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It took a long time to develop the Red Door Bowl we use today. We had to determine what kind of wood works best, what kind of layering of lamination, what kind of seal chemical, shellac, or varnish would protect it without hindering any of the frequencies.

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Developing the Red Door Bowl

As I studied with my Egyptian teacher, I worked with the Egyptian forms, creating these pieces of art myself and experiencing these energies personally. I started to wonder about which kinds of geometrical forms affect the human body in which ways. What effect does a particular shape have on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health?

I have experimented for years, building hundreds of different shapes and forms. I discovered that some shapes were broadcasters: they created a doorway through the dimensions on which information traveled. The most effective shape for this is the cylinder. The cylinder, by the way, appears in almost all radionics devices, no matter what form the machine takes, and regardless of the fact that so many of these machines were developed independently of each other.
I varied the ratios, the materials, the colors. As I investigated, it became apparent that this inter-dimensional phenomenon only happened with a cylinder having a particular set of ratios. The diameter and the height had to be exactly right. The size had to be exactly right.

For more details about the instrument and it's development please go to the Red Door Instrument.

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