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A total of seven sequential weekend workshops are part of the series of "Setting The World In Balance," four of which exclusively concentrate on the traditional healing arts. The two and a half day workshops run from Friday night through Sunday evening, each class dependent on and building on the one before. It has been our practice to offer these weekend workshops separately.

We are currently restructuring the workshops into a single ongoing Healing Arts Program. The Healing Arts Program will run for approximately four years, involving seven weekend sessions. In addition to this formal multicultural healing arts curriculum there will be continuous long distance support of the students between weekend sessions with ongoing practices and internet and e-mail contact with each other, accredited teachers and with Kay.

We are currently finalizing the details of this new form of teaching and will share everything as soon as it is available. The first group is scheduled to begin late next spring. Space is limited and commitment must be made for the entire program.

In the meantime, to begin learning this way of life you can explore and practice the most critical elements of these teachings with the help of the CDs Kay has created for this purpose. Check Song Magic, Dance Of The Earth Fire Serpent, Power Animal Journey, Drumming To Journey By, and Amazon Drumming To Journey By. A great learning and support can also be found in Kay's books, The Reluctant Shaman and Sacred Link.

Details of our new Healing Arts Program as well as the Teacher Training Program, Radionics Energy Healing Research Studies and Private Study Opportunities will be posted very soon with regular updates.

Please request our electronic newsletter so you will know when this information is available.

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