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Even though many have begun to try to follow spiritual paths, weíve been trying to wake up, weíve been trying to do things in
a more ethical, more moral way, but we
are inadvertently dragging along all
of this negativity as our foundation.


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Song Magic News

April 2006
Issue 45

In This Issue

1. Earth Changes
2. Course Offerings

Never Stop Dreaming The Dream


Following is a transcript of a short recap of what the Spirits of the Bones shared about coming Earth Changes during our recent two hour Bonecast on the same subject.

Alan: ÖKay is a story teller shaman from the Kala Keh Nah Seh Tradition and for more than thirty years Kay has researched and taught her adopted grandparentsí and their tribesí teachings and important message which we are picking up on now as we head into 2012.

So the series is about 2012 and the next six years and the questions that we can ask between now and than. Specifically, the Bones were asked for today about ďEarth ChangesĒ in the next six years. Earth Changes, meaning: flooding, volcanoes, geophysical uprisings, earthquakes and anything else that might happen to Mother Earth and the inhabitants that are on the planet.

We have some other questions too, and what we are going to do is have Kay do a little recap, maybe look at the spread thatís in front of her on the ground with sixty-some Bones and letís recap the Earth Changes outlook.

Kay: The very first thing that the Bones talk about is described by the longest pointing Bone, the long skinny thing, itís over on the left side; and it creates an energy line that starts up at the upper head on the left side and points down.

The pieces that are on that line are very descriptive if everything else that is said throughout the Bone Throw. They are repeated and repeated and repeated. Itís kind of a foundation statement that starts with these two right up against the long skinny pointer Bone. This one is all about our self esteem, our self reliance and whether we have any or not and here itís talking about how we have given that away, weíve thrown it away. We donít believe in ourselves, we donít believe in our own powers, in our own ability to think clearly and make decisions. And next to it is the piece that describes addiction and just how addicted we are to these very negative self-destructive beliefs about ourselves. We believe these things about ourselves as individuals, as groups and as a total species.

Now they are all pointing here at this little white Bone thatís off to the left side. Now this little white Bone is representing our modern western culture and itís most negative aspects. Itís dominating, power over, controlling, violence, greed, money and gains of wealth at any cost to anybody. All those kind of concepts, thatís what that represents.

What this line means is that we as individuals, as groups and as all of humanity are not believing in ourselves, we are giving away our power to what we see as the authorities: to our culture, to the authority figures of our culture, to the cultural belief system, to our major religious systems. WE ARE GIVING AWAY OUR POWER. WE ARE GIVING AWAY OUR RIGHT TO THINK FOR OURSELVES.

The second line of energy is dominated by this next long skinny pointer Bone, a little bit shorter than the first one. Itís over on the right hand. It creates and energy line, goes all the way through the torso and it ends up back at this white piece again, the modern culture piece.

All of the individual pieces that talked about the specific disasters, Earth quakes, volcanoes, floods, the crust of the Earth sliding, land masses falling apart, sinking, falling into the ocean, all those things, they are all on this one line, all stretched out from this white culture piece, all the way through the torso to this second pointer thatís in the right hand.

What they are saying, what the Spirits are saying, is that they are unwilling at this time to give any specific detailed picture of any disaster. They are not giving any timeline. They are not giving any locations. They are not talking about any specific kind of disaster.

What they are saying is that the next six years is still quite fluid: itís open, itís an open ended book and we can still change the picture. What we have our attention aimed at this moment is all of the beliefs, all of the fear, all of the propaganda and programming that has come out of our societies and our major religions and major patterns of thinking. That thought, that thought stream, those thoughtforms, that we have been creating for all these centuries have in their picture massive, massive disasters of all kinds, any kind, you name it, as big as it can get and thatís the picture we are holding. Thatís the picture we are racing and racing, trying to create, but we donít have to, we can still change that. We have the power, the creative power, as unique individual pieces of creator, thatís what we are; we have the creative power to change any of it, all of it. We can create a different picture and bring that different picture into manifestation on our planet, in this dimension, in this time and this space. We have the power to do that.

Right now we are throwing that power away. Every single one of these pieces that talks about power and how we are using it, every single one is upside down. We have been throwing away our power, our right to create. The blind belief, the dog piece up here, has been clouding our vision: we have been very, very willing to take on anybodyís blind beliefs, anybodies ideas and concepts about ďwhat isĒ, or ďwhat should beĒ or ďwhat can beĒ, ďwhat will beĒ. All the fear that is involved in those blind beliefs, all the judgment, all the negativity, all of that negative destructive energy thatís part of our old culture Ė we still have that inside us. Thatís what this whole line down the left side, this first line, is saying. We have all of this energy, all of these beliefs, still in us. Itís still our foundation, itís our foundation way of thinking. Even though many have begun to try to follow spiritual paths, weíve been trying to wake up, weíve been trying to do things in a more ethical, more moral way, but we are inadvertently dragging along all of this negativity as our foundation.

We are taking big pieces of the way the world has been with this backwards turning wheel and we are dragging it into the present and into the future and we are trying to build a new world, a new picture, out of the old pieces, out of the old junk, and it doesnít work.

The Spirits are saying here that we have this power. We have been our own worst enemy, and we have the power to change it. Itís not too late. WE JUST NEED TO WAKE UP.

Each individual needs to take that responsibility to wake up, to wake up out of the stupor that society has provided us with Ė that all these blind beliefs provide us with.

