beyond anything we can ever dream up or calculate. We have lived through this universe in who knows how many different places and how many different ways and forms. And all of that experience is in us, is a part of us.

All of the knowledge, the gifts gainedĖthatís part of us, our totality. And we bring that with us. Thatís who and what we are. And as a total entity that has traveled through this universe for countless eons, and interacting with other entities, we have pure awareness. Thatís essentially what we are. We are like giant sensory organs. Pure awareness. Collecting information on all levels, all dimensions, through time, through space. And processing it, storing it, using it."

  Read the latest Issue: Waking Up  
  Back Issues  

The Throwing Of the Bones


Among the most ancient forms of divination or talking with the Spirits known. Live every third Sunday of the month on Transitions Radio Magazine which airs on KBAC FM, Radio Free Santa Fe, 98.1 FM in Santa Fe and 95.9 FM in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sunday mornings, 8 to 11 AM. Now you can listen to the entire 3-Hour show on TRM's website, anytime during the week!. More


Amazon Drumming To Journey By


A Continuous Drumming Atmosphere for Journeying and Meditation. More

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