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The field of radionics brings together physics and the psychic.   

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Nature of Subtle Energy Waves
How Radionics Utilizes Subtle Energy
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Early Radionics Applications
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How Radionics Utilizes Subtle Energy

In radionics technology, you give the scalar waves a momentum – a purpose and a direction, a target. And when the waves disappear into the “hole” into the other “dimension,” they don’t sit there as a static potential. They “move” in that other dimension to engage the given target. They “pop up” in a completely different place in our time/space exactly at their target destination, and they can again become active in a vectoring fashion, within the defined target (leaf, cell, leg, liver, DNA, etc.).

Radionics devices create a regulated response where specific directed energies “bump into each other,” create a “hole” and “tunnel” into the other “dimension,” and reappear exactly in the target, instantly. They carry their purpose and information in the form of frequencies and patterns, which they transmit to the target according to the specific instructions within the information. In radionics we utilize these different kinds of energies (electromagnetic, scalar, subtle), control them, and aim them specifically.

The accurate creation of this scalar “tunnel” is the critical phenomenon in radionics. This “tunnel” is utilized in two ways: 1) to connect through the “tunnel” to the target and observe any aspect of the target’s state of being, and 2) to connect through the “tunnel” to the target to transmit or broadcast any desired frequencies, information and patterns.


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