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May 2004
Issue 26

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  1. A World For The Making
  2. What Does the Government care about?
  3. Important Information About Receiving This Newsletter

1. A World For the Making

As part of our continuing series about manifestations we would like to share a short article Kay wrote for a local paper. A World for the Making describes a great deal about the Hetakas’ teachings, our world, and what we can make it:

A World For The Making

In the early seventies while living a “normal” life as a single mother of 2 in the hills outside of Santa Cruz, bored to the bone, overworked and overwhelmed, I stumbled into the tutelage of an old Peruvian couple.

I was standing on the beach cliff soaking in the excitement of a raging thunderstorm, something that is very rare on the central California coast. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement. I turned and there was a man rushing toward me in wet Mexican peasant clothes, yelling, “I have something for you! It is time for you to grab it!”

I was sure he was a drunken derelict. Shaking and stumbling I ran to my car as fast as I could and drove off. A few weeks later I was in the Stevenson College Coffee Shop on the university campus. It was one of those treasured occasions where I actually had time to sit and read and drink a cup of coffee by myself. I looked up from the table and the same man was there sitting by the window. The fear I felt on the cliff welled up through me again. My stomach turned upside down. It seemed a little safer in a public place around other people so I thought that I could just wait him out and he’d get bored and leave.

Hours later he was not only still there, he came over and asked if he could join me. Being raised in the fifties as a good female member of society I never learned to contradict or say no to such an old and now quite feeble looking man. That was the beginning of a more than thirteen-year apprenticeship and friendship with Domano and Chea Hetaka that went beyond anything I had known before and rarely found since.

In the following years with Domano and Chea they continuously stretched my boundaries or as they would call it “pushed me off my web.” Their purpose is best described in their own words, “we have come here to share a knowledge you and your people have dangerously lost and in this way try to bring balance to the world while we still can.”

For these Peruvian people, the most important thing you can accomplish in life is to know who you really are; they poetically called this “knowing your own Song.” At the time I would have said I had a pretty good handle on knowing who I was and what I wanted in life. In reality I had no clue. When I began the studies with them I realized my life had felt as if it wasn’t even mine. It was completely run by “masks,” a term Domano and Chea used to describe our social and psychological programming which each of us acquires throughout our lives and which are controlling our every perception, thought and action.

It was Domano and Chea’s belief that true learning only comes from experience and that was their way of teaching me about myself and the connectedness of all life. They shared their knowledge by leading me to direct experience. They never told me what was right or wrong, they gave me the tools to learn to experience and decide for myself. Step-by-step I began to wake up out of the cultural din to see myself and the world around me in ways I would never have dreamt of.

The Hetakas called our Soul, or Spirit, our “Song.” Their main goal always was to teach me about my Song, for me to know it, own it, live it and be it regardless of what other people think and regardless of society’s “shoulds” and trends. When we come to know and live our own Song we automatically experience our connectedness to everything in the universe. Domano and Chea intensely believed it is vital for bringing balance back to our world that each person learns to wake up and be completely loyal to his or her own Song. If we don’t learn who we really are and live it to the fullest and learn how to live our connectedness to all else with its collective symphony, we will continue to do things at the expense of others and we will always give our power and our very Song away at every opportunity.

In their tribe’s way of thinking there is nothing inherently “better than” or “less than” about either waking up and knowing your Song or living asleep inside a mask dynamic. It is simply choice. There is no condemnation or judgment in this tribe’s way of thinking, they don’t even have a word for judgment. If, however, we decide to wake up and live our own Song, we cannot continue to indulge ourselves in masks and we need to learn to unplug them and take back control of our own attention.

The Hetakas’ tribe called people of the modern western culture the “walking dead,” not a judgment but a blunt observation. Another blunt term commonly used was “termite people.” When Domano and Chea came to the United States they couldn’t understand how anybody would want to live like this. For them we all lived a life consumed with fear, buried inside the fog of our masks, never to truly know what it is like to feel our own aliveness, to explore our most treasured dreams, to feel full of beauty and experience the connectedness and wonder of all life. I was, as most people in this modern western culture, heavily invested in the masks’ fundamental beliefs of separation and the appropriateness of power-over. Through the years with Domano and Chea I learned that my senses, which I thought were more than adequately developed, were actually trained to close out the world and give credence to those most treasured beliefs.

Sometimes the Hetakas would metaphorically describe us as living in little boxes: no window to the outside, TV screen in front of our eyes, headset on our ears and the only world we “know” is the one our masks show us through the TV screen and the headset. We see things the way our masks want us to see them and rarely, or never, the way they really are.

Domano and Chea talked about our culture as being based on the energies of a “backwards-turning wheel.” An energy that takes itself and everything in its path apart and they said that our wheel is in its last rotation.

Our culture has developed with little and sometimes even no regard for life and with its power-over and control, its gain at the expense of other, with its all pervasive judgment of better than and less than, with people dying all over the world of poverty and hunger, disease, famine and war, this way of life will not be able to sustain itself much longer. Sooner or later the wheel will fly apart and with it everything in its path.

While our current world is flying apart we need to begin creating a new world, based on principles of equality, respect and non-judgment, because if we don’t people will pick up the pieces from the collapsing world and try to force them together yet again and we will end up in a worse situation than we are finding ourselves in now.

Joseph Campbell once wrote that we live in the midst of mythological rubble and that we need to create a new mythology: a people without a mythology cannot sustain itself. He also said that this new mythology cannot be for just one tribe or one race, it has to be a universal mythology for all people. This adventure of discovering a new mythology to live by, traveling into the depths of my innermost Being, has changed everything that I once was and allowed me to wake up from the prevailing blindness of our current society. Building a new mythology, a new world, by leading people to find their own Song, their deepest inner truths, is what my grandparents asked me to do - and I will do all that I can until I leave this world.

Despite all the madness we see around us, we have the paradox of an astounding beauty that radiates within everything. If we learn to see beyond the limitations created by people’s masks, we see the absolute magnificence of their Song; we can reach them Song to Song, we can create with them Song to Song, and there is nothing more exciting for me in this life than to teach people how to truly awaken that within themselves.

Kay Cordell Whitaker

2. What Does The Government Care About And Whatever Happened To Their Loving Compassion?

These and other questions were presented to the Bone Spirits in April’s live mini Bone Throw on Transitions Radio Magazine. You can listen to this Bone Throwing presentation online at http://www.transradio.com . Under show # 1052 you will see Listen to Hour Three: followed by 2 links. Real Audio and Windows Media. If you click on either one of these links the appropriate audio player should open up on your system and you will be able to hear Hour Three of Sunday’s show and about 7 minutes into Hour Three the Bone Throw will begin.

Enjoy and please send us your thoughts about your experience with the Bone session. Should you have any problems please contact TRM or us.

The Throwing of the Bones is a most fascinating, unusual and precise Non-Ordinary Reality Check with internationally recognized teacher, healer, seer, medicine storyteller and Thrower of the Bones, Kay Cordell Whitaker.

Please go to the Throwing The Bones section on this website to learn more about this ancient art of divination.

Transitions Radio Magazine is celebrating more than 20 years on the air with this 1,052nd consecutive program! The show airs every Sunday from 8 AM to 11 AM on 98.1FM in Santa Fe and 95.9 in Albuquerque, NM.

For sponsorship queries and more information about TRM’s work send an e-mail to mailto:hosts@transradio.com or call at 505-466-2616.

3. Important Note about receiving this Newsletter

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