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Song Magic News

March 2004
Issue 25

In This Issue

  1. Manifestation
  2. Death and Dying
  3. Red Door Class
  4. Classes Offered By Kay
  5. Community Supported Agriculture
  6. Important Information About Receiving This Newsletter

1. Manifestation

In our last newsletter we shared a transcript of a Bone Throwing session about Manifestation. We hope you all enjoyed reading it.

One of the most important aspects of manifestation from the Hetakas’ perspective is clarity. Who is manifesting what? Are our masks manifesting the life they belief we should be living or are we manifesting the purpose of our Song?

In this issue of our newsletter we will share one of the most important tools for manifesting our Song’s purpose in our life: Lists.

If we want certain things in life, be it a new job, a car, or a better world to live in, and we don’t want to leave the way and the form in which we receive these things up to the psychic winds of the day, it is of utmost importance to state what we desire in a clear and precise form. Making lists is among the best way to accomplish this.

Whatever it is you want, write it down in as great a detail as possible. Write everything that comes to mind: the aspects you would want and the ones you wouldn’t. People have been known to write 10 letter size pages, small type, single spaced, with each line describing a different aspect of what they want their object of desire to be like.

This is not necessarily done within a day or a few days. It may take you weeks or even months before you feel comfortable presenting your list to the spirit world or the universe.

As one of our friends always puts it:

“The universe will rearrange itself to accommodate your picture of reality.”

A precise, well thought out and detailed list is an excellent way to have a very clear representation of one’s desired picture of reality.

We will share more about the details on the next phase of the manifestation process in one of our next issues.

2. Death and Dying

Last December we did a live Bone Throwing presentation on Transitions Radio Magazine about Death, Dying and Rebirth – the Journeys of the Soul. Since death is a very important part of our lives as well as in any shamanic practice we would like to share some of our experiences with it.

The first thing we will share is an experience Kay had while participating in an Egyptian forgiveness ritual. During the ceremony her attention was pulled to her step mother’s hospital room. Here is the story that unfolded:

“It was the middle of the afternoon and I was participating in a very ancient Egyptian group ceremony called The Forgiveness Ritual. In the middle of the ceremony my attention was taken by a huge wave of sadness. I turned my attention towards the wave and knew it was coming from my father. Everything was dim and fuzzy but I saw him. He was beside the bed in the hospital room where my step mother, Lou, was lying. He looked like he might be sitting. Her vital signs had stopped. She was moving out of her body. Dad seemed as if he might be bent over somewhat. There were other people in the room also. One very close to Lou on the other side. There was faint moving light around each of them except Lou. Even with this faint light they were very dim and difficult to see, especially once Lou began to stand up outside of her body. She was quite bright, glowing, giving off a lot of light making the rest of the room seem dark. A group of other brightly glowing people became visible behind her and a very pleasing bright light filled the area behind them. Lou, however, was the brightest.

As Lou began to separate from her body she seemed to go slowly and carefully. She looked very lovingly with smiling eyes at Dad's face for a moment and then I noticed one of the bright figures move closer to offer assistance. Lou stood up next to Dad, with her hands on his shoulders. He then stood up facing her as she smiled and spoke to him. Everything about her showed how much she loved and adored him. Once Dad stood up he was much brighter. I realized that I must be looking at his spirit. I could no longer see the walls of the hospital room. The other "living" people in the room were now so dark they were almost impossible to see and I concentrated my attention on the three figures that were the brightest.

After a time Lou turned to face me, smiling. She was healthy, happy, free of pain and incredibly vibrant looking. Her skin was wonderfully full of vitality and she had clear, clear, sparkling eyes. Her energy, her personage, bubbly and excited, radiated out, filling the room and showering everyone. There was a great deal of love and satisfaction and gratefulness coming from her. She told me how much she loved me and my family and appreciated us being in her life. She said that our love for her has meant a great deal to her. It was obvious that she had an intense love and appreciation for all the people in the room. There was a quality about talking with her where I experienced an entire feeling and understanding about what she had to say that was much greater than what could fit into the words used. She said that she wanted to leave sooner but she had been anxious about making things hard for people with her illness or her dying and that she had sadness at the thought of losing everyone; but most of all she was worried about Dad. She didn't want him to be so sad or in such pain. But now her understanding changed: she doesn't have that sadness or sense of loss. She said that nothing was being lost and she wasn't really going to be "gone".

