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Being and living in Song is being
"in-love with life".

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Mastering Attention

The Shaman's key

This experiential workshop is an advanced course from the series SETTING THE WORLD IN BALANCE presented by Kay Cordell Whitaker.

Mastering one's attention, learning how to focus one's mind from a "Song centered base" on something of one's choice and hold it there without any distractions or wavering stimulated by the beliefs and thoughtforms of others, is the key tool of all ancient shamanic traditions.

Participants will be offered advanced shamanic training in the profound power and clarity that comes from living in the passionate state of natural joy and flowing sacred energy: the state of living in and from one's own Song - a "Song centered base".

Being and living in Song is being "in-love with life". Truly being able to free ourselves from our masks and live a life in Song is to express love and clarity in every moment and in everything we do.

This class will include advanced and highly detailed work in collecting and focusing your attention, moving and holding your attention purposefully, the true nature and power of beliefs and thoughtforms in us and our world, and how we connect to and effect the rest of Creation.

Mastering of attention is the key to the shaman’s setting their world in balance, within and without.

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