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Amazon Drumming To Journey By
Drumming To Journey By
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  "My first reaction to the idea of writing the review for this CD was : How, on Earth, am I going to convey the deep organic multi-
dimensionality of Trance that you can experience through this CD, with something so insufficient as words?"

Drumming to journey by

A Continuous Drumming Atmosphere. 
Stimulating Support for Journeying
with Gentle Call Back.


Track Listings

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  1. 71 Minute Support With Call Back
2. 60 Minute Support With Call Back
3. 50 Minute Support With Call Back
4. 40 Minute Support With Call Back
5. 30 Minute Support With Call Back
6. 20 Minute Support With Call Back
7. 15 Minute Support With Call Back
8. 10 Minute Support With Call Back
9. The Call Back

Drumming To Journey By is the first of the drumming CDs to be designed and produced by Kay Cordell Whitaker. This CD was created to provide the tempo and rhythms native to the Hetakas' matriarchal culture, offering the space and support for spirit journeying or meditation without the aspect of being forceful or feeling rushed in any way, creating an atmosphere of safety, support and total relaxation in which the individual is free to explore in their own pace.

Drumming To Journey By is one continuous drumming ending with a "call back." You can also choose to enter the drumming at various points so that your ceremony can be any length of time from 10 minutes to 71 minutes, making the use of her drumming CDs even more relaxed and enjoyable.

The compelling consciousness altering sounds on this CD are woven into an enticing rhythm produced by four traditionally crafted drums, a traditional ceremonial deer toe rattle, the resonant singing of two crystal bowls activated only by the sounds of the drums, and the distant whispering of an ancient calling chant.

These haunting sounds heighten your state of consciousness and allow you to easily move into the deep state of trance that is utilized in spirit journeying and other ceremonies and to hold this level of consciousness for as long as you choose.

Four widely toned single headed drums from the Native American traditions are used to create the resonate, energy stimulating harmonics complete with their own dynamic overtones and undertones. The rattle, too, is designed to alter consciousness.

Created in the ancient ceremonial tradition it generates harmonics within a specific range of frequencies that stimulate the human electromagnetic field and allow it to increase in intensity, thus shifting your state of awareness into conscious trance.

The voice bringing the ancient chanting from our ancestors further enhances and holds your trance and sends a request to all of Creation to help you understand and live in the beauty and joy of your Song: to fully live the truth of who you are.

The large crystal prayer bowls were present in the room as we recorded and began to resonate and sing with the drums of their own accord. They were never struck or sounded in any other way.

In the tradition of Domano and Chea Hetaka of the central eastern Andes spirit journey ceremonies are used to travel to different physical locations as well as to the many worlds of the spirits in order to encounter teachers and helpers, to learn how to better help others, and to gain greater understanding and healing within ourselves. The drumming and other sounds are an integral part of the ceremonies and are said to carry you: they become your sacred vehicle into the realms of the unknown.



"With the help of an excellent shamanic teacher, I discovered (or more accurately, reconnected with past-life experience) the joy of trance journeying aided by steady drumming. But then it was time to go back home where I had no one to drum for me. Then one day, up pops an Amazon recommendation for Drumming To Journey By---and it's designed by the author of The Reluctant Shaman, a book of which I am very fond. This CD quickly became an invaluable tool for my self-discovery.

In the liner notes, Kay mentions that crystal singing bowls were activated by the drumming as the CD was recorded. My conscious self tried to hear the bowls and couldn't, but on my very first journey, I entered a cavern lined in crystals which began to vibrate with the drum-beats; THEN I could hear the crystals singing. So much subtle texture to the rhythm!"

Karen Craft, Ames, IA

"My first reaction to the idea of writing the review for this CD was : How, on Earth, am I going to convey the deep organic multidimensionality of Trance that you can experience through this CD, with something so insufficient as words? While the drumming covers the full range of the auditory spectrum, the shaking of rattle provides stimulation to even higher frequency pathways than does the drum - thus strengthening the total sonic effect. What it does is tantalize the senses, bringing all of our awareness awake and alert - freeing us to respond to and create with the freshness of each moment. The feeling you find yourself overwhelmed by is the feeling of multiple gestations of ever fresh Realities. Experiencing the Rhythm, we re-emerge."

M. K., UK

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