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Issue 29

Have a very happy Thanksgiving holiday!

In This Issue

  1. What Can We Be Thankful For?
  2. Excerpt from The Reluctant Shaman (Thoughts on Balance and Equity for this Holiday Season)
  3. Important Information About Receiving This Newsletter

1. What Can We Be Thankful For

The following text is a transcript from a live Bone Throwing presentation on Transitions Radio Magazine (TRM). Once every month TRM presents a live Bone Throwing presentation with Kay Cordell Whitaker and this month was our Thanksgiving Bone Throwing presentation.

For more information about TRM please visit their website.
For more information about the Throwing of the Bones please go to the Throwing The Bones section on this site.

Alan (Host of TRM): And as I previewed a little earlier it’s time for our Bone Throw. This Sunday is a pre-Thanksgiving Sunday so we asked Kay Cordell Whitaker who is with us in the studio to pass this question on, which is done in a very traditional way from the Hetakas’ in South America where a prophetic question is usually asked (I know we asked multiple part questions) and various spirit worlds are called in through the Bones. The meaning is shown by the way they are laid out on a cloth and Kay reads them. They have already been thrown because she needs some time to go over it. The question – it’s basically about Thanksgiving in these times in the midst of war, violence and great conflict on a global level in these times of polarization and many lies on a domestic level – what can we be thankful for now and for this Thanksgiving season? So that’s the way we go, to you Kay.

Kay Cordell Whitaker: The Bones are very clear about what we can be thankful for and they describe it very, very literally. The spirits of the Bones feel that we should be thankful for: Our ability to walk with unconditional love and clarity and with our own life purpose; Our ability to share and care, to do something for others; Our ability to feel and experience our own Song, our own beingness, our own aliveness; Our ability to own our own power; Our ability to collect and focus our attention on whatever we choose without distortion or hiding or lies. We should be thankful for our ability to remove fear from our lives, from our mind, from our feelings.

The Bones say that no one can take these things from us because they are part of WHAT we are, they are part of our spirit, our Beingness. No one can steel these things from us. We are the only ones who can give them away, or throw them away. The spirits say that our life is private, it’s a personal adventure for each individual. No matter what we choose, it will always be ours. Experience can not be stolen from us or forced into us. The experience belongs to us, each individual. We should be thankful that we have choice. It may not look like it in political terms in our governmental environments right now but we as humans, as entities, we always have choice and choice is made from one minute to the next. We choose our experience: we choose where we focus our attention, what we focus it on. We choose what we experience and we should always be thankful for this.

Alan: You know, as you were saying this, what comes up is this great gift of free will, apparent free will to make these choices and if you look at the world as it is, both globally and locally, but mainly with all the conflict in the Middle East and lot of the poverty that’s going on, to be grateful for whatever choices we’ve made. And I know we’ve gone back and forth about karma in the past, I won’t bring it into this conversation, but to say that, not that we are limited by anything we did in the past, but really what we have done in the past has brought us right here in this moment.

Kay: Exactly.

Alan: And that for most of us listening, and here in the studio, we have a lot of things going for us that are on the plus side of living. One could say we are aware and we’ve got our breath and we’ve got shelter and we’ve got food. And probably most of us are going to have some kind of turkey, or tofu, on Thanksgiving. But a lot of people in the world don’t have that. So the contribution of the fact that we have choice – I think a lot of people have really intended for a better world, even though it hasn’t shown up the way we’d like to see it – that their collective acts in the past have given a lot of people of the six billion people on the planet great gifts. I know in the Buddhist tradition, or the Bodysatva tradition, one keeps working for expanding that and creating a virtual, or real, heaven on earth here for everybody although it doesn’t look like that right now.

Kay: In the Hetakas’ tradition the only way to truly bring that kind of expansion to all humans living is for each individual to, by themselves and for themselves, find and experience their own Song, their own Beingness. And to experience what that means, what that individual signature feels like, what’s inside it, how it connects to everything else – all other things, all other beings, intelligences, information – in the universe.

We are connected. It is up to us to experience our world Song to Song. That means from our heart to the heart of the other: truth to truth. Pure clarity. Clarity to Clarity, not distortions to distortions. No lies, no hiding, no propagandas. Just pure heart to heart.

As we do this, as we learn it, as we live it, be it, own it, we add that knowledge to the total human consciousness. One more spark, one more bit of light and beauty and truth and clarity added to the whole.