And she said that one of the things that she really wanted to do was to make contact with each and every one of her family and friends individually, even if they weren't aware of it, to tell them all how much she loved and enjoyed them and appreciated them being in her life. She had a good feeling of completion in having done that. She said that it meant so much to her that so many had come to say good bye in her last days. It made it so much easier to be able to go.

She told me she was leaving now. She was going to go someplace and visit around, but would be back often, especially to visit Dad. She felt very confident that he would know when she was there. She said, also, that from her perspective, even waiting the years till we lived out our lifetimes was not really long, that we would all be joining her and be able to be together there. She said she was excited about the places that she was going to go to and those she would get to see. She was about to leave on the first chapter of a great adventure.

The third bright figure, the spirit person that had moved close, I was surprised to realize was my birth mother. She had come to comfort Dad and to greet and assist Lou in any way that she might need in her crossing. Of the three figures Lou was the brightest, then Mom, then Dad. Mom was also touching Dad on his right side near his shoulder. Mom said she would come and visit Dad, also, from time to time. Light and loving energy poured out of her to Dad and Lou and others in the room. She looked beautifully clear, strong, healthy, and very happy. She smiled at me. We were very happy to see each other.

The light that came off of and out of, Lou, Mom, Dad, and the spirit people standing inside the light in the background, was of two varieties. One was a solid steady glowing of bright, mostly white, light that seemed almost as if the figures were self-luminous. The other variety was waves of this light often with very pale colorations of pink, blue, purple and gold, and sometimes a slight sparkling quality, rolling and pouring outward from Lou, Mom, Dad, and the spirit people standing inside the light in the background to make direct contact with the others in the room and myself. These waves had a visual resemblance to waves of mist or fog, and sometimes resembled the forms and actions of flames.

Lou told me she hoped the family would gather together for Thanksgiving and Christmas. She asked me to keep in touch with my Dad and take good care of him.

The bright spirit people behind Dad and Lou and Mom were all very active and happy, milling around amongst themselves, and watching everything going on in the room. A great deal of light and loving energy radiated from them to Lou and everyone in the room. There were the sounds of voices talking very, very quietly in the background and a kind of soft, soothing, almost musical sound, also very faint, coming from the area of the group and the light behind them. They had walked out of the light to come into the room and they would leave accompanying Lou by walking back into the light.

Lou looked around at all the different people and spirits in the room, happy to see them, interacting with one then another. The Forgiveness Ceremony had ended where I was, and Lou and Mom and I agreed that it was time for me to bring all my attention back there. I told Lou and Mom how much I loved them and I would see them again just as Lou said. My attention left the hospital room as Lou was still looking around and interacting.

As soon as the ceremony was officially completed and I was able to leave for a phone, I called the hospital to tell Dad and the family what had happened and found out that Lou had died minutes before, during the same moments that I was experiencing being with her.

By Kay Cordell Whitaker

3. Red Door Class

We haven’t had a chance yet to put more detailed information about the Red Door work and the upcoming class together, but we have had some requests for more information from the participants and would like to share our response to one of these e-mails, which we hope will give you a basic idea of what this work is about. We are working on a Workbook for the Red Door research work and thanks to our friend Savitri it looks as if the first edition of that Workbook will be available before the beginning of the upcoming Red Door Course in April. We will share excerpts from that Workbook in future issues of our newsletter and are considering making the entire Workbook available for purchase which should help to clarify a great deal about this work.

Here are the questions we received about the Red Door Course:

“Will this course help me with a holistic healing practice? Is this possible or is it only for diagnostic purposes?”

