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Song Magic News

December 2003
Issue 20

In This Issue

  1. The Meatrix
  2. Gifts Of The Grandmother
  3. Death, Dying and Rebirth – The Journeys of the Soul
  4. Classes
  5. Coming Soon

1. The Meatrix

We just received this link from a dear friend and couldn't resist sharing it with you. Make sure the sound is up on your computer. The Meatrix

2. Gifts Of The Grandmother

”Gifts of the Grandmother” is the captivating true story of a woman's spiritual quest which unfolds as she explores the canyon lands near her home. Magical encounters and mystical adventures with unexpected teachers spark a remarkable healing journey.

Following is Kay Cordell Whitaker's foreword to this fascinating book:

"There is no greater gift on any spiritual journey than the discovery that we have arrived “where we started and know the place for the first time.” 1 Most of us on our spiritual adventures search outside of ourselves in an endless stream of other people, places and things, but it is when we happen on the extraordinary and unexpected within that we realize the answers we seek are inside our own heart and it is then that we gain the ability to remove the blocks that have kept us from ourselves and we see the grand beauty that lies beneath.

True teachers will never claim to bestow such revelations upon us. They will not ask for our surrender, will never require our servitude, and will not give us answers they know we can find for ourselves if we make the effort, because they know that only our own discovery of those answers will provide true knowingness for us. They never will do the work for us and they will never ever engage in anything that would require us to give our power away. True teachers teach by pointing the way so we might discover for ourselves. They teach by offering metaphors, by being the example and by helping us see and own our own power.

In Gifts Of The Grandmother JoAnne Dodgson shares glimpses of the extraordinary and unexpected with us as she stumbles into a journey through the unnoticed and often purposefully hidden corners of our reality. With the help of unusual events and the most unlikely teachers she hikes up the canyons of the western wilderness seeking to restore its outer landscape but discovers in the process the key to unlocking the secrets of her own inner landscape. As she climbs among the rocks and cliffs she uncovers the raw truth about her life and her long treasured beliefs.

JoAnne’s compelling story not only gives us a view of the incredible beauty she has discovered within herself it provides us with the promise that this beauty is within each and everyone of us waiting to be discovered. Thank you JoAnne for sharing a simple yet remarkably powerful story for people of all ages."

Kay Cordell Whitaker author of "The Reluctant Shaman" and "Sacred Link."

1. T. S. Eliot, Little Gidding V

This book makes an excellent gift for anybody but especially for that special women friend in your life. You can order a copy of “Gifts Of The Grandmother” by contacting JoAnne Dodgson directly at moondances@earthlink.net or 541-383-8023.

You can also order a copy as well as many other great gift ideas of books and CDs in our online store.

3. Death, Dying and Rebirth – The Journeys of the Soul

Circumstances beyond our control have moved November’s TRM Monthly Mini Bone Throwing on Transitions Radio Magazine to this coming Sunday, December 14, 2003, at 10:00 AM. The questions presented to the Bone Spirits will be about Death, Dying, Rebirth and other aspects of our Song’s, our Soul’s, Journey through transformation and change.

In addition the producers of TRM will have a “Best of 2003” show on December 28 and are planning to have some “Best of the Bones of 2003” segments during that show.

The Throwing of the Bones is a most fascinating, unusual and precise Non-Ordinary Reality Check with internationally recognized teacher, healer, seer, medicine storyteller and Thrower of the Bones, Kay Cordell Whitaker.

Transitions Radio Magazine airs every Sunday from
8 AM to 11 AM on 98.1FM in Santa Fe and 95.9 in Albuquerque, NM.

Please go to the Throwing The Bones section on this site to learn more about this ancient art of divination.

For sponsorship queries and more information about TRM’s work send e-mail to hosts@transradio.com or call at 505-466-2616.

4. Classes

Beginning in April 2004, we will be offering the basic course in Red Door Energy Healing Research and Radionics' Techniques. The eight week Red Door course will be held in conference call format with an accompanying online forum and study materials.

Given the intense energies we will be dealing with each of the five class sessions will be kept to 3 hrs in length. Classes will meet every other Saturday spanning eight weeks to give participants adequate time to work with and become familiar with the material presented. Cost for the course will be approximately $295 per person.

More detailed descriptions of the Red Door materials and the class structure will follow soon.

To participate in this course you will need to have a Red Door instrument. No other prior knowledge in radionics will be required. The number of participants will be limited to 12. To register for this course send us an e-mail at song@worldbalance.com.

Beginning in May of 2004, we will also offer, in a new format, Kay’s 4 year credentialed course on the ancient Peruvian traditions of healing called “Setting The World In Balance,” with an accompanying online forum, private consultation and study materials.

The “Setting The World In Balance” healing course will be held in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico, on seven weekends spread over four years.

The number of participants for this course will be limited to 14. Price will be approximately $2,600 per person. To apply for this course send an e-mail to song@worldbalance.com with a description about why you would like to participate in this course. Your description can be as long as you like but it should convey the most important issues that motivate you to take this course.

One of Kay’s students described her classes as “light-years beyond anything I imagined or dared to hope for.” While many of you are aware that the majority of the ancient knowledge Kay teaches is not known or understood at large, we would like to mention at this time that some of the things you will learn during these four years of study about energy healing and spiritual growth, have not been previously available to the public and are being presented here for the first time. Kay’s healing work and research have provided her with intense communication with the spirit world for extended periods of time and much of what the spirits have taught her she has not shared until this time. To ensure this knowledge is carried into the world in the respectful and appropriate manner that the spirits have requested we ask for a description of why you would like to learn from Kay in this form.

Final prices and details will be posted in future issues of this newsletter as well as on this website.

5. Coming Soon

Walking a spiritual path by definition means “waking up.” How can we tell who is intentionally or unintentionally trying to keep us asleep regardless of how spiritual their message may sound or how sincere they may be? We will be discussing through numerous issues to come about the many headed hydra of society’s numbed-out awareness beginning with this issue and JoAnne Dodgson’s “Gifts Of The Grandmother.”

All of Kay Cordell Whitaker’s teachings are centered on that goal, to provide tools for people to wake up. In this and future issues we will talk in more detail about what it means to wake up. Not to move from one system of blind faith and blind belief to another, not to be fooled by yet another form of asleepness, but to truly wake up and see things for what they really are.

In future issues we will share different perspectives about waking up, specifically how do we know if we are awake or asleep, how do we know if what we are engaging is true or real and how do we know what or who has our best interests in mind or is intentionally or unintentionally trying to keep us asleep regardless of how spiritual their message may sound?

If you want to learn more about this subject right away, you can. We are offering 2 TRM Bone Throwing presentations on CD in our online store. One is about "Truth Within Spiritual Teachings" and the other is about "Zero Point." Both offer excellent material on the subject and as usual, the Bone Spirits do not mince words and are extraordinarily pointed in speaking about the issue of waking up within today's religions and spiritual teachings.

It is always a pleasure to put this information together. Any comments about our newsletter are very much appreciated. Please send your comments to song@worldbalance.com.

Wanowa Ka Ta See
We are working together to make a world in Balance


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