As we live it we radiate it out like a huge radio station twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We never turn off, we are just beaming out whatever we are thinking and feeling. And if we are in that Song filled state, in the center, in the clarity, in the beauty of that, the beauty of being connected to everything else, than we are radiating that information out: the how to, the what it’s like, the ability to do it. It makes it easier and easier for every other human alive now, and yet to come, to be able to accomplish the same thing. We are building that world, that world of Songness, the positive turning wheel.

We’ve been living in a world created out of the backwards turning wheel and that falls apart. It’s an energy that just takes things apart and when you have a culture based on that everything is destroyed in its path, everything falls apart, it has a very limited lifetime. And we are at the end of it. That means we have to build a new world.

The only way it’s really going to happen is if each individual dreams up what they really want in the world. How do you really want to live? What do you want for yourself? What do you want as a society? What do you want as a planet with all the other species we share this planet with?

DREAM THE DREAM IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS YOU CAN! That’s what collecting our attention and focusing it is all about.

That Bone piece is standing up on its end; it’s impossible for it to stand that way, there is no flat base there. It’s all round and pointed. It’s standing up on its end and that means it’s calling a great deal of attention and notice to this piece that is all about our attention: We need to focus our attention first on the dream, build the picture, built the blueprint. How do you want your life to be, your Beingness, your experience to be minute to minute? How do you want your world to look? Dream it, think it, write it, speak it, speak it with each other. The more we do that, the more concrete the picture becomes. The more we build this thoughtform – and every time we think we are building a thoughtform – if we keep thinking on this dream and keep adding to it and adding to it and conversing with each other and come up with ideas that are truly workable and beautiful, than that thoughtform will have enough energy, enough momentum, and enough clarity to become manifested in the physical world, and it will.


Alan: And dreaming this dream, they way I see it, is like creating a new mosaic, starting to put pieces together where enough people can see something different than maybe what is. Again, not to discount being thankful for all the things that we have, but just imagining again this concept of heaven on earth. Co-creating together something that would be beautiful for everybody. It doesn’t have to be in conflict or polarization all the time. It doesn’t have to be separation amongst individuals even though everybody has the choice to do what they want to do.

Kay: We are heading in the opposite direction that we have been in. We’ve been in the backwards turning wheel and that is an energy that fights against itself and tears everything apart. We are moving into the positive turning wheel. That is an energy that creates and creates, it holds things together. It is based on equality, fairness, beauty, love, compassion. It’s based on having a deep, deep understanding of our own Beingness, our own Song, and being able to communicate to other humans and other kinds of entities that exist in the universe Song to Song, truth to truth, no lies, no hiding, no propaganda. The positive turning wheel is a world that would be totally open, totally free of the distortions, the lies, the deceit and treachery that we are so used to.

Alan: So I would suggest that everybody hold that, just what we heard and what was delivered to us. Hold that, bring it to the Thanksgiving table and in some way through a paraphrase or whatever …

Kay: We should be extraordinarily thankful that we are able to think this, to dream the dream.

Alan: Suggested to all those gathered around the turkey or whatever else you’re eating this Thursday. Thank you.

Kay: Thank you.

Alan: Also I might mention here Helmut pointing out that Kay will be doing a Four Year Radionics Healing Course.

Helmut: Four Year Healing Course.

Alan: Four Year Healing Course, not in Radionics.

Helmut: Radionics is a separate class.

Alan: Oh, o.k., 2 different courses. What’s the website, worldbalance?

Helmut: Worldbalance.com

Alan: Worldbalance.com or 505-466-3387 if you’d like also to have your own Bone Throw reading you can call Kay at that number, and thanks.

2. Excerpt From The Reluctant Shaman

“Balance is a state due to equilibriums. Equity and harmony with the self and all forms. The world looks very different when we learn how to shift and redirect our attention. The unfathomable beauty, the joy, the extraordinary amount and feeling of exchange with other forms. It is a human heritage…Life is poetic…with all its gracefulness and passionate depth. The rush and play of loving. The impregnation of daylight. The extravagancy of darkness. It is living poetry."

Kay Cordell Whitaker - Author of The Reluctant Shaman and Sacred Link

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And have a wondrous Thanksgiving!

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Wanowa Ka Ta See
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