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  Kay Whitaker’s “Bone Bundle” consists of over 60 bone pieces, each piece representing a specific Spirit Being that has agreed to come every time the Bundle is opened. Because the Spirits agree to come as the Bundle is opened this is a "calling of the Spirits" ceremony. The presence and interaction of the Spirits bestows a gift of healing to all who are present in the ceremony. The continuing work of the Spirits is often felt for several days after.

To learn to Throw the Bones the student has to pursue, one at at time, all the Spirit Nations that are a possibility for them to have as part of their Bone Bundle. Such a pursuit can take weeks, months or even years for each Spirit Nation and involves many, many ceremonies. The purpose is to establish an intimate relationship with the Spirit Beings from that nation and their medicine. The Spirits themselves instruct the seeker in every detail of meaning and symbology for all the Bones and even give precise instructions on what bone to use, where to find it and how it will look.

When the time comes the student has to ask the Spirit Nation if there is one representative of that nation that would be willing to commit to being part of the ceremony every time the Bundle is opened. There maybe somebody that agrees to that commitment, but they may also say no. Which means that after many, many hours of pursuit, the student has a most wonderful friend and ally in that Spirit Nation, but no new companion for their Bone Bundle at the present time.

During the studies to become a "Bone Thrower" the apprentice has to become absolutely clear about who they are; they have to learn to know their Song intimately and be able to live it at all times. Without that clarity there is no ability to accurately communicate with the Spirit Beings and the process could very easily become a guessing game.

In this ancient way of living, this incredibly rich and unique pursuit of friendship, knowledge and Bone Bundle Spirits continues for the rest of the Thrower's life.

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