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July 2005
Issue 34

In This Issue

  1. Sacred Link Ė Joining Fortunes With The Unknown
  2. Gender War Ė And Ways To Avoid It
    A transcript from a live Bone Throwing presentation
    on Transitions Radio Magazine

1. Sacred Link Ė Joining Fortunes with the Unknown

Coming this September

We will announce many details of the promotional efforts for Sacred Link, including Kay's tour schedule, in the next issue of this newsletter.

In the meantime, if you are interested in helping to spread the word please go to Sacred Link Help-PR.

Excerpt From Sacred Link

ďOh yeah.Ē The overwhelming amount of control that has been executed upon us through the centuries by the manipulation of our senses, particularly the sense of touch, was now really sinking in.

ďBut what can I do to change it?Ē

ďDonít live for them. Live for you.Ē

Domano leaned over, ďTake back what is yours. A personís Song can never get cut away from them. They tricked you into turning away from it. To blind yourselves. Make yourselves numb. But you do not have to be. You can fight. Only this war is inside you.

ďThe battle here is to find yourself and the path you stand on. Itís knowing your own Song and feeling this life inside you and all things; living a life that gives as much as it takes from all the relatives and meet them, know them, share love with them, learn the wonders of the world from them; to meeting with your own species in harmony and giving; being able to respect yourself among the generations. This is dancing the web. This is wanowa ka ta see. It is a choice to walk this beauty or to give up and walk as one of the living dead.

Excerpt from Kay Cordell Whitakerís forthcoming new book Sacred Link.

"A colorful sacred journey to the inner self."

Ė Alan Cohen, best selling author of The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore and
Why Your Life Sucks and What You Can Do About It

ďSacred Link [is] like eating a box of truffles (a rare indulgence, but one where you savor every bite!)"

Ė JoEllen Koerner author of
Mother, Heal My Self

ďSacred Link sent chills up my spine, what a compelling empowering story.Ē

Ė Christiane Northrop author of Womenís Bodies, Womenís Wisdom

Hardcover coming this September, trade and retail advance sales available now.

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Signed Copies

At our online store or by calling
A World In Balance at 1-866-422-1848.
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If you place your advance order with your local bookstore it will be helpful to provide Sacred Linkís ISBN number:
ISBN-13: 978-1-59411-108-2
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2. Gender War

The following is a transcript from a live Bone Throwing presentation by Kay Cordell Whitaker on Transitions Radio Magazine hosted by Alan Hutner and Elizabeth Rose.
Alan: Alright, it is time for the Bone Throw. With us in the studio, Kay Cordell Whitaker and Helmut Whitaker her husband and partner in various activities in life. Theyíre just back from New York at one of the major book publisherís expos and they unveiled Kayís new book Sacred Link Ė Joining Fortunes With The Unknown.

Beautiful cover, we have an advanced copy here. Iím sure weíll be doing a full blown interview with Kay at the right moment. Sheíll tell us when that is, I guess.

Nice to have you back here after we skipped a couple of Bone Throws just so you guys can get all the work done that you needed to, to get this to press and to be released.

How was it?

Kay: It was fabulous and it is quite nice to be back Ė in the studio sitting on the floor here with all the Bones and hanging.

Alan: Youíre not ready to move to New York yet?

Kay: Not quite.

Alan: Not quite. What do they say, itís a great place to visit?

Kay: Itís fascinating. It was awesome, but I donít think I could be there for any length of time.

Alan: Yeah. Well, in celebration of your return and also of Fatherís Day we concocted this questions here that we all kind of talked about and thatís about man and woman and their relationships.

Is there a gender war still going on? What are the negative and positive dynamics between man and woman at this time? It being fatherís day, how are fathers doing as a collective and what can we all do to improve masculine and feminine balance for a better world?

And those of you first tuning in, we have asked that question and you blow on some sixty Bones that Kay has accumulated and they are spread out over a cloth, which has a figure on it. And she had been taught for years and years and years and years and years by the Hetakas of South America how to do this prophetic way of looking at the question. So I turn it over to you.

Kay: The first things that the Bones talk about is the bigger picture, how things look from a much greater perspective and this is described by a piece called the Plumbed Serpent and thatís the first thing thatís pointed at. What this means is that when we look at this much, much bigger picture, outside of time and space, we are in a ďplaceĒ between lives, so to speak. We can design new activities, where we want to go, if we want to be on this planet again, if we want to be in a human body or some other kind of form or some other place entirely or when we decide to come back here and be in human form, we get to choose which century, which culture, which family. We make agreements with others to set a stage, literally.

