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Song Magic News

June 2005
Issue 33

In This Issue

  1. Sacred Link – Joining Fortunes With The Unknown
  2. US and World Economy
  3. Classes

1. Sacred Link – Joining Fortunes with the Unknown

“It can be said that on the path of life one is always choosing between living in the pain of the blindness or in the joy of the Song. If you choose blindness you make a separation between you and all things, all your relatives. You re-act on the world in discord.

"The world is ‘the other,’ and you feel driven to control it. When you choose to dance with Song, you interlace with the world, you are intimate like lovers. And you make harmony with all the other parts."

Domano nodded to me. "This is dancing the web. This is what you are learning to do.”

Excerpt from Kay Cordell Whitaker’s forthcoming new book Sacred Link.

“This book redefines the meaning of 'spiritual sensuality' – an ecstatic state of living in the present that is an essential bridge to higher levels of consciousness.”

– John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, Shapeshifting, and Spirit of the Shuar

“Sacred Link sent chills up my spine, what a compelling empowering story.”

– Christiane Northrop author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Hardcover coming this September, trade and retail advance sales available now.

Kay Cordell Whitaker will present Sacred Link at BookExpo America, June 2 – 5.
For  more information about the book and the presentation at the BookExpo please go to Sacred Link on this website.

Trade advance sales:

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At our online store or by calling
A World In Balance at 1-866-422-1848.
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If you place your advance order with your local bookstore it will be helpful to provide Sacred Link’s ISBN number:
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2. US and World Economy

Transitions Radio Magazine Bone Throwing – April 2005

Alan (Host of TRM): Alright it is finally time for our Bone Throw here this morning. Kay Cordell Whitaker is in the studio along with Helmut, her partner, working together with the Spirit Nations of various locations. For listeners who have not been to a Bone Throw or listened to one on the Radio before, we do it once a month.

There are 60 some Bones, each one representing a different Spirit Nation. Maybe Kay you would just explain it a little more and then I go back to the question.

Kay: As you said, all these Bones are connected to, they represent, they are energetically tied to, a different Spirit, to a different Spirit Nation. So every time we open this bundle to communicate with them, to do a Bone Throw, they have agreed to come and be here. So it’s a Calling of the Spirits Ceremony.

Alan: And I must say, what we asked for this Sunday, to me, is tuff because I know the topic is complicated to my own mind, I think it is for many others. It has to do with the value of the dollar and world currency exchanges which is a market that is traded in like stocks and commodities. This was triggered by a story in March; the news reporting the dollar was sinking against the Euro. It refers to market concerns of US trade and budget deficits, the US debt and higher oil prices and also in March’s Newsweek’s cover story was headlined “The Incredible Shrinking Dollar”; and it’s spoken there of this growing problem and a lot of people are talking about a major economic decline or collapse. And so we are interested in knowing about these markets and the dollar. Our habits here in the United States, which a lot of people are taking exception to, our spending, our consumerism, buying a lot of imported goods that are of questionable value to us. So that’s kind of the question, anything you want to amplify or say about it, I turn it right over to you.

Kay: The spirits do indeed indicate that the US economy and the world economies are headed downhill, they are in a very precarious state. They have been held afloat by all manner of manipulation and juggling and large corporate “magic”, a lot of lies, a lot of propaganda and that cannot sustain itself, it cannot hold itself up. So what the Spirits are saying is that we (the people) do have a choice.

This system is on its way out. There ultimately is no way to sustain it for great lengths of time, it just cannot be held up, it cannot be held together. It’s the backwards turning wheel that is tearing itself apart as it moves. What we can do is that we can make our own choices.

We can go down with this massive system as it falls apart, or we can create a new picture, something different, a picture of a different kind of economy. And what the Spirits are talking about is a local economy: to grow our food locally; grow your own food, too; as much as possible, rely on things that are manufactured as locally as possible; to not buy the products that are created by the huge, massive, worldwide corporations.

These massive corporations are owned by the richest people in the world, these are the people who are in power in all of the different countries. They are the one’s controlling the economics of the US and the world currently and it’s their system that is disintegrating and falling apart; and through all these years they have done this at our expense. They’ve kept the motor going through their own propaganda and their own fear machines.

The way we can get out of it is to change our own (personal) choices. We have the ability to not judge and condemn these people or their organizations and go after them with guns and bombs.

