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January 2006
Issue 40

In This Issue

1. What's Ahead in 2006 - A Message from the Bone Spirits
2. Ongoing Private Study Group
3. Sacred Link
4. Sacred Blood
5. Healing Supervision

1. What's Ahead in 2006 - A Message from the Bone Spirits

The following is a transcript from a live Bone Throwing presentation by Kay Cordell Whitaker on Transitions Radio Magazine hosted by Alan Hutner and Elizabeth Rose.
As always, we suggest to you to read this material slowly, read it carefully and read with more than just your mind”.
TRM Bone Throw January 2006

What’s Ahead in 2006?

Alan: And now it’s time for our first Bone Throw of 2006, Kay Cordell Whitaker with us here in the studio. I always have to look through this little slot here to see you. She is sitting on the floor. She has to be down there, where, if this is the first time you’ve heard of the Bone Throw, there are some 60 plus Bones representing different Spirit Nations thrown on a cloth and Kay has been trained for many, many years with her adopted grandparents in the tradition of the Hetakas from South America, to be able to read the Bones. And of course, usually there is a question or request of some prophetic, profound importance like, “what’s happening in 2006”.

We decided that was the best question for January, including, “the good, the bad and the ugly and the really good,” as Helmut, Kay’s husband and partner said. Let’s find out what’s going on and maybe we can break that down into a few different areas at some point. Government and politics, spirituality and consciousness and the whole concept of war and peace and the duality of that. So I turn it over to you Kay, it’s all yours.

Kay: The first thing that the Bones talk about in this Throw is the awareness of spirituality, the need for something more, something deeper, something fuller. Something to do with experiencing life to a greater extent, to be clearer, to be more awake. People are going to be noticing more and more. It’s not just the little spiritual crowds we are talking about. An awful lot of people out there through “Middle America” and the rest of the modern culture around the planet, they are looking more and more and more to waking up.

They are noticing something is really wrong. Something is wrong with their thinking, with how the “powers-that-be” have manipulated the way they think, the way they feel and they want out; they want out of that prison and that is pointing directly at turning things to a local [and personal] basis.

Like with the economics, we are living in a planetary economic system and it seems to be mostly controlled by our country, the United States, but it’s a planetary thing and that economic system is … it’s like a dinosaur. It’s looking here, out [to the side], way in the past. It’s a dinosaur, way in the past – it’s falling apart from its own weight. Through 2006 it’s taking a little bit of a gain in the way that it works with its forever, ever-gain attitude so it’ll strengthen a little bit; but don’t put all your money there and don’t put it there for very long because it’s going to fall apart and we can’t really tell exactly when, but it will be soon.

The place to put the money is locally. Small business. Businesses that have integrity in terms of spirituality, the health of the planet, the health of all the different Beings that are on the planet, the well-being of all the different ethnic and racial groups of humans on the planet, a win win win philosophy. And that’s where you want to put your money: those small groups, the local economic dynamics is gaining very, very strongly and very, very fast all the way through 2006.

Alan: Now what I was going to say, this is good news, I mean.

Kay: It’s good.

Alan: We haven’t really, in the last couple of years since we’ve been doing this, we’ve been referring to people being asleep, but more that they weren’t even aware of the strata of rock and sediment and earth that they were trapped in, in a way. But now you are saying, well, they’ve had it, like it’s so obvious.

Kay: They’ve had it. They’ve noticed. They are noticing. Right in the center [of the Bone Throw] there is the [piece that describes the “Majority] Population”, the population that tends to go with the status quo, that have been sucked into all that blind belief, the whole propaganda system that has been put out there by the “powers-that-be”. They’ve been in that, drowning in it, blinded by it; just swallowing it up and buying it hook-line-and-sinker. And now they aren’t.

The entire politics, the big politics (our country and global politics), [the people] are looking at it in a very different way. They are looking at the war in a different way – they are looking for peace. They are not so willing to blindly believe all of that spewed out verbal garbage that’s coming from these governments, that’s coming from the “powers-that-be”. They are looking for something different, [something with truth].

Alan: Again, it’s about time that’s happened, thank goodness that’s happened. Anything specific about as people look around in 2006, of course we have a major congressional election that’s going to be coming up this year. We have lost a good part of the checks and balances in government from the administration’s control, you know, of the house and the senate being republican, and of course the Supreme Court has made some decisions that one wonders about also, and new appointees. So what does it look like heading into November? Do you think we are going to see some sweeping changes in the elections?

