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JULY 2004
Issue 27

In This Issue

  1. Backwards Turning Wheel
  2. Red Door Radionics Class
  3. Important Information About Receiving This Newsletter

1. Backwards Turning Wheel

What is it? What does it have to do with us? With our spiritual efforts?

These and other questions were presented to the Bone Spirits in Julyís live mini Bone Throw on Transitions Radio Magazine.

Below is the transcript of this fascinating Bone Throwing presentation or, if you'd like, you can listen to this Bone Throwing presentation online at www.transradio.com . Under show # 1061 you will see "Listen to Hour Three" followed by 2 links: "Real Audio" and "Windows Media". If you click on either one of these links the appropriate audio player should open up on your system and you will be able to hear "Hour Three" of Sundayís show and about 12 minutes into Hour Three the Bone Throw will begin.

This audio version of July's TRM Bone Throw will only be available for a limited time on TRM's website.

Enjoy and please send us your thoughts about your experience with the Bone session. Should you have any problems listening to the presentation, please contact TRM or us.

Following is the transcript of the July 27, 2004 Bone Throw:

Backwards Turning Wheel

Alan: Okay, speaking of powerful, and all the symptoms of what are presented not only in this movie, Fahrenheit 9/11, but just around the globe. If youíve got any sense of consciousness and being awake, youíre realizing whatís shown on the nightly news as being representative of the world is not the full story. And so, that in mind, we decided to do a Bone Throw today with Kay Cordell Whitaker, whoís in the studio. Let me say hello Kay before I get into the question.

Kay: Good morning.

Alan: For those of you who are new to the Bone Throw, it is not a bone rolling, itís a Bone Throw. But, you know, we had an interesting comment on our www.transtalk.net site about the Bone Throw. So if you want to read a listener comment, my response, and of course Kay just found out about it and so we have to get her response. But anyway, maybe you would just give us a sixty-second thumbnail of what this really is and how you came about, how many years of experience you have in actually doing this prophetic way of receiving information from the spirit world.

Kay: I met my teachers in the 70ís, studied with them for over thirteen years. Thatís how long it takes to learn how to do the Bone Throw, to be able to answer questions for others, to communicate with the spirits while you are Throwing the Bones so you get a fuller understanding of what is being said. Itís a ďCalling of the Spirits Ceremony.Ē The spirits come and they are very active when that bundle is opened and the questionís asked and the Bones are all dropped. They see to it that everything hits the floor on the ground [pattern] where it should be in order to tell the right story.

Alan: And give the website, too, just in case somebody wants more information. Of course you do individual readings one-on-one as well as groups. Whatís the website?
Kay: Worldbalance.com.

Alan: Worldbalance.com. So speaking of balance, your teachers, Domano and Chea, spoke about the world being out of balance at the times they were teaching you and communicating with you and they used the metaphor of the ďbackwards turning wheelĒ as representing out of balance. Weíd like today to speak about this wheel. What it looks like right now. Must it spin to a level of falling apart? What will that look like in our global society over the next period of time? And what can we do as individuals and small groups and alliances and communities who are trying to foster some better way of living in the world and maintaining center and balance in the midst of what could be very chaotic in the upcoming times? And Iíll turn that over to you.

Kay: The metaphor has to do with the concept of our universe being basically created from two different energies: one that creates and one that takes apart. Yin-yang.

If we do something like create a culture out of just one of these energies, which we have done with our current culture, weíve created a society based on the wheel that takes things apart, the energy that takes things apart. And they call that counter-clockwise, the backwards turning wheel. So our culture has been completely devised out of this energy. And it has only one outcome. Itís inevitable. As that wheel spins, itís nature is to take things apart. It will disintegrate of itís own weight. It has to. Itís the nature of the universe. And we are seeing it happen.

Through the last several hundred years, people have tried to pick up the pieces as they fall apart and shove them back together to make what has been. And it doesnít fit. Itís not working. That wheel is hobbling along down the road with little bits and pieces crumbling to dust so they can no longer be picked up and put back together. It is truly falling apart.