So as a culture, for many, many millennia, we have been setting a stage that is based on the backwards turning wheel energy, the energy that takes things apart, that very easily finds fault, and power over, and judgment, and separation, and all those things weíve come so well to know through the years. And in terms of male female relationships, the stage weíve designed is one of great separation, antagonism, inequality, power over, denying the feminine and the non-linear. And so how this plays out, and it is still playing out, yes the war is still continuing and we still have a great deal of this social programming (thatís what my grandparents called our masks) that has to do with these blind beliefs, the inequality of the sexes, the need for this separation and suspicion and judgment and anger and frustrations with all dealings with each other.

Now this is at a state where itís turning. We are, as the Bones have said a number of times, we are in this place where the backwards turning wheel is coming to an end and we are now building this positive turning wheel, a culture based on this positive turning wheel and that has to do with all these beautiful energies that are based on love and truth, the truth of oneís own being, which my grandparents called our own Song. And as we do this, we have the opportunity to change all of these dynamics.

The Magic Piece, the Opportunity Pieces, the Abundance Piece, they are all on the here and now moment line in the Bones and we have this opportunity. The Death, the Skull, is right there, right side up and that means something is going to die away and something new is going to be born. Itís like a doorway and itís waiting for us to walk through. Allís we have to do is take a very clear look at ourselves and our beliefs about ourselves, our relationships about gender, about everything that has to do with our society, our interactions. We have no clear picture right now, and we havenít had for many, many millennia, of what it means to have two genders and what that can be and what kind of fruit that can bear besides having babies and sex.

Weíve taken the fun out of everything. Weíve taken the beauty and the equality and the admiration and the respect out of everything in our lives, especially things concerning gender.

So, now, here we are at the threshold, this place of great magic. If we chose to do this, in the blink of an eye, literally, the blink of an eye, we can entirely change this dynamic and learn how to live with unconditional love. The Unconditional Love Piece is in the very, very center and thatís the key right there. Unconditional love and unconditional acceptance of all things, all people, everything just as they are. Theyíre doing just fine. You may not approve of some of the behaviors, but we need to accept them without judgment. We donít need to throw the barbs and the judgment and the hatred. All that it does is make more separation, it breeds more hatred, more distrust, more anger and the thing just keeps self-perpetuating. But we can stop it.

If we can learn how to examine ourselves, our own Song and be true to ourselves and allow this complete non-judgment, unconditional love and acceptance of the other and learn how to communicate in a safe place, a save environment. We have to create, no matter where we are, this atmosphere, an environment of safety, so that no matter what is expressed and said itís not taken in a bad way; itís not taken as some sort of an attack. Than we need to stop and look at all these different things that are said and offered in this safe place, in this safe way, and see what kind of validity we can find in that and than offer back something about how that made us feel, some other ideas, opportunities that we can dream up so that we can interact in a much more fruitful and harmonious way. But without this safe unconditional love, this safe place communication, none of this can happen. We have to make that commitment; the Commitment Piece is in the center as well. There is no commitment made yet.

We have to make a commitment to do these things, to make this change.

Alan: It seems to me that there was more polarization between the masculine and the feminine back, I donít know, 20 years or so when the feminist movement, maybe itís longer even, when the feminist movement struck out in another way. Of course women couldnít vote, if you go way back, that was changed and than women in business, itís still looked as the men have an edge, salaries and what they do. So, more and more has come to the surface around this, but it seems now that itís almost partially underground. We donít, you know, itís not talked about, itís not written about and yet, as the Bones say Ö

Kay: Itís still there.

Alan: Itís still there. So this idea of almost like non-violent communication that you are talking about, you know we had Marshall Rosenberg on the show, talk about this, how do we talk with each other in a way thatís more loving. Particularly taking responsibility for those patterns of ego that we have that react. You know, we react to something when we perceive we are hurt, by lets say a women saying something to a man or a man saying something to a woman, that goes deep inside and triggers something and, you know, the measurements that were off. How do we discover those things quickly enough so we donít respond in, letís say, more anger or an angry discourse that escalates to a point where, you know, somebody is ready to do physical violence even. You know, battered woman, battered man.

Kay: In one of the hands there is the Piece of Low Self-esteem, inadequacy and what thatís saying is that we have been taught, both men and women, to live with this belief about ourselves that most likely there is something very wrong with us. That we are inadequate, weíre not acceptable, society wonít accept us, our mate wonít accept us, our friends, our family wonít accept us. Nobody wants to know who we really are and if we try to show it we will be out everything, we will loose absolutely everything: excommunicated.

