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It was the geometry itself which created the subtle energies and scalar waves.

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Evolution of Radionics Devices
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Evolution of Radionics Devices

To date, standard radionics devices have been made of electrical components. Some plug into the wall outlet, some run on batteries. Some have analog controls in the form of dials, some are computerized. Even though they use electricity, rather than doing the primary work of the device, the electrical components create the scalar field in which the energies are focused, and broadcast. The older devices use both electromagnetic and subtle energy for detection and broadcasting. Newer devices use subtle energy exclusively. All electrical devices lose a certain amount of signal integrity due to the complexity and inefficiency of the components.

An interesting discovery was made in the 1920s by Dr. Albert Adams, a neurologist who was the pioneer researcher of radionics in the medical field. He had been working with a radionics machine treating patients for quite some time, with excellent results. It was a monster of a machine – plugged into the wall, a great big apparatus full of vacuum tubes and knobs and dials. One day, while working with a patient, he noticed that the plug was not in the wall socket. And he didn’t know when it had become unplugged. He didn’t know how long he had been diagnosing and treating with the machine unplugged, yet his patients were still being healed.

This was a truly mind-altering experience for him. As he experimented further, he realized that it didn’t matter much whether or not the machine was plugged in. The parts of the treatment which relied on broadcasting electromagnetic frequencies needed electricity, but it was almost as effective unplugged. This led to more research on the subtle energies and scalar waves.

Electromagnetic frequencies are mostly dependent on electrical flow, such as from the current that comes from a wall outlet. They are dependent on moving through time and space. They’re dependent on a steady current with an active source. As we have seen already, subtle energies and scalar waves are completely different in their generation and behavior.

As Dr. Adams studied his unplugged radionics machine, he asked, “Why does it still work?” He had to address the geometry of the device, the geometrical forms created by all those parts. It was the geometry itself which created the subtle energies and scalar waves.

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