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Song Magic News

February 2004
Issue 24

In This Issue

  1. Manifestation
  2. Media and Waking Up
  3. Sacred Link Workshop
  4. Important Information About Receiving This Newsletter
  5. Class Series

1. Manifestation

We mentioned in previous issues of our newsletter that we will share some information about manifestation from the Hetakas’ tradition. We have asked the Spirits of the Bones about their perspective on the subject in January’s live mini Bone Throw on Transitions Radio Magazine.

The following is the transcript from that Bone Throw. The Spirits of the Bones shared some wonderful material, please read the information carefully.

Alan: Alright it is time for our Bone Throw. And for those of you who are not familiar with Bone Throws, we are doing one a month, a mini Bone Throw, with Kay Cordell Whitaker who was trained by the Hetakas from South America. There are some 60 plus Bones that are carried in Kay’s sacred pouch. They are asked the question, it’s a form of divination, those Bones are dropped and then they spread themselves out on the cloth. We have done that for our question here. The website is www.worldbalance.com if you want to find out more and you can sign up for a newsletter at that site.

The question for this day, this Sunday, is about the process of manifestation. As we cruise into 2004 many people made resolutions, they want to do things. How do we create things, circumstances, material in our lives that we want and what happens to those of us who end up with a bunch of things that we didn’t want? What was that process of creation? I’ve got some others, subsidiary questions, but why don’t we start with that?

Kay: The first thing that the Bones talk about today is that the universe is built of, as they describe it, “rivers of abundance”: fluid flowing energies that can bring you abundance of absolutely anything that you could want or dream up. They exist, they are there, they have been there, they always will be there. There is plenty for all, more than plenty for all.

Alan: Boy, that’s good news.

Kay: Now, how we control these “rivers of abundance”, how we actually get them to come to our neighborhood, or to us personally is by our thought, our emotions, our intent. Whatever it is that we are thinking and feeling directs the flow of these “rivers” through the universe.

What we are currently creating with our thoughts, our emotions and our intent is a kind of chaos; it looks like scrambled eggs in the Throw. It’s full of fear, stress, anxiety, separation, judgment, hatred, suspicion. These are the things that our society has taught us to think and feel. It’s our programming, the social programming that we are all subject to and we live by. We learn how to think and feel that way 24 hours a day, about little tiny insignificant things as well as big important things.

The Hetakas describe this as being “asleep”. Another phrase that they used was the “walking dead”. They described us as the “walking dead” because we are so numb and not paying attention and we are thinking and feeling all of these negative, destructive, violent, power-over, judgmental, separation kind of things and that’s what we attract to us, that’s what we create, that’s what we are manifesting out of the abundant flows through the universe. Now there are abundant flows of many good things and just as many abundant flows of things that we would consider as negative. Violence, hatred, loss of things, deprivation, we attract to us because of what we are thinking and what we are feeling.

So the key there is to get right back down to the very bottom of what is it that you actually think all day long? On those subconscious levels, the close to subconscious levels, the active babble in your mind, what are the emotions that go with it? That’s the key. If you stop long enough and let yourself observe those things, note them, maybe write them down, keep lists and journals of them, then you have the chance to stop thinking and feeling in those ways.

When we are in this “asleep” way of being, it’s as if we are on automatic pilot. We’re just going and going and going – like the little Energizer Bunny spewing out all this negativity and that’s what we end up having in our lives.

Alan: This intrigues me. We know there is a lot going on in the subconscious mind that we are not aware of. So the answer to the question, just to kind of reiterate it about where do we create things we don’t want, probably is mostly from the subconscious mind, right?

Kay: Not necessarily. If you actually stop and listen to what you are saying to yourself all day long, it is not subconscious. It is actual babble that we are creating in our mind and we are repeating actively.

Alan: Aha, just like to words we speak, the clichés we use.

Kay: Yes.

Alan: You’re right.

Kay: And the attitudes.

Alan: Gossip.

Kay: The gossip.

Alan: Lots of gossip.

Kay: The attitudes of our social programming show themselves in this babble. A very big key to this programming, finding out what it is like inside you, how it effects you and how to unplug it, is to look at the beliefs that the programming is based on. What are the beliefs that are holding these different thoughts, feelings and attitudes together? If you can find out what those beliefs are, examine them and let them go, drop them out of your life, then things begin to change. We cannot wake up until we truly examine this babble that is going on in our heads and choose to let go of it.

One of the other problems we have is that we become extremely addicted to this sleeping, self-babbling state, full of all these blind beliefs and all this negativity. We are so blinded by this sleeping state that we don’t even realize the negativity and judgment that it contains. And we are extremely addicted to it - far more than any drug addict is addicted to their substance.