And so we live with this basic underlying belief that there is always going to be something wrong with us, we are always inferior to the point that nobody could truly see us or love us. Weíre afraid to show the truth of who and what we are because of this and we do all kinds of bazaar things to get this acceptance. We say things, we take actions, based on the beliefs that these things are somehow going to make us more acceptable, that they are somehow more correct; and actually they are just part of the social programming thatís been the problem all along with the backwards turning wheel. Itís all about judgment, separation, not good enough and we project these things out. When we are feeling them about ourselves, we projects them outward and we try to find fault in others, we try to find something ďless-thanĒ in others and demean them for it.

So this is a very constant dynamic thatís part of the maleĖfemale interaction for millennia.

When we say ďsafe spaceĒ, that means we need to make an agreement with each other that we will sit down with enough time to carry out all this conversation. This interaction might mean hours, uninterrupted. Turn the phones off, lock the door. Nobody else needs to be part of this; send the kids to the babysitter. This is between you and your mate. And without this safe space and uninterrupted clear time, we canít develop this mode of conversation, this communication.

We are used to communicating on the surface, mask to mask, program to program, batter to batter, just battling on and on. One-upmanship goes on and on and on, itíll be endless if we donít stop it. And we can. So to create this safe, safe space we have to agree that we will leave anger out, that we will leave all judgment out of this space. No matter what kind of things get triggered and what old programming is jumping up wanting to scream and yell and cuss and call names, we need to leave it out and as these things come up, we need to express. We are so used to talking from the surface from this socialization, saying what we think is the acceptable thing to say, but we are not expressing the real thoughts and feelings that are inside.

We donít express anything about who and what we are, our creativity, our deepest thoughts and desires and dreams because we are afraid of this rejection, we are afraid of it being inadequate. We donít want to appear that way to others, especially our beloved.

Alan: Yeah, you know as you were talking I was getting a couple of things. First of all in the Huna teachings which I studied for a while maybe a year and a half, about energy and when do you take responsibility for an issue, particularly when you are arguing with somebody or you are getting into an argument and the teaching was who has the energy, just to look at the way somebody reacts. And to create a safe space, as you said, and than let somebody, look you have the, in a nice way, look you have all this energy around this, whatís that about? What are you so upset about instead of you responding with upsetness back; you know, enhancing that negative energy, you know what I mean. So Ö

Kay: Yes.

Alan: So take an honest look at yourself when you are in a reactive or highly stressed, tense angry mode and take responsibility for that.

Kay: It needs to be expressed. Sometimes we donít express it at all. Especially women will deny that itís there, will get very angry, tearful and refuse to continue to communicate. Man very often have not been taught anything about true communication and we start getting into deeper things, into those barbed areas, the barbed responses, they blow up and they leave. Men donít know how to deal with it at all either.

So thatís what we have to figure out, we have to make this safe space where all these barbs can be talked about, they can be owned up to without blame, without any judgment.

Alan: Alright.

Kay: And than, once we get past the barbs, than, there is this extraordinary wealth information and love and interaction that can take place.

All of the pieces like the Creativity Bones, the gifts of being able to do all these beautiful things, dreaming the dream, talking with the spirits, they are all upside down in this Throw, every single one of them.

When we are in the middle of societyís grip and weíre playing societyís game mask to mask, than all those gifts are turned off. Theyíre gone, our clarity is gone, we are just in the middle of this cesspool of reacting mask to mask.

The true interaction is Song to Song.

Thatís why we develop a safe space and get all this communication out clearly on the table without any blame, no judgment; and there, there is the jewel. Once that garbage is out of the way than you can express the who and what that you really truly are and you can accept that truth in the other without any of these games, without any of the judgments and the barbs and the anger and the hatred and the revenge and all that stuff.

When we can react and interact Song to Song, truth to truth, what comes of that is just indescribable, it is endless, boundless.

Alan: Hmm, well we suggest you give it a try and if youíd like some more guidance or information from Kay sheíll be glad to talk with you. You can call in New Mexico 505-466-3387, you can also go to the website at worldbalance.com and the book is out officially when?

Helmut: September.

Alan: O.K. couple of months for the book, weíll have a big unveiling here on the Radio Show. Thanks, thanks a lot for today.

Kay: Thanks so much.

Alan: Alright again, those 2 pair of tickets are waiting to be had, all you need to do is call at the first note of the song called ďI Never Slept With Alan GinsburgĒ. And you are listening to Transitions Radio Magazine, Alan Hutner and Elizabeth Rose along with Kay Cordell Whitaker and Helmut Whitaker in the studio having a great Fatherís Day Sunday, nice weather, itís going to warm up today. Go out and do a picnic and love your father, love your mother, love your sister, love your brother, you know what I mean.

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Wanowa Ka Ta See
We are working together to make a world in Balance


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