The true power lies in our own BUYING POWER. They are held in place because we give them that power, especially with our own dollars. So if we choose not to buy their products, if we choose to reexamine what it is we really need in our lives. What are these things, these products, the different food items, all this stuff that we keep buying and buying over and over and more and more and more, do we really need those things? Is there another way to do the same tasks, have the same comfortable lifestyle without all this junk and junk-food?

We need to reassess our diet. The diet piece is in the dead center and that’s a real major place! It’s the key! Part of that diet that we tend to consume in our modern culture is just utterly deadly, it’s mentally numbing and it keeps us asleep and ready to just buy that propaganda as well as all the rest of their junk.

We need to change how we view things, how we view the world and our own power. We have the power to change ourselves, our world and our entire economy. Local based economies and home based economies will be sustainable. The world can continue on that.

That doesn’t mean that we won’t have resources or ways to do new kinds of research, inventing, new ideas, new products. It just takes an entirely new economic form.

Alan: Well said. In conjunction with this, outward, how do we say? Well you talk about the backward turning wheel but we are seeing outward symptoms now that, you know, the wheel is kind of like slowing down and when there is no centrifugal force you know, things fall apart…Well anything about power and the disappearing middle class in that array down there.

Kay: The middle class will definitely disappear if we continue to support the powers that be and the huge corporations and the economic system that exists today. If we do that the middle class will disappear. If we change our buying habits and living habits then the giant superpowers of our economy and all these billionaires, they’ll be the one’s disappearing.

Alan: So any other closing suggestions? I like the idea about local merchants, supporting local people.

Kay: Local growers. Start getting familiar with who grows your food in the local area and buy from them. Don’t buy from the huge corporations like Safeway and Albertsons, buy locally, try growing some of your own things. Buy as local as possible.

Alan: I really liked what you said and to put it in the language of my ancestors, stop buying all the chatchkes that you don’t need.

If somebody out there would like to have a reading with Kay, Kay does personal readings, you call 505-466-3387 and the website is worldbalance.com to find out more.

Always nice to have you here, thanks.

There is a new book coming out shortly. When do you think we’ll have that in our hands?

Kay: It’s going to be released in September.

Alan: September, ok, so we have to do a full featured guest interview just on the book.

Kay: Sacred Link.

Alan: Sacred Link.

For more information about Transitions Radio Magazine please go to: www.transradio.com

For more information about The Throwing of the Bones please go to the Bone Throwing section on this site.

As a closing note, an excerpt from the World Ark Magazine, published by Heifer International - http://www.heifer.org 

“At the typical grocery store, 91 cents out of each dollar you spend goes to suppliers, processors, middleman and marketers. Only 9 cents of each dollar goes to the people producing the food. In the United States, a wheat farmer may receive about 6 cents of each dollar spent on bread, about the price of the bag the bread is wrapped in. But at farmers markets, 80 to 90 cents of every dollar you spend stays with the farmer.”

Find your local Farmers Market or Co-op and your local small organic ranchers and growers and buy your food directly from the people who make it. In our own home here in Santa Fe we now know about 80% of the people who grow and produce the foods we eat.

If you are living in the Santa Fe, NM area you can meet many great farmers producing wonderful foods at the Farmers Market. We buy free-range organic meats directly from small local ranchers. We get most of our produce, diary, eggs and some meats from our friends at Beneficial Farms, Steve Warshawer & Barbara Booth, who are starting another year-round Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. For membership information please contact
Jim Cummings at cummings@acousticecology.org

3. Classes
Setting The World In Balance –
Kay Cordell Whitaker’s 4 Year Healing Course Program with Intense Song and Mask Work and
Red Door Radionics Course

As most of you know by now, the next upcoming installment of Kay Cordell Whitaker’s 4 Year Course “Setting The World In Balance” is full. As we mentioned in previous newsletters we are still taking applications in case any spaces become available.

The upcoming Red Door Radionics Course (which is taught long distance via teleclass, beginning July 23, for five sessions every other Saturday through September 17) is also taking applications for possible spaces coming available.

If you are considering participating or would like more information about the classes please contact us at song@worldbalance.com .

We are working on a new installment of the 4 year course but it is unlikely that installment will begin before sometime next year, 2006. However, if you are considering taking this course we would encourage you to send your application as soon as possible. We expect the next installment of the course to fill even faster than the previous installments given that Kay’s new book will be available in bookstores nationwide in just a few short months.
All Our Love To All of You and a great many Thanks for your interest in and support of our work.
It is always a pleasure to put this information together. Any comments about our newsletter are very much appreciated. Please send your comments to song@worldbalance.com.

Wanowa Ka Ta See
We are working together to make a world in Balance


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