Those blind beliefs give us a picture of the world, of our reality or ourselves, that is totality false and we need to wake up out of it, find out whatís real and DREAM A NEW DREAM. Dream a picture of what we want in the future. As long as we are dreaming that and holding that, thatís what we will create.

Alan: Letís go to a question that was e-mailed into us which is relevant to this summery and the blind belief. And Marylin asks: ďDo the Bones suggest how the people can get through the difficulties of giving up their addictions to blind beliefs? Most people are deeply threatened when their beliefs are shattered.Ē Attachments to the beliefs.

Kay: We are not just attached to our beliefs, we identify ourselves with them. We hold our identity as a person, a group, as an entire species with all of that programming, all the blind beliefs, all the asleepness that we are so addicted to Ė we identify with that. We think that is who and what we are!

Those things have absolutely nothing to do with what we actually are, with our Song, the reality of our totality. Who and what we are Ė thatís the big question. Thatís the first really big question. Who are you and what are you and what does that mean? Thatís the first thing to answer and keep answering and keep answering. All the answers are inside our Song, our Beingness, thatís where it all is.

Alan: Just to amplify on this and then we move on to the next question. Is there a difference between blind beliefs and other beliefs? Really, because beliefs have become, as you said earlier, they have become who we are for so many people. So somewhere in the cosmos of who we are, there is a direct knowing. We know that certain people have attained, have been able to plug into source, whatever you call that in any religion or spiritual teaching or philosophy. So speak about blind belief, no blind belief, I donít know if there is such a thing, and truth and knowing.

Kay: Blind belief kind of says it for itself; itís a thought, an idea, a concept, that we have taken on blindly without questioning. Weíve taken it on, we BELIEVE in it, we believe it as real and true, something that is a reality for ourselves, for the universe.

Anytime that we have a belief, there is a flavor in that word, it means that we are holding an idea, a concept, and we really think itís true, itís real; there is a charge to it. So getting at the really fine details of definition there isnít any difference between beliefs and blind beliefs. ďBlind beliefsĒ says it a little clearer, a little colder.

Alan: ďLaughingĒ ... Thatís good.

Kay: Now ideas, data, theories, those are just pieces of information. Thatís all they are. In the Hetakasí tribe, they very, very strongly accentuate the concept of holding data, holding ideas, and not belief, not to ďbelieve inĒ. For them, and the Spirits, they have talked about this over and over again: to truly know and understand something, we have to experience it and that means experiencing it from a centered, awake, clear, Song state. When we are experiencing it while in that state, everything is none-distorted; we are getting the real goods, real experience. From the real experience we have knowingness, REAL KNOWLEDGE.

When we have blind belief, we are just taking somebodyís idea and believing that itís absolutely real without having any experience for ourselves as to whether it actually is. We donít really know.

We are taught from the time that we are born to just accept. Accept it. Accept all this stuff. Information about the physics of the world, about our society, the nature of our society, what human beings are, who and what we are. ITíS ALL BEEN FED TO US. Somebody else has given us information about all these different things and we take it on without any question and we believe that itís real and we get very dogmatic about it. We put so much emotional charge into the believing that this is the real truth, we are willing to fight for it; we go to wars for it.

For the Spirits, for the Hetakas, only what you have actually experienced while in an awake state [can you identify as] real, [as accurate], and everything else is just data. It might be very interesting data, it might be data that is usable in everyday life; theories to work by. But that does not mean that it is real and true [and accurate].

Alan: Reminds me of an early Zen Master, Zen Patriarch, who advised to his students: ďHold no opinion for, nor against, anything and there is nothing you will not know.Ē

So itís time to empty out.

Kay: Oh, itís overdue.

Alan: Itís overdue.

Kay: Our cup runneth over with blind belief.

Alan: Right, right, thatís right, we have to empty the cup.

O.K. Letís go to another question here, Kay, from JoAnne. She asks, ďWhat percentage of the populace would it take to create a "tipping point" to change our world for the positive and to turn the wheel in a forward direction? What methods do the Bones see as possible vehicles to help make this change happen?

Kay: Thatís a very good question.

Alan: Yah, good questionÖ

- End Transcript -

We will share the answer to this and other questions in one of our next newsletters or blog posts.

To register for the next Bonecast please go to Bonecast Registration.

2. Course Offerings

Kay is currently accepting applications for a new installment of her 4 Year Course Series "Setting The World In Balance" as well as new Basic and Advanced level classes of her Red Door Radionics Research work.

We will share more details about these course offerings in the coming issues of this newsletter.

To find out more about these classes and offerings go to the Study Opportunities section as well as the Energy Healing Research section.

Some of Kay's students are offering their own courses about Katasee.

In addition to his private work and ongoing counseling work with small groups, Ken Robinson is offering a course series on how to apply and integrate the principles of Katasee and Song and masks in any counseling work.

You can contact Ken and find out more about his work at www.unseendimensions.com.

JoAnne Dodgson is presenting her own offerings of classes which are also very much rooted within Kay's and the Katasee teachings of the Hetakas'.

For more information about JoAnne's work or to contact her, please go to www.pathwaysforhealing.net.

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Remember, Love and Create and hold an image of Peace in spite of all the violence, power over, greed and injustice that is going on around you. This is among the most powerful ways to create a new world.

Never Stop Dreaming The Dream

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