Alan: Talk about the addiction. What is that addiction that it seems so difficult to get out of the program. Is it just habit.

Kay: Habit. Addiction is habit. It’s familiar. It’s what we learned how to do and do and do and do over again and do over again. It is so familiar, it seems like it’s the air we breathe, that it’s like the most comfortable cloths we have, like that little fireplace that you can snuggle up to with something nice and warm to sip on. It’s just comfort, comfort, comfort and it doesn’t matter how destructive or painful these thoughts and emotions are. They are the most familiar things in the world to us, and because of it they have a certain kind of comfort and we become very addicted to them, we are very use to them. And we will slip right back into them at the drop of a hat. Our society also perpetuates it. We have been trained, every single one of us, we have been trained not only to think and feel in these ways, but to police everyone else around us to ensure that they continue to think and feel in these ways.

Alan: Well, are you saying that something is wrong with comfort or are we talking about excessive comfort. In other words, being by the woodstove is nice, I think what you are talking about is metaphorically speaking.

Kay: Metaphorically speaking. Yes. There is nothing wrong with comfort, nothing at all.

Alan: But you have work to do and you have to be active and there are things to do in the world from an awake state and if comfort is sleep then it’s not too good.

Kay: The “sleeping” state becomes what we think of as comfortable because we are so used to it. We learn to confuse what is really comfortable in a healthy way with the “comfort” of the unpleasant yet familiar. The awake state is something we haven’t known since we were an infant and it can be scary when we first start trying to pursue it, feeling it. The first awake experiences can create a lot of inner disturbance – we are programmed to bury our awakeness at all costs.

The programming is in a sense alive by itself. My grandparents called the programming our masks and they described them as living thoughtforms that we are attached to and that we feed constantly and these masks are in our driver seat when we are “asleep”. Everything that they have been programmed with to believe, to think, the repeated patterns of thinking, the same sentences over and over, the same emotions over and over and over again, dredging up the same old things: That’s what the masks do. When they are in the driver seat they do that on automatic pilot and we never notice the difference. We just play along with it and go over and over, round and around in the same old cesspool.

Alan: Now I want to ask a practical question related to this because if we change our belief system and our negative habits than what are we are going to manifest? The role of manifesting from an awake perspective tied to what is fair and just and sharing material resources in the world, because that’s way out of balance now, and what do you ask for that’s reasonable for you in relationship to the collective?

Kay: When the flows of abundance are moving freely to you and they are moving freely through the world, they are going to where they are attracted. When we have enough personally of whatever it is we are seeking and we don’t have to fight or struggle or be in fear of not having it or loosing it, then those struggles don’t matter to us. There is no fear dynamic present of loosing, of not having, of having to struggle against something or someone else to take it away, to make sure we have it. As we wake up and more and more people wake up, they become tuned into these flows of abundance and those things flow into their lives as they think it, as they wish it, as they need it. It doesn’t take away from anyone else.

The entire concept of struggle, that there is not enough in the world of material things, of anything, that we have to fight for it and fight others for it and take it away, the power over, these concepts won’t be there.

Alan: That’s an illusion you are saying?

Kay: That’s totally an illusion from one perspective, but we manifest it. We think it has to be, but it doesn’t.

Alan: And we know that some masters can create - I asked this question at the very top when I blew on the Bones in the process of asking questions. We know that some saints and masters have been able to manifest something physically out of the air or out of space. Are they into a more purposeful use of non-fear based, love based energetics to be able to do something like that? We’ve been told those miracles have happened and I know some people that have been to India and they have watched manifestations.

Kay: Being able to manifest something out of thin air comes from being able to control your thoughts and your emotions, to get all of that programming out of the way, scraped aside, or hopefully unplugged, long enough that you can take all of your attention and focus it on that one single task of bringing these molecules together to physically manifest whatever it is you desire at that moment.

Now there is a piece in the Bones that is represented by the Egyptian goddess Sashetta. She is all about manifestation and magic and those powers of magic. It looks like magic to us, for her it’s just plain physics and what it boils down to is that she truly has no programming, she has no masks, she has no fear, she has no doubt. There is no countering energy, nothing happening there to contradict or waste any of her thought or her energy. So as she wishes to bring something into being, she thinks it, she makes the picture. She makes the picture in her mind and in her emotions as fully and clearly, with as much detail as possible and when it’s ready she fills it full of her life energy and sets it out into the world and it totally manifests physically, instantaneously. To us that looks like magic, for her it’s just a matter of physics. Thought brings manifestation.

