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The field of radionics brings together physics and the psychic.   

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Subtle Energy Waves
Standing Waves
Nature of Subtle Energy Waves
How Radionics Utilizes Subtle Energy
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Early Radionics Applications
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Nature of Subtle Energy Waves

The early researchers discovered that subtle energies are not dependent on time and space at all. The traveling waves (of any frequency) of the electromagnetic spectrum often act as carrier waves for these subtle energies; however, subtle energy waves can also move through time and space on their own, but are not confined by these dimensions.

The standing wave is the key in radionics. When a standing electromagnetic wave is produced in our 3D physical world, its energies seem to cancel each other out and disappear. Traditional science doesn’t know how to account for this, because according to their theories energy can’t just disappear into nothingness; it can transform but it can’t disappear. But our current standard instruments can not detect this transformation into, or the existence of, a standing wave.

Scalar energy sometimes acts more like a field than a wave. Instead of running along wires or shooting out in beams, it tends to “fill” its environment.

Researchers like Tesla and Reich determined that with the creation of a standing wave (EM or subtle energy), the energy actually drops out of our time and space and moves into another “dimension,” or as some call it, “subspace” or “hyperspace” – a place where no time or spatial dimensions exist. The energy pops out of this 3D time/space dimension into another “dimension” and then pops back into this 3D time/space “dimension” in another physical location – or even another time. In a sense it, metaphorically, creates a “hole” into the other “dimension” into which it goes. If it is carrying information of a target and what to do at/with the target, the “hole” acts like a “tunnel” (metaphorically) through this other “dimension” that connects the origin location with the distant target. Remember, this other “dimension” does not have any restrictions of time or space.

A scalar wave can implant its signature (transfer its information) onto solid objects. It also can quite effectively penetrate through objects, such as lead or a Faraday Shield, which would stop most ordinary electromagnetic waves. Scalar waves can pass through solid objects with no loss of intensity (electromagnetic waves lose energy as they travel through a substance). Tesla demonstrated this over 100 years ago when he projected a scalar wave through the earth with no loss of field strength.

The nature of a standing wave is that it tends to be static – you can’t detect movement in a particular direction. If it has no information within its energy structures to instruct it to go to a particular location or do a particular thing, then it sits in that “other dimension” in its “hole” and oscillates in place. It is energy potential with no purpose, no momentum, no direction.
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