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The field of radionics brings together physics and the psychic.   

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Early Radionics Applications
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Early Radionics Applications

The first radionics equipment was developed around 1880, 1890. It became very popular and there was a lot of interest and experimentation, especially in the fields of medicine and agriculture.

An especially dramatic application comes from radionics research on agriculture. At that time, the 1920s and 1930s, the agricultural community in our country was just starting to use pesticides and fertilizers. There are many parts of the country which grow huge amounts of food, and they were feeling the need for something extra to increase production. They were calling for more and more fertilizers, more and more pesticides. And the intensive, factory-style agriculture put a great burden on the land, sucking out nutrients and concentrating pests attracted to miles and miles of mono-culture food crops.

Researchers saw an alternative to this snowballing cycle of poisons and artificial nutrients within the principles of radionics. Radionics devices are incredibly effective at broadcasting agriculturally Ė to get rid of pests, to increase the nutritional value of plants, to balance the nutrients the plants need to grow. Radionics researchers sought to prove that farmers didnít need to spend ever-increasing amounts of money in order to poison their fields. They could achieve the same, and better, results through radionics, and it was very, very effective.


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