Our answer to these questions was as follows:

“The Red Door instrument and work is much, much more than a tool to asses the condition of whatever/whoever you are working with. This form of research work has been practiced throughout most of the last century. Kay has studied many different approaches beginning in the early eighties. She developed the Red Door because most of the instruments that were available at the time did not provide the results she was expecting. The Red Door creates a scalar wave/field that connects one very clearly and easily to the "target" and allows for clear assessment and broadcast at any distance. Essentially all of her research colleagues at the time discontinued using whatever instruments they had and started working with the Red Door because of the much higher efficiency and ease of use the Red Door provides. Essentially all of the instruments that have been used by these people have cost them many times the price of the Red Door. The Red Door is comparably low priced to what is on the market today especially when considering its efficiency and ease of use.

The class will teach the full, thorough, step-by-step methodology for analysis that will provide the student with all the tools necessary for performing complete assessments and any direction of research on their own, right down to DNA assessment. It will also teach a variety of broadcast modes that satisfy the needs of any situation. The Red Door technology also allows for the streamlining of the process which can reduce the time involved considerably.

Kay has been using these processes in her work since she first started studying them and they have been an invaluable addition to her practice.

I cannot answer your question if this will allow you to start a holistic healing practice, but based on our experience it has the potential to move any kind of complementary, spiritual energy healing work to new levels. One of the things this course is designed to teach is to focus one's attention in a way that will allow for a clear unobstructed ability to asses the condition present, what is most likely causing the situation and what can be done to help remedy it and all this without "mask babble" and interference. We know from our experience that this focusing ability can bring a new dimension to one's spiritual healing work and is in itself worth the price of admission.

I hope this helps and please feel free to contact us should you have any more questions.”

4. Classes offered by Kay Cordell Whitaker

As we indicated in our last issue, we will be forming a new group for a 2nd offering of the “Setting The World In Balance” four-year course but do not have any definite details as to the date at this time. You can put your name on the waiting list for this course by sending us your application via e-mail to song@worldbalance.com . This class will either start in the fall of this year or in spring of next year. We will be sharing more details about this course in future issues of our newsletter.

The Red Door Radionics Course beginning on April 24 is full. As with the “Setting The World In Balance” course we are also creating a waiting list for a 2nd offering of the Red Door Radionics Course. If you would like to get on the waiting list please send in your application as soon as possible. This course is taught via conference call and online forum.

5. Community Supported Agriculture

It has become more and more important for all of us to know the people that produce the foods we eat. Fortunately we have found some wonderful people in our area here in New Mexico. And I’m sure there are a great many more people who produce wonderful foods in the Santa Fe area.

Shortly after we moved here we read an article by Barbara Gerber, a local writer, about Steve Warshawer and Barbara Booth and their work, their farm and their CSA program. Since than we have become members of their program and have tremendously enjoyed the vegetables, eggs and chickens we have received.

Steve and Barbara have had a community supported agriculture or CSA program for many years. This year they are offering a year round program for the first time. The program will go from May until March next year and each member receives a variety of biodynamically grown and incredible tasting vegetables each week. For more information please contact Bobbe Besold at 505-988-9244 or e-mail Jim Cummings.

If you live in other parts of the country we encourage you to find people with similar programs and offerings. One of the places to find local growers in your area is through http://www.WestonAPrice.org or by phone at 202-333-HEAL. Your loved ones and your body will thank you for it.

6. Important Note about receiving this Newsletter

Please check with your Internet Service Provider if it requires you to “permit to receive mail” from us. If so please “white list” our contact information by adding A World In Balance and/or song@worldbalance.com to your "people I know" list or whatever list your service provider requires for you to keep receiving this information otherwise your newsletter issue will be placed in bulk sender or unknown sender list.
All Our Love To All of You and a great many Thanks for your interest in and support of our work..
It is always a pleasure to put this information together. Any comments about our newsletter are very much appreciated. Please send your comments to song@worldbalance.com.

Wanowa Ka Ta See
We are working together to make a world in Balance


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