Kay: Yes, definitely. The government, the people in government, are headed in a direction of being cleaner, more honest, less corruption, less of those underhanded control values and goals. So we are going to be seeing some very different things in our government structure. I think what [the politicians] are noticing is that they need to satisfy the public, the people. If they want to stay in office, if they want their entire governmental system to stay intact, then they better start listening to the people. And the people are saying that there is way too much corruption, there is too much power-over, our individual powers [and rights] are being taken away, month after month, year after year, and they are sick of it. They don’t believe [the rhetoric] anymore, they don’t believe all the terrorist stuff, they don’t believe all the war propaganda. They are not believing the economic lies, the [endless nonsense] about products. It’s all shifting and changing and we are going to see a very dramatic thing happening through 2006 in all of those regards. And I think there is going to be a big shift in the people there: who is going to be put into office and those who are staying better get on board or they’ll be out.

Alan: What about, I mentioned “war and peace”, being a book title, but, any sense of what’s going to happen as we go through 2006 with the war in Iraq? Any possibility of some revolutionary shift or change in our policy there?

Kay: The people have their eye on peace and that’s literally how it looks in the Throw. The people, the people’s actions, what they’re thinking, what they’re planning is all for peace. How far we get through this whole next year, the Spirits don’t say exactly, but the people want a major change. And the [Bone] piece that is sitting here allowing for change – whether we can actually do it, access it, make it happen – that’s the “Death” [piece], the “Skull” and it’s right side up. It’s in a strong, strong place. That means the door of opportunity for major change is sitting right there. All we have to do is make the decision and step through the door.

The commitment piece is sitting right in the center, right there, but it needs to be picked up, it hasn’t been picked up yet.

Alan: Picked up in the sense of?

Kay: Well, “Commitment” [in the Bones] is in two pieces. First you say the words: “I’m going to commit to ‘this’ and I’m going to do, you know, ‘a, b, c, d, e’”. That’s easy. We get a lot of words.

Alan: Walking the talk is what you are talking about. Walking your talk.

Kay: It’s taking the action on those words, following through. And in the symbology here, the tribal symbology, it’s the “War Club”. You may have spoken to the [authorities] and to the people: “Oh look, I’m going to go to war and save you people from these nasty outsiders”. But the real goods are when you get the war club in hand and you are going outside the village where you’re safe and you are taking real action that puts you in danger because you want to preserve something you believe in. That’s following through, taking action, even if it means your own death. That’s real commitment.

Alan: I believe you folks, both you and Helmut have seen Syriana. That movie portrays this country and some of the corporate interests, particularly the oil business, in a certainly very negative way. There is some elusion to realities and it’s created controversy in some of the reviews in the movie, but it’s interesting that it’s out in that form – “what’s going on in the Middle East?” ...

Kay: It’s going to be coming out more and more. We are going to see a lot more into the public’s eye. We’ve had a lot of censorship through the media and now we’re going to see things seeping through. We are going to see people, the general public, paying attention to these alternative sources of information, alternative press. They can’t hold back the truth.

Alan: And of course, the internet seems to be more of an underground these days, not unlike FM radio was back in the 60s with a lot of music and protest and revolution.

Kay: It’s going to make a big difference.

Alan: Although TV did cover that too. Well, let’s look at one final aspect of this; we mentioned spirituality, consciousness and religion. Early on, when you started, you were saying people are waking up. So what happens in that wake up scenario to the whole, let’s say, fundamentalist Christianity or radical Islam or these different religions that have moved into a place of predominance for a lot of people? Are we going to see a new form of spirituality, where people are going to start to walk away from some of those religions that don’t really give them the deeper sense of who they are and who we all are as a collective on the planet?

Kay: Literally, people are walking away from fear, judgment, control, blind belief. They’re walking towards perceiving things for themselves – waking up – perceiving and experiencing things for themselves, making their own decisions about things, finding their own solutions.

People want to dream their own dream!

They are getting very, very tired of trying to participate in somebody else’s dream that has been forced upon them. The “Dreaming” piece, the “Planning” [piece], is right in the center: it’s a fundamental center, it’s like the axis of the wheel. We’re going to see a whole lot more of that through 2006: People being willing to dream something new and different and take action on it.

Alan: Alright so…

Kay: Dream the dream.

Alan: It’s good news. I mean, this is the year, a good year ahead in that context. O.K., Kay Cordell Whitaker. Her new book is available. It’s great! It’s called “Sacred Link”. You can also request to be on the Newsletter list. You can go to the website, www.worldbalance.com and check it out there and order the book or you can call 505-466-3387 for information and upcoming classes.

Thanks Kay, good talking with you today.

