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Participants will be initiated into the sacred energy source that powers and creates all shamanic, ecstatic experience and manifestations.

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Setting The World
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Shamanic Initiation To The Source
of Happiness And Power

This experiential workshop is the foundation course of the SETTING THE WORLD IN BALANCE series presented by Kay Cordell Whitaker.

Participants will be shown the ancient shamanic traditions of "Setting The World In Balance" as practiced by the indigenous people of the central eastern Andes mountains.

One of the main focuses within these teachings is to truly "know self". Domano and Chea Hetaka, Kay’s teachers, were adamant about this aspect of their sacred knowledge. "Waking up", to fully and truly wake up out of society's stupor and "know yourself", to "know our own Song", is at the core of all their teachings and will provide a perspective of yourself and all life that you very likely have not considered possible before.

To live in the feeling of our own Song is to live with a passion for being alive, it is to have clarity of pure attention, to live in a state of natural joy and incalculable beauty, and much more. 

This also means that in the course of these four years you will learn and see things about yourself that have kept you from knowing your Song. You will learn about your masks and how they have been controlling all of your attention all of your life.

Chea and Domano Hetaka are among a small group of traditional elders from this eastern Andes region that have traveled through the world of our modern society expressly to fulfill their tribal prophecies by gifting to the world this knowledge they say we have long since dangerously lost.

It is the wish of their people to share these "Gifts of the Four Directions" with us in their attempt to help heal our species and our planet while we still can.

By offering to individuals this shamanic way of experiencing the joy and power within their own Song the individual becomes empowered and contributes in this way toward healing the whole.

Participants will be initiated into the sacred energy source that powers and creates all shamanic, ecstatic experience and manifestations.       

Within this empowering atmosphere of nonjudgment participants face the addictions, held individually and as a society, to the limiting patterns of their masks and initiate the healing of themselves that then extends to others and so, on to the whole planet.

Ceremonies and sharing of experiences will be held throughout the two and one-half days.

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