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The only way that we are going to do that is if we dump the junk and dream a new dream, a brand new dream that doesn’t have any of the elements of the old with it, the old world, the old ways.


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May 2006
Issue 46

In This Issue

1. Ego vs. Masks
2. Course Offerings

Never Stop Dreaming The Dream

1. Ego vs. Masks

The following is a transcript from a live Bone Throwing presentation by Kay Cordell Whitaker on Transitions Radio Magazine hosted by Alan Hutner and Elizabeth Rose.
This is a preview of our upcoming Bonecast on
Sunday, July 9, at 1 pm MDT.

We will present the same questions to the Spirits of the Bones for a full length 2 hour Bone Throwing presentation and the Spirits will no doubt go into much more detail on all these issues.

You can join the Bonecast via conference call and very possibly, for the first time, via Webcast.

Follow this link to register.

TRM Bones – Ego vs. Masks 

Alan: It’s time now for our Bone Throw, which now previews our Bonecasts. The next one is happening via phone conference circle and online Webcast. At least two hours, maybe three hours, coming up on Sunday, July the 9th. Mark that date down. And to register and for info go to bonecasts.com.

With us in the studio, Kay Cordell Whitaker, who is kind of behind the monitor, but I can see you a little bit; so this is good. A new configuration here. Hi Kay. 

Kay: Good morning. 

Alan: So, in continuation in our series: 2012, A White Knuckle Roller Coaster Ride? Where We Are Headed? We are doing a little preview of what we are going to talk about on June the 4th here on TRM. And Kay has Thrown the Bones which we have blown on and this is a tradition that she has spent many, many years to learn from her adopted grandparents, Domano and Chea Hetaka. So. 

What Are The Aspects Of Ego?   

That’s the primary question. How does ego compare with or apply to masks, to Song, the Spirits and their teachings about Song? Can you have a healthy ego and is ego the same as personality? How does ego effect relationships with others and what will happen to our individual and collective egos between now and 2012? 

So, can you do that in three minutes? No, just kidding. (laughing). That’s a lot of questions, I don’t know. I throw it over to you. 

Kay: The term “ego” is something that’s coming out of our western culture’s psychological traditions and it’s coming out of eastern culture from Buddhist and Hindu ways of thinking and the question here is, does it relate to the term, masks, used by the Hetakas from Peru? 

Not exactly. There are some similarities; there are some differences.  

By the term “masks”, this refers to all of the blind beliefs, the programming, the socialization, that we have collected, learned, our whole life. It’s taught to us from those who are raising us, our parents, our family, the babysitters, the schools, our whole society. They’re continually teaching us all of this programming, this information, things we are supposed to be believing in and ways we’re supposed to be. 

Now, “ego” also carries a lot of blind beliefs, a lot of this socialization, ideas, programming that has come from our societies and the ideas that we kind of get buried in, we get stuck in it and follow it blindly without realizing what we are doing. 

Now the difference between these two basic thoughts, “ego” tends to be something people think of as being part of themselves, something that cannot be cut out and tossed away. It has to be something that we learn how to control. 

Whereas, the idea of “masks” is definitely not something that is truly part of us; it’s just a bunch of beliefs, ideas, and we let it control us. So the term “masks” by the Peruvian people, the Hetakas, this is definitely something that we can extract from our awareness, from our energy field, and cut ourselves loose and be free of them. 

Now, the idea on both sides is that we get very hypnotized, numbed out. We are in a kind of sleep by ego, by masks, and this is really not a very healthy thing no matter whose tradition you are looking from.  

The Bones have to say here – we are going to talk mostly in terms of the “masks” –  what they are talking about is how we are really buried in them, we are asleep, numbed out, we are in this fog, we don’t see through the fog to see who and what we really are. We don’t see the real world, we get totally identified with these masks, we totally identify with the ego, and that’s not who and what we actually are. 

