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march 2005
Issue 32

In This Issue

  1. What’s Ahead In 2005 And Beyond?
  2. Classes
  3. Sacred Link - Joining Fortunes with the Unknown

1. What’s Ahead In 2005 And Beyond?

Last month, during our first Live Bone Throwing Presentation of the year on Transitions Radio Magazine, we looked at the year ahead and beyond. Below are excerpts of the Transcript from this Bone Throwing session.

Among other things, the Bone Spirits spoke about the economy, disasters, wars, and terror. Very central in that live Bone Reading were our beliefs, more to the point our blind beliefs, and how to go from blind belief to true knowingness and in so doing heal, regain our own real freedom, our clarity, and our awakeness of mind and spirit. Identifying and consequently eliminating our blind beliefs is at the center of Kay’s work and it has been our experience throughout the last several decades of working with people that we as humans are more easily fooled by believing we don’t blindly believe than we care to acknowledge or admit.

In the following excerpt we also share passages in which the Spirits of the Bones speak about how to use our economic power, the food we eat, and the importance of remembering our passion and joy, no matter what.

The Spirits accentuate what Kay’s Peruvian teachers Domano and Chea Hetaka taught her about our senses, our sensuality, our sexuality and our passion and how all of these things are a human heritage, our birthright, and how it is time to take it all back and own it again.

Enjoy the excerpts from the Bone Throw.

TRM Bone Throw January, 2005:


Alan (Host of Transitions Radio Magazine): Can you hear me OK?

Kay: I can hear you fine. How am I doing there?

Alan: You are doing good. We certainly miss you here in the studio because you are in the midst of working on your new book, which we will be very, very happy to speak with you about here in the studio in the near future, that you have decided to do the 2005 first Bone Throw in your studio. Let me go over the question here that we have prepared for the Spirit Nations. I might just mention if this is the first time that you are hearing Kay Cordell Whitaker or a Bone Throw, it is a prophetic divination process in this tradition that Kay studied for many, many years with the Hetakas out of South America and there are some 60 Bones thrown regarding a specific question or a series of questions.

In this particular case we just wanted to look at 2005. What lies ahead on the challenging side as well as on the more optimistic side and where does our human will and choice fit into this formula. Kind of like as we sow we reap, as one of the clichés or sayings of our time.

So that’s the question Kay. Let me just turn it over to you and you go with it, alright?

Kay: For 2005 the Spirits are talking about how we scatter our attention, we give our power away, by listening to the propaganda and lies of the powers-that-be and as long as we do that we end up believing things that they say, believing in all of the propaganda, the things that they want us to be thinking about, the things they want us to believe, and when we do that we give our power away and in doing that we are giving our freedom away. We take on THEIR ideas, THEIR beliefs and believe in them blindly. We just suck them right in without question.

So the Spirits are saying for 2005 and beyond that we need to start questioning. We need to start questioning, we need to start heavily, heavily questioning everything that is around us: all the ideas, all the information, everything that comes to us. As we are doing this we are able to lock into the opportunity that the Spirit World is helping to provide here. An opportunity to heal, to regain our own real freedom, our clarity, our awakeness of mind and spirit.

There is a huge, huge opportunity to develop this at this time but it means that we have to give up the addiction that we have to letting our attention just be railroaded and scattered; we have to give up the addiction that we have to sucking in all this propaganda, this blind belief and going with it, believing in it, getting dogmatic with it.

We need to examine it and just plain dump it and learn to start thinking for ourselves all over again.

The opportunity that we have is to question: to question everything; to learn to really think again for ourselves; to assess from our own center, from our own clarity…

…One of the things that the Bones talk about, that they mention over and over again in this Throw, is to change how we are thinking about certain things. To change what we are thinking about as “home”. What is “home” and what is “community” and what is “food” and “nourishment” and what is “diet”? They say repeatedly not to buy from the large conglomerates, from the national and international corporations. Not to buy our food most specifically from these huge conglomerates but to buy from local sources. Buy everything that you can, and especially food, locally to support local growers, farmers and ranchers. To look at our diet in another way, to get out of this propaganda that the powers-that-be a shoving down our throats about what food is and what good and healthy food is and what good diet is and look at how our ancestors truly lived and ate. Not ancestors that were living in some kind of poverty situation or slavery but when people had a lot of abundance and they had the chance to choose what they were going to put in their lives and put in their mouth. We need to get back to that way of thinking about food and health and stop eating all these processed plastic things. If something did not exist three, four, five hundred years ago in our food chain, we shouldn’t be eating it now…

…Alan: Hm, well very good. Anything else in closing here that shows in the Bone Throw, which we usually have the visual in the studio...Any closing comments from you for now?

Kay: The Bones also talk a great deal about remembering your own passion and your own fun, the feeling of your aliveness, and humor. To not put those things aside, to not bury them, that this is part of the heart of who and what we are, of what our spirits are: fun, lightness, play, humor, passion, joy, enjoying life.

Every minute, no matter what kind of task we are doing, to enjoy the expereince of life.

Alan: Thank you very much, I know you are busy, for taking time today. I wanted to give out the phone number for anybody who would like to do a Throw on their own. It’s 505-466-3387. What about the website, what is that again?

Kay: worldbalance.com. Alice the cat is here, she just walked in, she loves Bone Throws and she is proceeding to walk around on them and pointing out things and turn things over.

Alan: Well, say hello to Alice as well and we see you soon. Again worldbalance.com the website. Thanks for a look at 2005 Kay.

Kay: Thank you.

For more information about Transitions Radio Magazine please go to: www.transradio.com

For more information about The Throwing of the Bones please go to the Bone Throwing section on this site.

2. Classes
Setting The World In Balance –
Kay Cordell Whitaker’s 4 Year Healing Course Program with Intense Song and Mask Work

The upcoming new offering of Kay’s 4 year course “Setting The World In Balance” is full. We have created a waiting list should, for some unforeseen reason, a space become available. We have the dates for the first and second level of this course and will be sending out more detailed information to all participants very soon. Another offering of this course is taking form and will be announced shortly.

The Red Door Radionics Course
Based on Kay’s three decades long research work into healing processes with scalar fields, symbols and geometric forms.

There are only a few more spaces available in this offering of the Red Door Radionics Course (which is taught long distance via teleclass).

If you are considering participating or would like more information about the classes please contact us at song@worldbalance.com .

3. “Sacred Link” – Joining Fortunes with the Unknown

“Sacred Link: Joining Fortunes with the Unknown”, will be released in hardcover in September of this year.

“Sacred Link” is the long awaited, remarkable sequel to “The Reluctant Shaman”, in which Kay Cordell Whitaker continues to present the ancient shamanic tradition of "Wanowa Ka Ta See" ("Setting The World In Balance") as practiced by the indigenous people of the eastern Andes.

 Hidden within the senses between the sublime and the incomprehensible is the most important piece of spiritual knowledge any of us will ever find. In “Sacred Link”, Kay Whitaker discovers that by igniting our physical senses all people can take the Hetakas’ guaranteed ride into Forbidden Paradise.

More information about “Sacred Link” can be found on our website and in future issues of our newsletter.

All Our Love To All of You and a great many Thanks for your interest in and support of our work.
It is always a pleasure to put this information together. Any comments about our newsletter are very much appreciated. Please send your comments to song@worldbalance.com.

Wanowa Ka Ta See
We are working together to make a world in Balance


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