Now as we look at it in the current moment, itís difficult to see that itís falling apart. It still has a very strong grip in what happens in the world today. But by twenty five years from now, it will be apart. It will be fully disintegrated. The piece that represented the falling apart of that backwards turning wheel is literally all the way off the ground [the cloth pattern spread on the floor]. Itís off the image. It is standing up on itís end which is an impossibility for it. It is in the position of being weak, apart, dying. And it is very accentuated standing straight up on its end.

What itís saying is, it looks today, the way we are headed today, the kind of momentum we have built, itís going to fall apart and it will be dramatic. Just how dramatic depends on us. We have to create the culture and society of the other energy. It isnít going to just magically happen to replace what died. We have to create it.

What this backwards turning wheel has created for us so far, it has taught us how to be scattered, our attention just flying every which way, dividing us. It teaches us how to judge. How to give our power away. How to accept blind belief. No matter what it is just to accept the belief blindly and live it out dogmatically, defend it. We are taught to fear, to live in enormous fear and judgment of all things, all people, everything. This judgment separates us. It keeps us asleep. It keeps us numb, pacified. Weíve become addicted to it. And thatís the way the society looks today.

Thereís a very interesting piece in the dead center, the absolute dead center, right in the current time, and thatís the lizard. The lizard is one of the psychic pieces. Itís
about understanding things that are going on even though you canít see them directly. Psychic perception. And we as a race, as humans, have this psychic perception naturally. It is waking up more and more. Itís coming to the forefront. And no matter what the people of the backwards turning wheel do, everyone else has got the lizard. They can see the truth. More and more people are seeing it all the time. Theyíre starting to wake up. The truth is coming out. Itís in our faces. Itís impossible to deny.

What we need to do is to purposefully look for this truth, around us and inside us. We need to gather our attention back up inside ourselves to aim it purposefully. To wake up, get in our own driverís seat. Wake up and direct our attention. We need to focus our attention with purpose. We have, as the Bones say, no ďpictureĒ yet of what this new culture, this new world, is going to look like. We donít have any models. Itís something that has existed here a very, very, very long time ago. But weíre not in touch with it, except on psychic levels. So we have no current models. We need to build a picture, each one of us, of what it is we think we want in this future. What is it supposed to look like? How are people going to interact? What are the institutions going to look like? Whatís the educational system going to look like? Our politics? What is a system of a positive turning wheel, the frontwards turning wheel? What is it? What does it feel like? What does it look like?
We need the picture and we must commit to it. The commitment piece is upside down. We have not made a commitment to create this world and thatís where the real danger sits. We need to make that picture. We need to heal ourselves. And we need to commit to it. No back doors.

Alan: You know, I get that there are some pictures created out there for this right-way turning wheel, okay? Itís just that everybodyís ignoring the pictures. I mean, there are political candidatesí platforms that have proposed a different way. Dennis Kucinich, for example, heís not going to get in. Even some of the Nader stuff, though he is a potential detractor of Democratic votes. But these people have put forth platforms of a different way.

Kay: There are many people putting out their first ideas, the first thoughts of how to make this work, what is it going to look like. And what the Bones are saying here is that we have a real definite tendency to try to pick up the old pieces that we know, that are familiar from that old backwards turning wheel, and put them together by themselves, or maybe with something new, to try to build a new thing, a new world. If we use anything from that backwards turning wheel, itís going to turn into a backwards turning wheel. Itís going to fail. And thatís the warning. We have to create something absolutely brand new.

Alan: Are there any good news Bones down here on that cloth?

Kay: Itís happening. We are doing the very first steps. Thatís just where weíre at. It doesnít mean weíre failing. Itís not a bad thing. This is where weíre at. The beginning of the building of this frontwards turning wheel, itís starting right now. This is the bridge time, the bridge between the two wheels. And we are the bridge people. We are the ones who have to build the bridge. And weíre going to make mistakes. Weíre going to pick up some of those backwards turning pieces because we donít know anything different. But we need to start looking inside ourselves to find the truth in ourselves, to see that connectedness with all things and all beings. Thatís where the picture lies.