And here, in terms of 2012, we are marching towards the great era, the big 2012 and we are just clinging and dragging along all of this garbage, all of the old, old socialization, all of the programming, all these blindly accepted beliefs, and huge amounts of baggage. We are not seeing what’s really going on; we are not seeing what’s really going on within ourselves. And we have a dividing line coming up here.  

In about three years – 2012 is about six years away from where we are right now – and half way down, about three years from now, there is nothing there. The board is clear. The ground is just empty up there. So we are doing a whole lot of thinking and being in the ways that we always have been. 

We are trying to do new things. We like to think that we are doing “spiritual things”, and waking up. But what we have been doing is dragging a whole lot of the old baggage with us, giving it some new names and some new labels, coloring it up a little bit differently, but we are still dragging the old paradigm. And there is a great deal of judgment that we are dragging with us – huge amounts of fear and stress, lots of blind beliefs. We are creating more and more thoughtforms every minute that we live and they are all just like the old ones, we haven’t done anything significantly different. 

We are trying desperately to figure out what’s ahead of us. What do we need to do? How can we heal ourselves? How can we heal the Earth? How can we get better, how can we have a better society?  

The only way that we are going to do that is if we dump the junk and dream a new dream, a brand new dream that doesn’t have any of the elements of the old with it, the old world, the old ways. 

The only thing that’s sitting up at the three year mark is the piece that defines our modern western culture and all the more negative aspects of it, the aspects that keep us asleep, that keep us buried in the middle of this programming. 

So what we have created for ourselves is a whole lot more of what we’ve already had. 

We have the creative power: that’s who and what we are as entities. We create our reality. We create what is in front of us and if we want to see a new world, we are the one’s that are responsible for it. We are the ones that are going to have to do this. And what we have so far is a whole lot of where we have been.  

At this three year mark the ground is empty. We have a chance to write something, to make a picture, to dream a new dream, to put something new in there. We’re not cursed for some reason to carry this on past this three year mark – unless we are currently choosing to do so.  

We have to make those choices.  

We are the one’s making those choices to either wake up, get in our Song, our totality, the truth of our Beingness, the heart-centeredness of our Song awareness. Or we can stay buried in all the old, old stuff, the old programming masks, ego. Whatever label you want to put on it, however you want to define that, that becomes semantics, language. 

But it boils down to two things: we’ve got a whole lot of programming and we’ve got the truth of our self. That’s all. There’s the truth. And we can head in either direction. 

Alan: Yah, you can describe it in many different ways, but again the key here is, whether you call it mask or ego or personality, there are elements that build around us, starting, I don’t know maybe at birth or even before in some way, that genetics or who knows what we carry, how we carry things, the mass culture. 

So, just the thing about healthy ego, you know, some people have charismatic personalities and they do really good things and they are aware, maybe, or in their Song. Maybe they forget when they engage their personality in a way where they immerse themselves in it. What are the Spirits and the Bones saying about that? 

Kay: The Spirits here are saying that there really isn’t such a thing as a “healthy ego” or “healthy masks” or “healthy asleepness”. We’re drowning, totally covered, totally blinded by this programming and for some of us our programming is a little less severe, some of us the programming is very destructive. But it all carries some of the same elements where we are not really, totally, in charge.  



That’s the biggest thing that we have to change. If we’re going to wake up out of the fog, out of the stupor, we have to get back into our own driver’s seat. 

This is a very unique time in our history. Before, when we did a Bone Throw and we were asking about the years ahead and what’s happening, where do we have ourselves headed, we always would see this very intense pattern that was clearly laid out. It was so well set it was hard to change the years ahead.  

Right now we’ve come to this free place. We’ve got a free zone hanging in front of us. We have a very big opportunity to change things in a much more dramatic way than I think any of us are realizing. 

Alan: Thinking about the Bonecast that we’ll do on June 4th, one of the things that I think we can anticipate and maybe ask another question is about how to unplug that ego or pull off the mask. I want to go into that in some detail then when we do that. Either in combination with an online Webcast or phone circle again. You know you folks out there can check out www.worldbalance.com to register. You have to register in advance.  