If we are thinking chaotically and in an “asleep” state, then what we are manifesting is a world full of carte blanche chaos. That’s what we are living in right now. We have no clear picture. We just blow with the psychic winds, with all of the social programming. It’s just a whole lot more of fear, stress, judgment, separation, anxiety, power-over, greed, these beliefs of insufficientness in the world, and we believe that life has to be this way. When we wake up we realize that those are lies, those are illusions, the universe just is not like that. We can manifest absolutely anything that we want at any time, in as much quantity as we want without disturbing anyone else, taking anything away from anyone else. What flows to us, flows to us because we have set that up.

Part of this setting up of that pattern, the structures, the flows of the universe, starts even before we are born. We choose before we are born into this life some of the details, the major parameters, that we want to experience in this life. It’s like setting a stage and the rest within that framework is total free will.

Sometimes we choose to have a life where there is very, very little in terms of abundance, material abundance. Maybe other kinds of abundance - abundance of love, friendship, family, knowledge. Anything that we might have in a physical life we can choose to set that stage so that it is full and rich, mediocre or very thin, and we do that. In some of our lives in order to understand what this is all about we choose those variations. So there are many people who choose lives with very little material abundance in order to fully understand what it is all about.

Alan: This theme has come up before too, that part of the dance of the human body in the form that we manifest.

Kay: Yes.

Alan: Or the divine manifests through us, to experience it all. It’s the multiplicity of the formless saying I want to experience life in all its forms.

Kay: In all it’s forms, all the variation, all the diversity. Any aspect of diversity of a particular issue that you can think up - it becomes manifested in our universe and there is a piece of us, somewhere in time, taking a life to explore it.

Alan: Well, if you would like to explore more with Kay Cordell Whitaker, upcoming healing classes as well as one-on-one sessions you are invited to call 505-466-3387, that’s 466-3387, or visit www.worldbalance.com and we’ll be right back.

Alan: Kay and Helmut here in the studio have offered 5 CDs as a give away to the first 5 callers. The CD is called Song Magic and it is the ceremony to wake you up. If you think you are awake, try this CD.

2. Media and Waking Up: How can Media help us to wake up and how can we use media to wake up and bring about a world of equality.

These and other questions were presented to the Bone Spirits in February’s live mini Bone Throw on Transitions Radio Magazine. You can listen to this Bone Throwing presentation online at www.transradio.com.

Under show # 1042 you will see Listen to Hour Two: followed by 2 links. Real Audio and MP3. If you click on Real Audio your Real Audio Player should open up and you will be able to hear Hour Two of Sunday’s show and about 10 minutes into Hour Two the Bone Throw will begin.

Enjoy and please send us your thoughts about your experience with the Bone Session. Should you have any problems please contact TRM or A World In Balance.

The Throwing of the Bones is a most fascinating, unusual and precise Non-Ordinary Reality Check with internationally recognized teacher, healer, seer, medicine storyteller and Thrower of the Bones, Kay Cordell Whitaker.

Please go to the Throwing The Bones section on this website to learn more about this ancient art of divination.

Transitions Radio Magazine is celebrating 20 years on the air with this 1,042nd consecutive program! The show airs every Sunday from 8 AM to 11 AM on 98.1FM in Santa Fe and 95.9 in Albuquerque, NM.

For sponsorship queries and more information about TRM’s work send e-mail to hosts@transradio.com or call at 505-466-2616.

3. Sacred Link Workshop

Anna Marie Riley will teach the first level class of Kay’s class series in Bozeman, MT in March. Please e-mail her at annamarie.song@comcast.net or call at 505-466-8984 for more information. Anna Marie has studied with Kay for 10 years and is one of a few people who have permission from Kay to teach this class.

4. Important Information about receiving this Newsletter

In the last issue we mentioned that AOL 9.0 users have to permit mail or your newsletter issue will be placed in bulk sender or unknown sender list. It seems that more and more internet service providers are requiring you to do the same. Please “white list” our contact information by adding A World In Balance and/or song@worldbalance.com to your "people I know" list or whatever list your service provider requires for you to keep receiving this information.

5. More Classes offered by Kay Cordell Whitaker

As we indicated in our last issue, we will be forming a new group for a 2nd offering of the “Setting The World In Balance” four-year course but do not have any definite details as to the date at this time. You can put your name on the waiting list for this course by sending us your application letter stating why you wish to take this course via e-mail to mailto:song@worldbalance.com . This class will either start in the fall of this year or in spring of next year.

The Red Door Radionics course beginning on April 24 is full. As with the “Setting The World In Balance” course we are also creating a waiting list for a 2nd offering of the Red Door Radionics course. Dates for this second installment are not available yet, but if you would like to get on the waiting list please send in your application letter stating why you wish to take this course as soon as possible. This course is taught via conference call and online forum.
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Wanowa Ka Ta See
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