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Few, if any, experiences are as profound as this
spiral group ceremony.

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Walking With Purpose

The Shamanic Way Of Life

This experiential workshop is the second of the foundation courses in the SETTING THE WORLD IN BALANCE series presented by Kay Cordell Whitaker.

"The Spiral of the Plumed Serpent":
Here, following the age-old traditions from the Andes, taking as long as it takes, a large stone spiral altar will be formed and danced by the group. This ancient spiral altar connects this world and the participants to the "realm of the Plumed Serpent" - a world completely without the pretenses and blindness of masks and fears - a realm of harmony, love and unbridled clarity.

Within the dynamics of this weekend we come to know through our own experience the difference between our masks and our Song and the addictive grip our masks have on us and our society. We experience the true flavor of our thoughtforms and beliefs and the consequences they create. We experience the shamanic way of taking back our power through purposefulness and joy in every action taken throughout daily life.

As one recent participant put it, "Connecting to the realm of the Plumed Serpent where masks do not exist, is like someone dying of thirst being satiated in an ocean of clear water - only this ocean is of endless unconditional love."  Few, if any, experiences are as profound as this spiral group ceremony.

These ceremonies of dancing and shedding the masks and the sharing of experiences will be held throughout the two and one-half days.

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