The last part of this for today anyway is this thing about tying into 2012 and the last part of our question was what happens to our egos, either voluntarily or involuntarily between now and then. Individual and collective ego, culture ego, country ego, you know. 

Kay: The Spirits have said for quite some time that this is a very unique period in our history – our future – this time that we’re in. There are shifts, there are energy frequency shifts that are happening in the planet, in the human total population, total human consciousness. So whether we really want to or not, we are being nudged in that direction. How far – that depends on us as individuals.  

We are responsible for fully waking up or not, we are responsible for the future that we build and we can build a real disastrous future. It’s not like some magic wand is being waved and we’re going to move into this great enlightened era and everything is going to be nice, nice. It just doesn’t work that way. We still have this possibility to totally poison or blow ourselves to smithereens between now 2012. 

Alan: Yah, I was thinking when you said “waking up”. I think that’s the key. And this significant time that you talked about and that the Spirit Nations have talked about, an unprecedented different time in the history of the planet, the solar system, maybe the galaxy. Even going back to the 80s when people were talking about the harmonic convergence and the photon belt and all these astronomical things that are going on and the key is to be as awake as possible as all these things happen and if you are not aware that this is a profound time I think the journey is more difficult for you and your ego. 

Kay: Very definitely. Well, this whole issue of what do you do, how do you wake up? In the Hetakas’ terms, how do you find your Song? They use that word poetically, it’s not necessarily something that you hear, it’s a poetic reference to the totality of who and what we are, our total Beingness. And from their point of view we are very, very vast and very, very ancient and we have a basic feeling quality to our individual Spirit, our totality, that’s very joyful, very happy. And when we tune into that feeling sensation and we feel it, we “experience” it and we realize that that’s us, that’s who and what we really are, that’s our own unique signature and it feels good and joyful and happy and exciting – it changes everything. We begin to wake up when we can touch that and experience it purposefully.  

There is a whole ceremony that the Hetakas’ tribe has. Everything that they do is based on this. The ceremony is called Finding Your Song. We have a CD with that ceremony on it and we would like to give a bunch of those CDs away today. 

Alan: How nice. OK. Lets have people call 505-466-3387 to get in the cue for the Song CD. 

Kay: And sign up for the newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter on the website or you can call in. If you call you have to make sure to remember to leave your e-mail address in the phone message so that we can actually get you on that newsletter list. It’s an e-mail newsletter. Everyone who signs up we will send them a Song CD today. 

Alan: So online, www.worldbalance.com you sign up for the newsletter. You can also sign up for the upcoming Bonecast, June the 4th . That’ll happen at 1 pm, MDT, and it will be via phone and the internet (if Helmut gets all the technical stuff together) which I know he will in the next 30 days. It’ll be fun. 

Thanks again. 

Kay: Thanks. 

To register for the next Bonecast please go to Bonecast Registration.

2. Course Offerings

Kay is currently accepting applications for a new installment of her 4 Year Course Series "Setting The World In Balance" as well as new Basic and Advanced level classes of her Red Door Radionics Research work.

We will share more details about these course offerings in the coming issues of this newsletter.

To find out more about these classes and offerings go to the Study Opportunities section as well as the Energy Healing Research section.

Some of Kay's students are offering their own courses about Katasee.

In addition to his private work and ongoing counseling work with small groups, Ken Robinson is offering a course series on how to apply and integrate the principles of Katasee and Song and masks in any counseling work.

You can contact Ken and find out more about his work at www.unseendimensions.com.

JoAnne Dodgson is presenting her own offerings of classes which are also very much rooted within Kay's and the Katasee teachings of the Hetakas'.

For more information about JoAnne's work or to contact her, please go to www.pathwaysforhealing.net.

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Remember, Love and Create and hold an image of Peace in spite of all the violence, power over, greed and injustice that is going on around you. This is among the most powerful ways to create a new world.

Never Stop Dreaming The Dream

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