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Kay Cordell Whitaker is the author of The Reluctant Shaman, 1991, and Sacred Link, 2005. In 1974 she began a highly unorthodox and somewhat ‘reluctant’ apprenticeship with two native shaman from the central eastern Andes, elders Chea and Domano Hetaka. Their teachings included their traditional psychology, storytelling, shamanic medical training and spiritual practices of these indigenous peoples of eastern Peru.

Through the next 13 years she studied with them to become a ‘kala keh nah seh,’ or ‘teller of medicine stories,’ a seer, healer, and a ‘Thrower of the Bones,’ one of the world’s oldest methods of divination and talking with the spirits passed on through the women in eastern Peru.

Domano and Chea always encouraged Kay to study as much as she could about different ways of being in the world, and to learn through direct experience rather than through her intellect alone. So, in addition to training with the Hetakas, Kay spent five intense years studying with a lineage carrier of the mysteries of the Berber Tribes of Africa, knowledge descending from the ancient temples of Isis and Osiris of Egypt; she learned the healing techniques of the Kahuna traditions and lived for a number of years with and among many different Northern American Indians, primarily those following the Lakota Sundance tradition, learning much about their ways of praying and thinking. The Hetakas saw this training as another way of fulfilling their tribe’s ancient prophecies about bringing all of the many diverse knowledge and traditions together so that we "might come to see the bigger picture that they make – a picture so grand that we can’t even imagine it right now."

In 1987 the Hetakas asked her to write about what she had learned and experienced with them and to heal and teach those who asked.

Kay now spends her time writing, producing, training apprentices, conducting traditional healings, Throwing the Bones, lecturing, and leading intensive workshops. Kay’s workshop series, “Setting The World In Balance,” focuses on healing ourselves and our planet, and finding equitable solutions to daily problems. Healing begins in a ceremony with experiencing our own being, or “Song”, our own unique individual piece of Creator. By looking at the patterns, or “masks”, we hide behind and releasing them, the truth about who we really are, what we are and why we are here, becomes accessible and abilities of consciousness begin to expand beyond imagination.

Kay has produced five CDs that help listeners experience some of these major ceremonies of this tradition which are generally offered to the public as part of the workshops – Amazon Drumming To Journey By, Song Magic, The Dance Of The Earth Fire Serpent, Power Animal Journey, Drumming To Journey By.

She is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz and the University of Oregon where she taught sculpture and drawing for three years. She currently resides in New Mexico.

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