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December 2005
Issue 39

Happy Holidays!!

Our best wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season and an even more wonderful New Year to come!!

In This Issue

1. A Holiday Message from the Bone Spirits
2. Preview 2006
3. Sharing – A Wonderful Story

1. A Holiday Message from the Bone Spirits

The following is a transcript from a live Bone Throwing presentation by Kay Cordell Whitaker on Transitions Radio Magazine hosted by Alan Hutner and Elizabeth Rose.
As Domano and Chea Hetaka, Kay's adopted Peruvian Grandparents, asked Kay to suggest to the readers of her books we suggest to you to please, “read this slowly, read it carefully and read with more than just your mind”.
Alan Hutner: Alright. In the studio, Kay Cordell Whitaker along with her husband Helmut who have been doing the Bone Throws for umpteen years now on the show and were away for a couple of months doing a tour for Sacred Link after we did the interview here on the show and we did the Webcast and they have returned and we get to ask the Bones another question here.

If you are new to this experience, Kay Cordell Whitaker studied thirteen years with Peruvian Shamans who were referred to as her grandparents. Her new book, Sacred Link, is out and the website is www.worldbalance.com if you want to find out more about the work or to ask for an individual Bone Throw Reading about a question you may have.

But today we asked some sixty plus Spirit Nations, each one represented by a metaphorical Bone. They’re not all bones, right?

Kay Cordell Whitaker: They are all bones, some teeth.

Alan: A few teeth. I see some. There is a Jaguar, right? Is that a carved piece out of bone?

Kay: Actually, antler.

Alan: It’s an antler?

Kay: Little piece of antler.

Alan: But it’s been carved, right?

Kay: Yes.

Alan: Anyway, the question is asked, they are thrown on the spread of what looks like a two-headed – what would that be?

Kay: A mirror image of a two-headed figure.

Alan: Two-headed figure. And then the Bones are “spread” out and based on the way you were taught, you read them.

Kay: Yes.

Alan: And the question we asked is about the Holidays. Is there a message from these sixty plus Spirit Nations for us? And so, take it way Kay and the Spirit Nations.

Kay: This year the Spirits of the Bones have a whole lot to say about love, caring and planning:
The first thing that they talk about is to plan community that can last and hold together through any kind of hardship, [as well as] through the good times.

[They tell us] to plan for self, for knowing the Self, knowing your true Song, your true being, your heart.

Keep the sacred in the center of all things.

Seek to learn about the sacredness of everything.

Keep fun and humor close in all things; don’t let things become too serious and heavy. Always remember the light side, the funny side.

Let negative energies just float on by, don’t even bother to engage them.

Focus on the efficiency, the beauty, the ecology, the sacredness of everything that is around us, everything in our universe.

Instead of being obsessed with possession of an ever increasing amount of money and goods – the example would be our economic system on the planet where it is always an ever increasing growth, this need for more and more and more – the Spirits are saying to head in a different direction there, to focus on the efficiency, the effectiveness, the beauty, the sacredness, the livingness, the giving and sharing, the lasting of things [for the generations to come].

The Spirits suggest to give things of value for living, everyday living, that keep the generations to come in mind, to keep the planet in mind. To keep the well-being and health of all things in mind.

They suggest that we commit to the continuing well-being of the planet, all the species and all humanity.

To commit to giving up our own addiction to judging and condemning everything and everyone. Our culture has taught us to throw out these energetic black darts of judging, condemning, degrading everything – all day long. We need to learn to give our addiction to that up. We need to learn to follow our own heart.

The Spirits suggest that we strive for peace within ourselves, within our community and throughout the world – in that order.

They suggest that we examine our blind beliefs and give up our addiction to these blind beliefs. We have sucked up, taken up, gotten crammed down our throats all kinds of ideas, information, pieces of data, theories, doctrines and we are told we shouldn’t question and we learn how to take on this information and believe in it as real without any questioning. And we hold, probably billions of blind beliefs, each one of us. They control our thoughts, our emotions, our directions, our decisions. They control how the world goes. If we do not loosen ourselves from our own blind beliefs and give up our addiction to them, we’ll never change the world. We’ll never change our community. We’ll never heal ourselves.

The Spirits suggest that we take control of our own attention and stop letting society and all this old programming aim our attention, direct it, control it. WE need to take that back. We need to get back to our own heart, our own Song, our own truth.

The Spirits suggest that we take our money power back. We do that by buying locally, buying with the well-being of all on our planet, with many generations to come, in mind. We have the power to change the economics and the politics of the entire planet just by controlling where our money goes. We can choose to pour it out to the big corporations, the “big powers that be” or we can direct our money, our money power, to the people, locally, the people who produce services and products that help the planet and help our community.

The Spirits also suggest that we help others help themselves, to help people learn how to get back on their feet, how to get their own selves, family, community back up and working, viable. [To get] their own crops, their own fields, [their] productivity, their own health, physical and mental, back in line. Help people help themselves. As long as we keep giving out free dinners, that’s the only thing these people will ever be able to do, collect a free dinner and it just doesn’t work, it’s not sustainable.

