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Amazon Drumming To Journey By
Drumming To Journey By
Song Magic
Earth Fire Serpent
Power Animal Journey
"I had a more profound journey in my office chair with this CD than I have had doing a full ritual with my old CD...
I had phosphenes, I had a tingling paralysis in my hands and forearms,
and I spontaneously went to places that I had not
experienced in my years of journey work."

amazon Drumming to journey by

A Continuous Drumming Atmosphere.
Stimulating Support for Journeying
with Gentle Call Back.


Track Listings

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  1. 71 Minute Support With Call Back
2. 60 Minute Support With Call Back
3. 50 Minute Support With Call Back
4. 40 Minute Support With Call Back
5. 30 Minute Support With Call Back
6. 20 Minute Support With Call Back
7. 15 Minute Support With Call Back
8. 10 Minute Support With Call Back
9. The Call Back

This is Kay Whitaker's second drumming CD, "Amazon Drumming To Journey By."

Similar in its traditional composition of sounds to her first CD, Drumming To Journey By, it has its own enticing, mesmerizing rhythm, one that has been favored by western Amazonia for countless centuries. As with her other recordings Kay Whitaker has again created a flowing vehicle of haunting sounds that heighten your state of consciousness and allow you to easily move into the deep state of trance that is utilized in spirit journeying and other ceremonies and to hold this level of consciousness for as long as you choose.

With "Amazon Drumming To Journey By" Whitaker is continuing the matriarchal influence of the Hetakasí society in her commitment to create an atmosphere that will inspire many to explore the unknown and to make that exploration as passionate, fruitful and easeful as possible. Keeping in line with the flexibility and convenience of Whitakerís first drumming CD, "Amazon Drumming To Journey By" is one continuous drumming ending with a "call back."

You can also choose to enter the drumming at various points so that your ceremony can be any length of time from 10 minutes to 71 minutes, making the use of her drumming CDs even more relaxed and enjoyable.

Four widely toned single headed drums from the Native American traditions are used to create the resonate, energy stimulating harmonics complete with their own dynamic overtones and undertones. The rattle, too, is designed to alter consciousness; its frequencies stimulate the human electromagnetic field and allow it to increase in intensity, thus shifting your state of awareness into conscious trance.

An ancient chant from our ancestors further enhances and holds your trance and sends a request to all of Creation to help you understand and live in the beauty and joy of your Song: to fully live the truth of who you are. So do the large crystal prayer bowls, which began to resonate and sing with the drums of their own accord.

The drumming and other sounds are an integral part of ceremonies such as spirit journeys, meditations and healings and are said to "carry you": they become your sacred vehicle into the realms of the unknown.



"When I first heard the drumming sounds on the "Amazon Drumming To Journey By" CD by Kay Cordell Whitaker, I was quite surprised... I was accustomed to rapid drumming, and here was a very interesting sound produced by a much slower rhythm.

I have Spirit Journeyed for 13 years. Not a world record by any stretch, but long enough to develop and recognize patterns, and to have a fairly strong faith in the predictability of my effectiveness. I was also entrenched in a known modality - meaning I had used the same rhythm for most of that time. It would vary slightly when done with "live" drums or rattles, but it was still "that fast rhythm". I recently sat at the Stick Games during a Native American Pow Wow in Montana, experiencing that same rapid tempo. I was flying all over the universe, while the games were going on.

I am a Music Intuitive and Composer and as I listened carefully to Whitaker's CD, the questions in my head became answers, and I could ascertain the source of the magic I was hearing. The slower rhythm allows a resonance and reverberation (a kind of gentle echo) to be heard, in between the drumbeats, which in the faster rhythms is masked by the sound of the beat. With the addition of a subtle rattle, and an ancient chant, there is a final sound generated that is hard to surpass for its effectiveness. I had a more profound journey in my office chair with this CD than I have had doing a full ritual with my old CD... I had phosphenes, I had a tingling paralysis in my hands and forearms, and I spontaneously went to places that I had not experienced in my years of journey work.

Your personal mileage may vary, but if you are serious about Spirit Journeying, I would suggest trying any and every tool that presents itself. As one of those tools, this recording has brought attention to new possibilities on my map of the other worlds, and I highly recommend it."

Stephen Pike, Ashland, OR

"I did a journey last night and the night before with this CD and there is something about this drumming that is enveloping me in peace, stillness. The peace was inside of me, but also there was an energetic field going around me that I could actually see - it was magical. This is an extraordinary Drumming CD. Within seconds after the CD begins to play my mind has quieted down and this sense of peace surrounds me. In this place of Stillness, I am back in a very deep ancient part of myself. My mind seems to stop all of it's thinking as soon as I begin to push the play button. It is very thoughts...I feel a great expansion of myself.

In one of my journeys one night in the jungle, I sat and reached up and touched the stars. Clarity on questions, even on questions that were subconsciously sitting there appears and solutions on how to deal with the situation are presented.

Itís been awhile that I have been drawn to journey and now I canít seem to wait until the evening comes and the CD goes into the player.

I am enormously grateful to Kay for bringing the Ancient tones back to my soul.

Thank you Kay Whitaker for yet another incredible CD!!!"

Cindy O'Connell, Santa Fe, NM

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