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by Karin Ingersoll

I was sitting on the floor of a bookstore, perusing the section on spirituality in search of a miracle to help me cope with my chronic disease, when I found her. She was nestled among the profiles of thirteen other spiritual healers in a book entitled, "Healing Spirits; True Stories From 14 Spiritual Healers." Kay Cordell Whitaker, a shaman with healing practices rooted in the traditions of the western Amazon basin of Brazil, spoke words that struck me deeply: "A disease inside the body does not really enjoy being there: it's out of place, a stranger in a strange land. It's usually very willing to leave. But if you try to force it out without any consideration for it or its purpose for being there - the message that it has to deliver - it fights back, because its job isn't done." Hope once again resonated in my soul, and I instantly contacted Kay.

At the age of seventeen, I was diagnosed with uveitis, a chronic auto-immune disorder which causes white blood cells to attack the eyes. The cause of uveitis is unknown and like all auto-immune conditions, there is no cure. After ten years of enduring daily dosages of prednizone, methotrexate, azathioprine, cyclosproine, steroid injections in the eyes, and a great loss of vision from developed cataracts and glaucoma in both eyes, I no longer wished for a cure. I merely wanted a way to heal from the long-term impacts my disease had inflicted upon my body, life, and spirit.

After my first hour-long healing session with Kay, she was able to answer long-standing and looming questions I'd had regarding my obscure disease. She explained that some chemicals I dropped into my eye before the on-set of my disease had severely traumatized that eye's tissue and distorted the cells in the area. Thus, Kay's work focused on removing the "shock" that was stored in the eye tissue ten years ago, as well as removing the debris built-up from improper functioning of the immune system. Through energy work, Kay then reinstated a new and correct DNA pattern to replace the malfunctioning pattern my cells were continually replicating as a result of the accident.

Three healing sessions later, I went to see my doctor. We were both amazed at what we saw. My uveitis was almost non-existent! Kay and I have been working together since then, and my disease remains relatively inactive. The doctor's have tapered me off all my medications except for seven milligrams of prednizone and occasional steroid eye drops.

Kay does the intricate, psychic surgery, but I must also play a role in my healing process. I do daily energy work on myself, filling my eyes and body with good, healthy energy. According to Kay, the most potent thing a person can do to build his or her immune system is to constantly feed a holistic, beautiful, healing, and nurturing energy into themselves. I also do visual imaging, where I picture, and thus reinforce, healthy eye and bodily function. In addition, I take daily enzyme supplements of bromelain, quercetin, and minerals.

My disease forced me to embark upon a long and frustrating journey for which I did not volunteer. My faith was challenged, my system of thinking was turned upside down, and I was forced to instigate change within myself I did not think I had the strength left to do. It was a difficult, yet ultimately very empowering process. Kay has introduced me to another world; a numinous world where we have the power to communicate with our bodies and our environment in cooperative ways. It is a world in which we can heal.

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