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December 2003
Issue 22

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  1. How to Create Peace
  2. Classes
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1. How to Create Peace – A New YEar's Message From the Bone Spirits

(transcript of the December 2002 Bone Throwing on Transitions Radio Magazine hosted by Alan Hutner and Elizabeth Rose.)

ALAN: It’s time now for our infamous Bone Throw with Kay Cordell Whitaker. The tradition of actually asking a question and then throwing a set of Bones from different spirit nations that answer the question in some way based on the layout of the Bones on the floor of the studio right now as we talk. Kay can also be reached personally for Bone Throws at 505-466-3387.

However, it’s time now for a holiday question, with a little bit of introduction here. As we head into Christmas and the New Year 2003, we are faced with great intensity. The times ahead seem fraught with more conflict, polarization, and imminent threat of war. The holidays echo the request for peace on earth and goodwill to humanity, yet there apparently is not enough intention of that thought and deed to stem the tide of governments, leaders, despots, and dictators, from sending their respective troops, and civilians, into offensive and defensive modes for the days ahead. Call it terrorism, call it justice.

How do we, at this time, create a change? And our question on this very special holiday show is about how to create more peace, moderation, negotiation. How do we best pray for this? How do we, as individuals listening now, and collectively, harness the power of our hearts and minds to influence those people in positions of authority and decision making? How do we send out powerful prayers and thoughtforms to create peace? Even sending it to those who wish violence and conflict for change. That’s the question.

KAY: The Bones start out talking about where we have gotten ourselves. We are currently in a state of confusion, aggravation, on a global scale. There is an enormous - like a fog - a dense, stinky, black fog, that we are currently living in. And we don’t see anything past our own nose. We make lots of assumptions about ourselves, about everyone and everything else around us. And our culturalization in this fog is to be suspicious and paranoid. To judge everything. Everything and everybody that’s outside of self and outside of our self group, our current social group that we are engaged with.

In order to make things different, to begin to change that enormous pollution, we have to make a choice. We’re in The Time Of Choice. The Plumed Serpent is in a very auspicious landing on this ground, and it’s talking all about the time that we’re in and approaching. We’ve been waiting for it for centuries. People have been talking about it for centuries. And this really ultimately is our Time Of Choice. We can continue what we are doing now, and end up in a bigger cesspool than we’re already in, or we can actually begin to change our focus, change what we choose to think about, feel, speak about, take action on. The Bones are very specific about focusing one’s attention. And that means all of us - all parts of our own being inside of our selves. Each individual has to do this for themselves. Not just for humanity but for one’s self. We have to figure out how to go about changing our thoughts and our emotions.

ALAN: You brought up focus, and part of the question is around, is there a way that we can pray, or use our focus, or our mind/intention, and I know best-selling author Larry Dossey says every thought is a prayer, in a way, because what you put out there has influence. So what is the focus, and in this particular case, where do the mindsets and the concentrations that we would ask people to implore, in terms of creating peace and harmony, which we think is our birthright?

KAY: The Bone piece for prayer is sitting squarely inside the heart. And everything else around it is describing focus. Mental and emotional, purposeful focusing. The spirits say that every single thing we think, or feel, goes out into the world. It’s like we’re radio stations. It’s being broadcast out. And this is a prayer to the universe. If we are conscious about what we are thinking and feeling, and it comes from our heart, and it has good intent - this is prayer. This is wishing wellbeing for self and all else. Wishing balance of being. If we have ill intent on our minds and our emotions, then it is a curse.

It’s described here very, very clearly in this Throw: if we stay to our old ways - to the blind belief, just taking on the ideas and concepts without assessment, to the judgments, the condemnations that have been thrown around and passed to us through the centuries - then that’s all we’re going to do. We’re going to rehash it. We’ll be on automatic pilot, not really conscious of what we are doing. And we’re going to rehash the old garbage, make more of it and toss it out into the world.

The Bones really have a very interesting thing to say; it’s a gift from the spirits. This is something that they don’t usually talk about publicly. And this is how to go about cleaning up this cesspool-fog that we’ve actually created and we live in. And their method is to ask the Mother Earth herself, or any of the spirit nations - the angels, if that’s how you view those things - to open up a very specific and special doorway to a proper world, dimension, universe, for the garbage to go to. This thoughtform pollution is floating around through our psychic airways, filling your rooms, filling your bodies, filling our minds, filling the space outside, throughout our cities - it’s everywhere. And we ask for these doorways to be opened up, we talk to this fog, these thoughtforms, this garbage that we’ve made, and ask it to please go through the door.

The place on the other side of the door for the garbage is heaven. They look at that and they say, “That’s heaven!” They want to go. And if we help them, they’re just escorted through the doorway. It cleans our space, for good. These things don’t come back. And they’re in what is for them a wonderful place that they love. So it’s a win-win-win. It is a non-warring cooperation. A non-power-over interaction. And this is what we need to do on a huge scale within our own beings, our bodies, our minds, our homes, our offices, the streets, the cities, the country. Anywhere, everyplace, we clean it up.

ALAN: From a quantifiable place, does this mean establishing more formal practices of this kind of awareness? Is it good to have a regular meditation on a regular basis, on a daily basis, either individually at home or to gather groups together specifically to address the issues of violence, separation, and hostility as it relates to where we’re headed into 2003 with the possibility, imminent possibility, of a war ahead of us. And not only of a war, but of the karmic cause-and-effect results of what that war’s going to create. Anger in response to anger doesn’t create peace. Hatred in response to hatred doesn’t create love. And so what do we do to influence these leaders and do we make a regular practice? Is it that simple?

