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Sacred Link

The Reluctant Shaman

Healing Spirits




A Woman's First Encounters with the Unseen Spirits of the Earth.

This is Kay Whitaker's spellbinding account of her "reluctant" apprenticeship to Domano and Chea Hetaka, two charismatic shamans from the Amazon Basin who come to teach her - a young homemaker - to be a Kala Keh nah seh, a builder of webs of balance," and to hand down the ancient wisdom of their people. In spite of her doubts and fears, Whitaker finds the balance and harmony she was destined to know.  More




Joining Fortunes with the Unknown.

In Sacred Link Kay continues to present the ancient shamanic tradition of ‘SETTING THE WORLD IN BALANCE’ as practiced by the indigenous peoples of the eastern Andes.

In this extraordinary work Kay challenges the reader to wake up from our usual habitual numbness to explore and enjoy the pleasures of our sensual and sexual passions.  More




In an attempt to turn a fantasy into reality, three women, Judith Joslow, Patricia West-Barker, and Susan Mills, traveled across the United States to meet, learn from, and record the stories of practicing healers. More

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