Alan: You know it’s interesting, so much about our programming and our belief systems of how it should be, that go back, who knows, eons of time and I was just watching the news shows within the last couple of days where the conservative fundamental Christians are in a major uprising that the tree in front of the White House is called the Holiday Tree instead of the Christmas Tree and the president and his wife sent out Holiday Greetings instead of Christmas Greeting cards. To me it sounds so absurd, why do all these people get so caught up in all this, that I think is irrelevant or trivial and maybe the Bones and the Spirits would comment on that.

Kay: That’s our blind beliefs that our society has trained us with all of these centuries and centuries of programming, propaganda. This is what my grandparents would call our masks: our personalized little pieces of this propaganda that we allow to control us. It controls our thoughts, our emotions, our responses. It’s in the driver seat. We are not in our own driver seat. This programming ends up in our driver seat twenty-four hours a day and the programming says that these things are important, these things like the White House tree, the cards that go out, that they are of some great, great, great importance. It all boils down to those blind beliefs and the extreme emotional dogma, the charge, that we have behind it.

And we all carry our own set of all of this junk. It’s old baggage and it needs to be dumped. We are addicted to it and that’s something that most people just don’t want to face; we are so intensely addicted to all that programming and all those blind beliefs. We just don’t want to give up that familiar little cardboard box that we learned how to live in.

Alan: It also seems to me to perpetuate more anxiety, more stress for the holiday season than the deep heartfelt loving the Spirit Nations are talking about. Do something that is real, authentic and heartfelt and that helps somebody in the New Years. Well maybe somebody responds well to a nice card, but I think who gets helped the most are all the Hallmark and the other manufacturers.

Kay: Those big, big, big companies.

Alan: Those big companies make more money this time a year than I think the cards are worth.

Kay: The Bones talk about developing some kind of system, plans, organizations that can help people help themselves to whatever degree that is possible and appropriate for these different individuals. [The Spirits tell us] to rebuild our community. Taking in all these people that have been left out, left outside, left on the fringes. We need to have community that actually works and that can sustain itself, can sustain the local environment, the people’s health, for generations to come.

Alan: Just occurred to me, it’s too late now, but all the displacement from the hurricanes, what went on in New Orleans and Mississippi, what if all those people were invited to have one message that they wanted to deliver to the world. Positive or negative, frustrations or how they were taken in, and those were delivered to people as cards, as holiday messages for 2006, just a thought.

Anything else there? I know you’re going to come back in January; we are going to take a look at 2006. I had previewed that at the top of the show; we’re going to save that for next month. But any closing thoughts in what you see there on the spread?

Kay: The Spirits are centering on the sacredness and the love that is everywhere. It is everything. The basis of what everything is, is love and joy and beauty and this sacredness of it all, of all of us. If we could see the sacredness within ourselves, we could begin to see the sacredness in “other”, whether it’s people or the land, the forest, the rainforest in Brazil. And when we see it that way it’s impossible to harm it.

Alan: Alright, Kay Cordell Whitaker and the Bone Throw this morning. We are going to do one in January. If you are interested in what she does and maybe partake in her Bone Throw ritual, contact Kay at 505-466-3387 or go to www.worldbalance.com and find out more information about her work. Alan Hutner here along with Elizabeth Rose.
For more information about Transitions Radio Magazine please go to: www.transradio.com

For more information about The Throwing of the Bones please go to the Bone Throwing section on this site.

2. Preview 2006

We have many things planned in 2006. If you have, in the past, requested information about the things listed below please be patient as we will share more about these things early next year.
  • A Look ahead:
    We will begin 2006 with a live Bone Throwing Presentation on Transitions Radio Magazine with a look ahead. What is in store for us in the coming year?
  • New 4 Year “Setting The World In Balance” Course Offerings
  • New Bone Throwing – Private Study Group
  • New Red Door Research Studies and Classes
  • Annual Spiral Dance (We hope to be able to offer this event in 2006)
  • Sacred Link – Promotion and Rewards Program
    (Go to our online store to order Hardcover copies of
    “Sacred Link”
    We offer signed copies with FREE standard shipping or you can place your order with, or pick up a copy in, any good bookstore.
  • Webcasts in 2006
  • And Much More

3. Sharing – A Wonderful Story

Sharing perhaps the real meaning of the Holiday Season which, the little I understand about Christianity, once was the true spirit of that Religion.

The other day we ran into a friend in town and in our conversation about the Holidays she told me that every year her family makes a quilt together over the Holidays and when they are finished they give it to a family in need. They are introduced to such a family each year by a social worker friend of theirs.

Happy Holidays!
Our best wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season and an even more wonderful New Year to come.
Remember, Love and Create and hold an image of Peace in spite of all the violence, power over, greed and injustice that is going on around you. This is among the most powerful ways to create a new world.
Never Stop Dreaming The Dream!
All Our Love To All of You and a great many Thanks for your interest in and support of our work.
It is always a pleasure to put this information together. Any comments about our newsletter are very much appreciated. Please send your comments to song@worldbalance.com.

Wanowa Ka Ta See
We are working together to make a world in Balance


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