Alan: Okay, so in terms of instruction to the individual because we donít have a picture of what falling apartís going to look like. I donít know whether thereís one painted down there that you can speak of just in terms of, you know, is there going to be stock market collapse? Economic collapse? Are people going to, are we going to have natural disasters? You know, are some of the prophecies like the Hopi prophecy which says if youíre walking a two-hearted path, youíre going to suffer greatly? Are any of those things in the Bone array predicable? Or is it, we just donít know? And what do we do even as we enter into more chaotic times as individuals?

Kay: We donít know exactly. We can say for sure that this wheel is dying, itís on its way out, the cultureís on its way out. And from a bigger perspective, a cosmic level, humanity has made that decision to end that wheel and begin the other one, to try this other experiment. How we do it, how it comes about is kind of up for grabs right now. We build our future. There are several pieces that lead up to the twenty-five year mark where that falling-apart piece for the backwards turning culture is. And then past that line, thereís nothing. We have a blank slate. We can build anything we want. Anything.

Alan: And that twenty-five year period, Kay, is a little longer than what weíve heard from other traditions like the coming to the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, and a lot of the scientists saying thereís an accelerating rapid pacing going on, weíre in a photon belt, the gravityís changing, the earthís spin is changing, all these things that are present on a physical level. But this twenty-five year period is a little longer than other things weíve heard.

Kay: Itís describing the complete collapse and disappearance. So weíre going to see it leaving in different stages. In different leaps and jumps. And exactly when those things happen, how they happen, thatís up to us. It can be just as horrible and difficult as we believe it and want it to be. Or it can be smooth and easy and beautiful.

Alan: I know we were going to talk about love as a Bone Throw question or conversation point. Maybe weíll do that next week. But it seems to me one of the answers is no matter what goes on the best you can do is stay in your heart, be compassionate, be loving for all those things around you that seem to be more in pain and suffering.

Kay: Loving for yourself. We have to learn to love ourselves first. You canít love something or someone else if you do not love yourself. Loving self and loving everything else.

Alan: Any closing thoughts?

Kay: Itís happening.

Alan: Itís happening. Okay.

Kay: Itís happening.

Alan: All right. You might want to stay off the wheel. Kind of reminds me of that metaphor about the pendulum swinging back and forth wildly. You donít want to hang onto the bottom but be at the apex or the core and just watch it happen. Thanks a lot. If youíd like a personal reading, call 505.466.3387. And worldbalance.com is the website. And weíll see you next month, I guess.

Kay: Next month. Thanks.


The Throwing of the Bones is a most fascinating, unusual and precise Non-Ordinary Reality Check with internationally recognized teacher, healer, seer, medicine storyteller and Thrower of the Bones, Kay Cordell Whitaker.

Please go to the Throwing The Bones section on this website to learn more about this ancient art of divination.

Transitions Radio Magazine is celebrating more than 20 years on the air with this 1,062nd consecutive program! The show airs every Sunday from 8 AM to 11 AM on 98.1FM in Santa Fe and 95.9 in Albuquerque, NM.

For sponsorship queries and more information about TRMís work send an e-mail to hosts@transradio.com or call at 505-466-2616.

2. Red Door RADIONICS Class

We have just completed the Red Door Radionics Class series which was a great success. Spurred by its success and reception by the students we would like to remind you that we are currently taking applications for the next installment of this class series.

This series is the basic course in Red Door Energy Healing Research and Radionics' Techniques. The eight week Red Door course will be held in conference call format with an accompanying online forum and study materials.

Given the intense energies we will be dealing with each of the five class sessions will be kept to 3 hrs in length. Classes will meet every other Saturday spanning eight weeks to give participants adequate time to work with and become familiar with the material presented. Class will take place every other Saturday from 1 pm to 4 pm MDT. The minimum number of participants is 12, the maximum number is 16.

To apply for this course please write a statement describing why you wish to attend and send it to us at song@worldbalance.com with your payment. Cost for the course will be $295 if we receive your application with payment before September 1 2004, $335 if we receive your application payment after September 1. If you are not accepted into the class payment will be returned. Once accepted into the class, payment is nonrefundable. Spaces will only be reserved with your payment.

For more information about this research work please contact us at song@worldbalance.com and request the electronic ďIntroduction BookletĒ.

To participate in this course you will need to have a Red Door instrument. No other prior knowledge in radionics will be required.

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