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The field of radionics brings together physics and the psychic.   

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A particularly noteworthy experiment took place in the Castroville/Watsonville area of California, the artichoke capital of the world. All the fields in that area were artichokes – a
uni-culture on an increasingly large scale. Artichoke crops have only one serious pest problem – a little moth. Every five or six years, there’s a huge outbreak of these moths. They can devour a whole field. It’s hard to sell artichokes when you peel the leaves off and find them full of worms. When pesticides became available, the farmers applied them to their crops. This worked for a few years, but then the worms would become immune to the pesticides. The farmers would have to use a stronger pesticide, or larger doses. More and more expense, more and more pollution, in an ever-increasing cycle.

The radionics researchers saw this as a perfect laboratory. They approached the farmers – small family farms with five or ten acre parcels. They convinced the farmers to work with them by not putting any pesticides or fertilizers on their crops for a whole year. In return, and for no charge, the radionics researchers would broadcast to the crops to get rid of any problems and to increase nutrients.

These early radionics machines were electrically based. They plugged into a wall outlet and were huge, with all kinds of vacuum tubes and parts, covered with knobs and dials. Right in the center there was what they called a “witness well,” a cylinder about two to three inches in diameter, which was lined with a copper coil, where one put a sample of their target. All these electrical components created the scalar wave. There were dials to set the broadcast frequencies, and one dial for setting the intensity of the broadcast.

In order to treat a particular crop, researchers would take a photograph (Polaroid has become a favorite) of the crop. They’d cut the edges of the photo so that all the borders and the farms next door were not on the picture. They’d take a little pinch of the soil and a little pinch of the plants that were growing there. All this made a package which would be placed into the witness well. This would give the machine the frequencies of the crop and the land along with its position in space/time; it would define the target. Next the researcher would set the dials on the machine to the frequencies which they had determined were detrimental to the moths. They could broadcast a frequency which would kill the moths outright – they would drop dead in the field. Or they could broadcast a frequency which the moths find disharmonious and they would just leave – they’d move to the field next door.
During the first season of the experiment, the targeted artichoke plants grew huge, beautiful, strong, healthy. No worms, no moths. The experimental farms were sitting right in the midst of other fields which were being sprayed like crazy, and still very infested. And the little radionically-treated crops were beautiful and healthy – no chemicals, no worms.

With each season, the researchers convinced more and more of the farmers to join them in the experiment. They were very successful. At the same time another group of researchers was having identical success on the east coast of the United States. The chemical companies were starting to get very worried. They got their hands on a radionics machine and took it to Congress. They dropped live earwigs into the witness well of the machine, set the dials to the frequencies which would kill earwigs, and turned the intensity knob all the way up. They did not place an image or rate of an earwig, as radionics protocol demanded, but the actual living insect itself. Within seconds, the earwigs were liquefied. The message to Congress: “Look how dangerous this is. We have to get it out of the public hands. It should be totally illegal for the general public to have such a dangerous device.”

Congress eagerly took the opportunity for action and made radionics completely illegal. They outlawed radionics research, instruments, books, literature, tools, everything associated with radionics research. They went on a witch-hunt rampage, imprisoning people, going into peoples’ laboratories, offices and homes, publicly destroying equipment, manuals, rate books, journals, research data. They burned scientists’ notes and books on the street. The chemical companies were very happy; their competition was gone. The military of the day confiscated all the information they could from these private individuals and continued their research into these phenomena in secret by themselves. And yes, we are talking about the United States of America in the 20th century.

It is only recently (in the last 25 years or so) that radionics research by private individuals has been made provisionally legal again. Those few researchers who had managed to hide away their equipment and protect their research back in the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, came out of the closet to teach the new generation of experimenters.

While it is now legal for the general public to own a simple radionics machine, manuals and rate books, it is granted for private experimental use only. Radionics practitioners, even if they are medical doctors, are not allowed to do any kind of medical diagnosis or treatment on humans using radionics. One is allowed to experiment – with agreement from the subject – with humans, pets, farm land, and gardens. But you can’t make any claims or hang out a shingle or do anything which would cross the border into the sanctified domain of AMA medicine. You can, and will be, arrested and prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license (or lose your medical license). So it is important to remember the all-important government dictate that “it is for experimental use only.” Anything you will find today about radionics will have “for experimental use only” written conspicuously on it. This is why.
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