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If you want to use the Red Door simply to clean a space, you need to pay attention to the amount of time you leave it open. Eight to twelve hours is a good length of time – this will clean even the worst of spaces.

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Effects of the Red Door Bowl

When one places an uncovered, empty Red Door Bowl in a room, as the fields begin to form, it will collect all of the psychic debris and remove it from the space around the Bowl for quite a distance – at least 100 feet in all directions. This effect will continue as long as the Bowl remains empty and unopened in the same space. It takes about sixteen hours for one open, empty Bowl to remove all of the negative and unbalanced energies in a space. If the Bowl remains open and empty after this time, it will start taking the energies which aren’t imbalanced – energies which one needs for their own resources. With this exposure one will start to feel tired, stressed, agitated. If there are two Bowls open and empty in the same area, the time period shortens to twelve hours. The more open, empty Bowls there are in a space, the less time is needed for the area to be cleansed and the sooner uncomfortable effects will begin to be felt.

When a Bowl is placed in a room the spiral galaxy energy field forms instantly; this is the field which cleanses the space. The interdimensional star pattern field, the broadcasting field, will reach 80% efficiency within a few seconds but it takes six to eight hours before it achieves its full form and power. If you put your hand, or anything else that has an electromagnetic field, inside the Bowl, or if you move the Bowl, the star pattern will be disrupted and will have to start building all over again. So if you want to use the Bowl at its maximum efficiency, it should sit undisturbed for at least six to eight hours before the initial use.

Unlike an electric radionics machine, the Red Door Bowl doesn’t have an on/off switch. You can’t unplug it from the wall. The “on/off switch” for the Red Door Bowl is color. Fire-engine red turns it off, because this shade of red stops the movement of subtle energy, just like lead stops most electromagnetic frequencies. That is why many native peoples cover their sacred objects in red – to protect them from outside thoughts and energies, and to keep those sacred objects from constantly broadcasting out and affecting people. So we cover the Bowl with a red cloth when we want to turn it off, stop its energy fields. The Bowl itself is fire-engine red because the lines of energy bounce cleanly off the sides without penetrating the wood, leaking and losing efficiency. When you color the Bowl red, you’re making sure the wall that the energies bounce off of is exactly where you want it to be; it reinforces the exactness of the geometry. If you want to experience the effects of the color red for yourself, go buy a bunch of red yardage and seal yourself up inside it like a giant baggie. You’ll see how very other worldly it feels.

When the first shipment of twelve Bowls arrived at our home, we were so excited; it was like Christmas. We unpacked them and set them on the dining room table, one by one, checking each one out and admiring it. We didn’t even have all twelve unpacked before the effect of all of those energy fields hit us like a brick. It was overwhelming. We started shoving the packing paper back inside the Bowls. That helped a little, but not much. They were still cranking out their energy fields. We went scrambling all over the house trying to find everything red we could get. We had to scrounge every last piece of red fabric we had in order to turn all those Bowls off.
At a radionics class in Montana we had ten Red Door Bowls open and empty at the same time with everyone trying to do the exercises at the same time. The energy fields quickly became disorienting and strenuous. So we had to cover most of the Bowls and work in a rotating pattern. One of the students noticed that a large eagle was circling very close to the house just outside the window. Everyone went outside to watch it. The house was on top of a very high ridge. In the front yard one could see to the east for forty or fifty miles and to the south for a number of miles. Within moments we could see another eagle coming from the eastern horizon, approaching the house, circling above the area where the Bowls were sitting, and then flying to the south. One after the other the eagles came, some in pairs, from the eastern horizon, circling, then to the south. Twenty-three eagles of various types were counted in a matter of only a few minutes. Some aspect of these energy fields can be perceived fifty or more miles away!