KAY: A regular practice that disciplines you, trains you, trains your thoughts and your emotions to be in your positive places, think more positive, loving things. To get out of that addictive habit that we all learned how to be in of judging, condemning, hating, retribution, suspicion, paranoia - all that garbage. When we’re there we’re creating thoughtforms of all that junk. All the hatred, all the anger, all the jealousies. It pollutes our space and our minds and our bodies, and we interact with that garbage and it just ends up creating more and more and more. If we do some kind of regular meditation on peace, on love, on being more at ease within our own self, loving self, loving the world, getting rid of that judgment - that, right there, is a very big step to healing self and the world. But it does need to be carried out through the day. A daily practice trains you to think in those positive ways through the day IF you carry it with you, if you let it. What our culture has trained us to do is to leaving that practice in the meditation room, temple, chapel, and go on out into the world, cussing everybody from your car and stamping everything in your office, to whine, spit, fear, blame, hate and judge.

ALAN: In that context there just are times where we’re off. We just are not in that heart space and we’re not in a place of clarity. I’m speaking for myself and that’s my perception of most people. We have these trying moments. What I learned to do is to try and contain it within myself and find the place away from other people to do whatever I need to do to clarify that situation. And sit with it as long as I need to until it’s disempowered. And then go out and have a relationship again, instead of projecting it on everything outside of myself. Because I think people are going to have their moments of frustration and anxiety, of anger, in a world that’s so chaotic with these waves and frequencies of energy. It’s all energy traffic. So what do you think about human timeouts?

KAY: It’s a very good idea. What you do with a timeout is going to make all the difference. If you stash it and deny it, whatever your problem is that you’re going through, that doesn’t help anything. You create a stash pot, and that just gets slimy and oozy inside, like a bomb, ready to go off and eventually it will. We have to acknowledge and face whatever it is we’re feeling, whether it’s anger or fear or regret, disgust - anything. We need to face it. Acknowledge it without judging ourselves, without judging anyone else. And let the process of whatever that is finish inside us without striking out and dumping it on someone else or ourselves.
Learning how to turn our attention as we work through the issues is the key; to turn the attention back to our own heart, to the sense of our own beingness, the love that is there, the peace that we can find there if we look, and learn how to continually go back to that. If we are busy doing that and being that - being that truth of our own entity, where all that love and peace resides - that’s what we broadcast out into the world. The thoughtforms that come out of us are full of those energies: love, peace, caring, unconditional acceptance of everything, instead of the judgment.

ALAN: Any closing thoughts, just looking at the Bones spread in front of us here? Any particular thoughts for the New Year ahead or celebrating the holidays, besides going into your room and staying self-contained if you can’t be heartful and loving? Closing thoughts?

KAY: Well currently our world is such a stagnation. We’ve learned through the centuries, from our culture, to be in this very, very hateful state. To always return back to the judgment, the condemnation, the hating, retribution, violence. We need to move out of it. We need to give up the addiction we have to it. We have to make a choice. That means, personally, each person, making a commitment. It’s a big commitment to make that kind of a change in one’s life. This is a minute-to-minute, every hour, every day for the rest of your life, commitment. Just move away from the old violence, hatred, jealousy, judgment, to learning more about your own self, your own beingness, the true beingness of everything else in our world, our co-existence and connection.

ALAN: And what do you do when your neighbor, another country, another advocate of a different philosophy, is in your space in a way that they don’t want that peace; they’re just into violence and separation. What do you do? Do you walk away, turn the other cheek, as was taught by some masters?

KAY: Each situation is unique. It’s not like anything else. And it needs to be approached in that way. What are all the exact details of each situation? If you strike back with just as much judgment, hatred, violence as is directed on you, you’ll be creating another thoughtform just as big as the one that was thrown at you. It pollutes you, your advocate, your adversaries, your world. Hate breeds hate.

ALAN: And the other side of the coin or duality, if it is duality, is that love is the power to transform all the negative emotions that we talked about.

KAY: Love is definitely where it’s at. That’s where the power is. Real power centers out of the heart - the piece for prayer is sitting squarely in the heart, right side up. Everything around it is talking about focusing your attention, focusing that energy of thought, emotion and heart, on peace, love, acceptance. Learn about who all these others around us are, whether they’re the next-door neighbor or the next country. Who are they really? What is their truth? What’s their real spirit all about, not their thoughtforms, but their actual spirit? If we can see them spirit to spirit, from our heart and spirit to theirs, Song to Song, truth to truth, then the wars will stop.

ALAN: Great message for heading into Christmas and the New Year. With Kay Cordell Whitaker here and the Bone Throw on TRM. And if you would like a personal reading or more information, you’re invited to call 505-466-3387. Or visit their website at www.worldbalance.com. Thanks Kay.

KAY: Thank you.

2. Classes Beginning Spring 2004

We have received a large number of applications for the upcoming four-year course “Setting The World In Balance” which is scheduled to begin later this year. This course is now full. If you are interested in this course please send your application in and we will put you on the waiting list or on the now forming list for the 2nd offering of “Setting The World In Balance” four-year course.

The Red Door Radionics course has also received a great deal of attention and the spaces are almost gone. If you are interested in participating in this class please send in your application as soon as possible.

All Our Love To All of You and a great many Thanks for your interest in and support of our work.

3. Coming In Future Issues

“Creating a Healthier, More Beautiful World”
The Hetakas’ art of manifesting the world you want to live in.
It is always a pleasure to put this information together. Any comments about our newsletter are very much appreciated. Please send your comments to song@worldbalance.com.

Wanowa Ka Ta See
We are working together to make a world in Balance


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