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Issue 28

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  1. Sacred Hoop Magazine
  2. Politics of Consciousness
  3. Politics of Consciousness Press Release
  4. Coming In Future Issues
  5. Important Information About Receiving This Newsletter


In Issue 46, the latest Issue of Sacred Hoop Magazine, you will find an article by Kay Cordell Whitaker about her work with special emphasis on the Throwing of the Bones.
This latest issue of Sacred Hoop is now available in Europe and will be available in the US early next year. We are also planning to make the article available on our website as soon as possible.

For more information about Sacred Hoop Magazine please go to www.sacredhoop.org .

A great many thanks to Jan Morgan Wood for her wonderful work in getting this article together in Sacred Hoop.

2. Politics of Consciousness

Kay did a special Bone Throw and a prophetic look at Conscious Politics, a preview of things to come in Transitions Radio Magazine upcoming Politics of Consciousness six-hour, live Web Broadcast Specials during the month of October. If you would like to participate in these Webcasts please go to http://www.transradio.com for details and registration.

Following is Part One from that Bone Throw presentation:

Alan: What is conscious politics or conscious politicians?

Kay: The spirits said that conscious politics is when those involved are “awake,” as we have been speaking about, and truly caring of their own totality and consciousness and the totality and wellbeing of all the people, all of the animals, all of the plants, the soils, the waters, the winds, the Earth itself, all of the spirits. Wishing and working to gain equality between all of these different entities and equal participation and creation. Creating things together. Creating structures of living, structures of, for a lack of a better word, governing ourselves and our society with the concepts of unconditional acceptance of all things just as they are without any judgments.

In the very center of the Throw is the Vulture. Now when I say, “the very center of the Throw,” what I’m talking about is that on the floor there is this cloth with a design and in the very middle of the design is a little brown dot and when something falls there it is pretty important, it has a big significance. The Vulture is sitting there.

Alan: I remember you gasping, saying, “Well this is an unusual Throw,” from the beginning. Was it because the Vulture was sitting in the middle?

Kay: Absolutely!

Alan: OK

Kay: Dead center!

Alan: What does that mean? We have to talk about the dynamic of the Vulture.

Kay: She represents absolute unconditional love and unconditional acceptance of all beings, all things just as they are without any judgments.

Alan: Now we have to take our minds out of the conventional perception of a Vulture, too, because if you ask somebody what that is, they wouldn’t say something about unconditional love, but in this tradition it is.

Kay: That’s very true. There are a number of indigenous tribes around the planet and ancient cultures, that have defined Vulture as representing unconditional love, unconditional compassion. True, true love on the greatest levels. And the Vulture is the most sacred to these people.

Alan: OK. So what I want to do here is, I know we are breaking this into 2 parts, and more, so we are going to break now and continue with part 2 of this particular Throw in a few weeks. And this all leads us to Kay’s Politics of Consciousness participation live on the 31st of October. She will be in the studio and we are going to do a much more detailed Throw around this for at least an hour with questions and answers from people who are out there now saying, “I have questions and would like to get answers.” That requires them to go to our website at www.transradio.com to participate in Politics of Consciousness. But in a few weeks we are going to do part 2 of this Throw and we are going to come back and continue the discussions specifically on the politics of consciousness as we have defined here.

3. Politics of Consciousness Press Release

The “Politics of Consciousness” (POC) is a series of live, real time, cyber-events, broadcast in high quality audio fidelity, on the Internet. The first 6-hour Webcasts will launch, 11am to 5pm MT, Sunday October 17 and Sunday October 31, with a diverse line-up of guests, features and entertaining presentations, all exploring how “higher quality politics” can be integrated through “higher consciousness.”

Topical content and guest expertise on a variety of subjects will be blended in conversations with POC hosts, Alan Hutner & Elizabeth Rose, via in-studio participation and also by phone. There will be Q&A and discussion periods with listeners live, on-line, globally. A 4-panel computer screen will alternately flash factoids, statistics, web resources and offer polls for participants to instantly vote on.

Swami Beyondananda, AKA Steve Bhaerman, will be an in-resident cyber Co-MC, humorist and tongue-in-cheek political satirist. His just released book is titled, “Swami for Precedent: A 7-Step Plan to Heal the Body Politic and Cure Electile Dysfunction.”

Other guests range from bestselling authors to radio show hosts; a scientist and researcher, a Doctor of Alternative Medicine, a documentary filmmaker; a magazine publisher, a psychologist, a “reluctant” Shaman, a priest, a minister, a former White House Strategist, a litigating activist, a coach, a federal fugitive during the Vietnam War, and a diverse group of other consciousness raising speakers, workshop facilitators and “authorities” in their professional fields.

Guests will explore some of the more obvious (and perhaps not so obvious), underlying political agendas of our current Presidential administration and different scenarios possible with a victory by the challengers. For details, a complete guest list with bio information, bio’s for the hosts, and to register, go to: www.transradio.com .

To see the list of confirmed guests please go to: www.transradio.com/pc/all.shtml

4. Coming In Future Issues

Exploring Song.

Sacred Link: Joining Fortunes with the Unknown will be available in hardback in April 2005.

Red Door Energy Healing and Radionics Technique Course (introduction material available upon request) – we are currently accepting applications for the next offering. More details to follow in the next issue.

New offering of Kay’s 4-Year Healing Course, “Setting The World In Balance” – we are currently accepting applications for this course which will begin in Spring 2005. More details to follow in the next issue.

5. Important Note about receiving this Newsletter

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All Our Love To All of You and a great many Thanks for your interest in and support of our work..
It is always a pleasure to put this information together. Any comments about our newsletter are very much appreciated. Please send your comments to song@worldbalance.com.

Wanowa Ka Ta See
We are working together to make a world in Balance


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