Kay: Thank you.

For more information about Transitions Radio Magazine please go to: www.transradio.com

For more information about The Throwing of the Bones please go to the Bone Throwing section on this site.

2. Ongoing Private Study Group

Kay will begin a new, ongoing Private Study Group in 2006. The requirement to participate in that ongoing study group is the completion of the 4th level of Kay's "Setting The World In Balance" course series.

Kay has been teaching ongoing private studies to small groups for many years. In 2006, for the first time in many years she is offering a new ongoing study group. Based on the number of initial requests from people to participate the 12 spaces available for this class will be filling fast.

So if you are interested in studying with Kay, not only the Throwing of the Bones and levels of initiation from the Hetakas' tradition that go far beyond what she is able to teach in the 4 Year Course, but practices, initiations and healing techniques from the temples of Isis and Osiris of ancient Egypt as well as teachings from the Huna and
other ancient traditional cultures, let us know as soon as you can.

Since we don't have the logistic details of these ongoing studies confirmed yet, we do not ask you for a commitment at this time, but we recommend that you let us know if we should add you to the list of people interested in these studies. As soon as we have more detailed information we will share that with people who have expressed interest
in this ongoing study group and at that time we will ask you for your application.

Of course if you feel compelled to send us your application now, please don't hesitate to do so. Send your application or expression of interest to our main e-mail address at song@worldbalance.com. Your application should be a description as to why you would want to make this commitment to study with Kay.

Teachings will take place in person and long distance via web and/or teleconference classes.

Keep in mind when you are considering applying to participate in these ongoing studies that this is a commitment for many years. Each teaching builds on the teachings before it, so missing sessions will most likely result in not being able to continue the studies. Many of
Kay's private students began studying with her more than a decade ago and they are committed to continue for many more years to come.

However much we believe we have learned and grown, there are always many more wondrous things left to explore.

Send your e-mail with your expression of interest or with your application to song@worldbalance.com.

3. Sacred Link

This year we continue to present Kay Cordell Whitaker's latest book release, "Sacred Link - Joining Fortunes With The Unknown".

As part of those promotional efforts we have created a Promotional Rewards Program. For more information or to sign up to participate please go to Sacred Link Rewards Program on this website.

"Sacred Link" is available in stores now. For signed copies and free shipping you can order online at our store or call toll free 1-866-422-1848.

4. Sacred Blood

A presentation by Barbara Tedlock, Ph.D., at Body in Santa Fe: Barbara will be introducing her latest book - "The Woman in the Shaman's Body".

The activities and symbolism surrounding midwifery and birthing are found at the very core of shamanism worldwide. Dr. Tedlock will explain why some experts on shamanism have misunderstood "menstrual taboos" and suggested that they bar women from spiritual and healing activities. In her own research and shamanic apprenticeship, she found that instead of being a hindrance, women's physiology and biochemistry exquisitely equip them for the shaman's role.

We wholeheartedly agree with Barbara's work.

As Chea teaches Kay in "Sacred Link":

You take her (woman) and her Mother Earth from being sacred and turn them into unclean devils, then you have made war on your women and the very land and planet that sustains you. You have made war on the foundation under your feet, the roof of sky above your head, the blood in your veins. You have made war on your own survival.

This way of being cannot continue on itself. It has no ka ta see, no balance. It has no center. It destroys everything in its path. It's coming to the end of its course. Do you see? It could actually take everything with it.

For more information please see Body's website.

5. Healing Supervision

In addition to the ongoing Private Study Group Kay will also be offering ongoing energy healing assistance beginning June 2006. This group will meet via conference call approximately every other month.

If you are using the healing techniques that Kay has taught from the Hetakas' and the Egyptian traditions within your work or daily life, this supervisory support will be invaluable in helping you understand the dynamics within energy healing interactions and refine and expand your skills as you apply all you have learned. Sharing of experiences and help with problems and questions that you may have encountered will be available at every session.

Details about the Healing Supervisory Group will be available very soon.

If you are interested in the Healing Supervisory Group please let us know by sending an e-mail to song@worldbalance.com

Our best wishes for a wonderful New Year to come.
Remember, Love and Create and hold an image of Peace in spite of all the violence, power over, greed and injustice that is going on around you. This is among the most powerful ways to create a new world.
Never Stop Dreaming The Dream!
All Our Love To All of You and a great many Thanks for your interest in and support of our work.
It is always a pleasure to put this information together. Any comments about our newsletter are very much appreciated. Please send your comments to song@worldbalance.com.

Wanowa Ka Ta See
We are working together to make a world in Balance


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