The color purple turns down the volume. It doesn’t shut it all the way off, it maintains all of the energy fields equally, but it brings the intensity level way down. The color needs to be a very pure, bright purple. Other colors leak – they’ll stop certain frequencies, certain portions of the fields, but not all of them. You can still use the Bowl for some purposes with the purple cloth cover on, such as when you want to reduce the energy of your broadcast. You can also do your analysis with the purple cover on the Bowl.

If you want to use the Bowl simply to clean a space, you need to pay attention to the amount of time you leave it open. Eight to twelve hours is a good length of time – this will clean even the worst of spaces. Uncover the Bowl before you go to bed at night and cover it up again in the morning. Or leave it open during the day and cover it at night.

Although a red cover “turns off” the Red Door in our dimension, it is still fully activated “somewhere else” as long as it hasn’t been otherwise disturbed. If it has reached 100% efficiency and has been covered by the red cloth, when it is uncovered it is instantly again at 100% within our space/time.
As you work with the Bowl, you need to be conscious of the effects the energy fields are having on you, the space you work in, and other entities living in that space. As the energy moves through the room, it’s pulling out your dysfunctional thoughtforms and stimulating your own life energy inside your body, opening it up and giving you more access to your own personal life energy. The dysfunctional debris that’s been blocking your energy channels is being whisked away. When this happens, you might have many different kinds of temporary bodily sensations. You might feel like your eyes are burning for a short time, or your sinuses are moving around, plugging and unplugging. There may be some twitches in your body. If you are ill with a particular disorder – an allergy, for example – some of those sensations may be heightened while the debris is being pulled out.

A physical ailment is only a gross manifestation of a total disorder which begins in the subtle levels. A total disorder has a physical element, an emotional element, a mental and a spiritual element. The disorder begins in one of the subtle bodies and radiates into the others. If it begins in the emotional body, for example, and is not stopped at that point, its vibratory rate will grow in intensity. The mental body will start to resonate with it, and then the spiritual body, and finally the physical until the whole biofield structure is resonating to the vibratory pattern of this particular disorder.
That’s when we begin to experience the physical manifestation of disease. By the time an imbalance or disorder strikes the physical, it’s been knocking on our door for quite a while; we just don’t usually notice it until it has manifested in the physical.

Many kinds of objects radiate awakening and healing energies on the subtle levels – altars, sacred objects, certain kinds of spiritual ceremonies, the Red Door Bowl. They collect, build, and manipulate these energies, creating specific beneficial patterns. When we are exposed to these energies, they start to open up our own energy channels. The energy pushes through our body and it wants to heal and harmonize everything that it touches. But it’s coming up against large blocks, so it pushes and pushes. It’s like a water hose under pressure which is being squeezed in the middle. As the pressure builds up, it starts to wear away at the blockage, eating it away bit by bit. Finally it wears through and the blockage is flushed away, transformed, and the channel opens.

While the transformation is taking place the body will experience many different kinds of sensations. A typical bodily sensation during large, energy movements and large, chakra activations is the twitching of muscles in the body. The energy channels of our muscle tissues get blocked and as the cleansing energy is pushing for release our stored blockage is pushing right back, trying to keep the energy level down, trying to shut the door. That struggle creates the twitching. Sometimes it’s a little fluttery twitch. Sometimes it’s a feeling of electricity, like sticking your finger in a light socket. Sometimes it’s cramps – the muscles resist by grabbing and cramping. Depending on the part of the body involved, and the nature of the block being discharged, the feeling can be very distressful, but it is always temporary.
As you work with the Bowl for a period of time, doing analysis work and being exposed to the energy fields, you will begin to feel agitated and tired. This is a clue that it’s time to take a break and cover the Bowl. Once a Bowl is actually broadcasting it can remain open as long as needed, as a broadcasting Bowl does not draw excessively from its space/time environment. We sometimes have as many as 60 Bowls all open and broadcasting continuously with no adverse effects.

It is also important to remember that this is spiritual work, and any kind of intense spiritual work tends to rapidly use up a number of different minerals in our bodies. You should make sure you’re getting enough macro and trace minerals, especially chromium.

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