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“Light years beyond anything I expected
or dared to hope for!”

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Setting The World
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Setting The world In Balance
four Year Course


Basic Concepts
Application and Nondisclosure
Ancient Secrets of the Healing Arts
Ongoing Private Study Group
Comments about the Teachings

Some Basic Concepts

The Four Year Course Series "Setting The World In Balance" is designed and taught by Kay Cordell Whitaker. It is for participants to learn the healing techniques of the Hetakas' and apply them in their own practice and healing work. This course does not allow anyone or give permission to anyone to teach any of these material to others.

This is NOT a "take anything you learn and make it your own" tradition. All teachings within the course are sequential. It would be irresponsible to take any of the material out of context, change it to whatever you like and use it in any way you see fit. If you are looking for these kind of teachings we suggest for you not to apply for this course.

Application and Nondisclosure Agreement

Kay has shared and given material from these classes more freely in the past. After a few, somewhat unpleasant experiences with some students, she is not sharing most of the material as freely anymore.

Participation in the course is dependent on the acceptance of your application. Once accepted in the course you will be required to sign an agreement in which you promise not to share any of the material taught in the course with anyone.

These are the same requirements Domano and Chea asked of Kay for her to be able to study with them.

Ancient Secrets of the Healing Arts

As we mention in the Energy Healing Section on this site, many of the concepts of the Healing Arts within these ancient traditions that are taught as part of this course are mostly forgotten and rarely used or applied these days, yet they are vitally important for any healing process.

Kay has shared some of those teachings more freely in the past as well, until she found the material being taken and taught as part of other traditions which show little regard or respect for the importance of not taking things out of context.

Since then she is only teaching these techniques as part of the Four Year Course and to her Ongoing Private Study Groups.


Tuition for the next installment of the Four Year Course Series is still being determined. Please check back or sign up to receive our newsletter, Song Magic News.

Ongoing Private Studies

The requirement to participate in Ongoing Private Studies with Kay Cordell Whitaker are the completion of the first four levels of the Four Year Course.

There are no exceptions to this requirement.

Some comments about Kay's Teachings

“Light years beyond anything I expected or dared to hope for!” --Jeff Belanger, Rolfer and Therapist

“These teachings changed my way of being in the world permanently.”
--Kimberly King, Author, Therapist, Storyteller

“What I have learned from Kay Whitaker continues to offer me healing balance and freedom.”
--Dr. Bill Seefeldt, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology

“There was a point where I realized who I truly was and my value to the planet, and then I realized Kay had carefully led me there - and then allowed me to find it on my own.”
--Lorilyn Jirges, MFA, Playwright

“Kay has a vast fund of information and experience that she communicates with integrity, commitment and skill.”
--Dr. Janel Carino, MD, Psychiatrist

“Kay walks the talk of ‘power within.’ The depth of her own personal integration is obvious as she continually empowers her students with directness and humor to find their own answers and strength.”
--Bev Schenler, MA, Psychotherapist

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