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Another very interesting piece is the “Plumed Serpent.” It's sticking straight up, which physically it's not capable of doing. It can't stand on its end, but it's sticking straight up on its end in the absolute dead center of everything! The “Plumed Serpent” is all about things that we have decided outside of time and space; in other words we as entities, before we ever came into this lifetime in this era, have decided to dance in this arena. We made this stage. We set it up so that we have the opportunity to do these kinds of things: to have warfare, to dance this dance of power-over and judgment and negativity. So we're doing it, we are playing it out.


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November 2001
Issue 6

In This Issue

1. Fear Part I: Fear In This Time

Never Stop Dreaming The Dream

1. Being Controlled by Fear

We decided to postpone Part Three of our “Soul Loss” series for this and the following issue to focus on the current events related to terrorist threats, threats to our own lives and the fear that some people say the media is perpetuating and putting way out of proportion. In a live “Bone Throwing” on Transitions Radio Magazine, Kay was asked to address these questions.

The “Bone Reading” offers a clear view of the recent terrorist activities and what is yet to come, of just how serious the threats are to our lives, of how fear is being used as a calculated tool, as well as a clear view on how to protect ourselves from or best deal with chemical and biological threats.

Below is the full transcript of our live “Bone Throwing” session from last Sunday on Transitions Radio Magazine.

TRM is hosted by Alan Hutner and Elizabeth Rose and airs on Radio Free Santa Fe, KBAC 98FM out of Santa Fe, New Mexico (96FM in Albuquerque), 7:57 am to 11:00 am MT, Sundays. Please visit TRM’s website for more information.

This issue of our Newsletter is longer than usual, but trust us IT’S WORTH EVERY WORD!

Alan: Good morning Kay.

Kay: Good morning.

Alan: There are some 60 plus Bone pieces that represent different spirit nations, and any others that Kay might feel the need to add to that. The question that we have asked and blown onto the Bones is about fear in this time.

What does the fear do to us physically, mentally, emotionally? How do we cope with our fear of specifically the terrorism threats that we have been so inundated with since September 11; and the biological warfare and disease threats such as anthrax? The papers have continuously run stories on this. We know there's a lot of fear around that. And then finally, there is a third part of this, what can we do to stay healthy through any kind of attack, whether it be a biological component of some kind or anything else that would effect the body, mind, spirit or soul? So be it, that's the question.

Kay: I added special Bones for this particular throw because there are so many aspects that need to be covered and we want to make sure that we have everything defined very specifically. The pieces that talk about “terrorism” are right in the middle of the activity: they are right in the heart space and are very active. They are trying to attack our heart space, trying to take our Song, our truth, away from us. They are trying to take away the best of what we are and use it against us and to get us to use it against ourselves. The terrorists are sitting on top of one of the “commitment” pieces and what that is saying is that they definitely have intentions for continued terrorist activities such as explosions, bombs and that kind of thing but the plans have not been coalesced. These people who are perpetrating these acts do not have their plans and commitments very clear in mind for their next steps; they are still working on it. It looks like their overall commitment level is waning. It doesn't look like their attempts [explosions] are going to be of real great consequence; just small attacks here and there have a chance to be successful.

Yes, these people are very dangerous, they are very treacherous. They are trying to instigate fear and tear apart the health of the country on all levels. The “fear” pieces themselves are in a very weak position. The terrorists are not succeeding in creating the kind of fear that they were intending to across our country, across Europe, and they have not disrupted our well being, our state of health.

Alan: In fact, maybe you would comment, it seems like it has really precipitated more anger than fear - a lot of revengeful energy right now.

Kay: There is a great deal of revengeful energy throughout the throw. The “anger” piece itself, though, is way off to the side and upside down, which shows that it's not like a great new fury, but rather this perpetual cycle of multi-sided retribution that's being described here. This is actually a war that has been going on for an awfully long time [the “very old disease” piece]. If we look at it from a certain perspective it's still the same old war and it has been going on for thousands of years. As these parties go back and forth and back and forth, attacking each other, retaliating, they are just generating more and more of this revenge/power-over energy.

The “hurtful-energy” Bone piece is sitting right in the heart and it’s right next to the Bone piece for “magic”. The “hurtful-energy” piece is taking this power of magic that we have as human entities, even right out of our hearts, and using it to create this revenge/power-over energy. It just keeps recreating itself and building on itself. So far it hasn't done anything else: it’s as if the magic was being held captive by the revenge and greed.

With the next stream of information that the spirits are showing - they are talking about this with specific care, they make a great emphasis on this as many items on the ground point back to this repeatedly within this throw - that anyone who makes an attack on another, any kind of striking out in a harm-giving way, they are very, very literally giving away their own power! ALL the “power” pieces are over on their back [giving away of power]. The attackers are scattering their own attention; they are scattering their own life energy; they are throwing away their precious, precious power, their own Self, their own Beingness, giving that power away to their opponent! And here we can plainly see how in these resent attacks those people have given their power away to us in the process.

There are a number of different issues concerning types of attacks that are shown here. The “biological attacks,” “chemical attacks” are very, very weak. There are some of these that are present and that will probably continue for awhile but there's not much the terrorists can do in that arena. That particular way of conducting warfare is here indicated as being a waste of their time. The spirits are saying that bio-chemical warfare is actually “very old.” This is nothing new. Its new to us because it has been brought up in the news and we are seeing it on TV coming in people's envelopes. But this has been going on around the world for a long time. We just have not been aware of it - it has not been put in the news.

Now, our “physical well-being” is very strong currently and it will remain so. They are not going to be doing much to damage our physical well-being in the Western countries. Our “mental well-being” is strong and active; it is over on the right arm and is with the Bone pieces that represent “the people, community” and “relationships, coming together” [the fish nations]. What that’s talking about is that we are collecting together as a strength, as a people; collecting together in community, in country, in multiple countries. Community is becoming our strength – the strength needed to use our tools. We don't quite know what to do with that yet.

Sitting in that right hand is the Bone piece that “generates good energy” although it's in a “holding pattern.” This huge energy is coming from the newly bonding community. Our minds are strong but we have not focused the energy yet - we don't know what to do with it - but we are collecting together as real, energy-generating, interactive community: this is a beginning. The “collecting together in community” piece is sitting on the right bicep. When things are on the right arm, on the muscle, the bicep like that, this is a strength; a strength that we have that we can use as a tool to take action in the world with.

Stronger than that in the present moment is all of our mask activity - this revenge/power-over pursuit that keeps perpetuating the war – it’s all of that subconscious destructive programming that we have been holding onto and have been so addicted to for centuries and centuries [“masked, addicted monkey” piece]. In the dead center of everything is this massive amount of “judgment and hatred” for the enemy: this incredibly “obsessive judgment.”

Another very interesting piece is the “Plumed Serpent.” It's sticking straight up, which physically it's not capable of doing. It can't stand on its end, but it's sticking straight up on its end in the absolute dead center of everything! The “Plumed Serpent” is all about things that we have decided outside of time and space; in other words we as entities, before we ever came into this lifetime in this era, have decided to dance in this arena. We made this stage. We set it up so that we have the opportunity to do these kinds of things: to have warfare, to dance this dance of power-over and judgment and negativity. So we're doing it, we are playing it out.

Alan: I have a question about that because it basically says that there are no victims and we are responsible for everything individually and collectively. Why would we choose this? Are there lessons to be learned in what appears to be pain and suffering on the third dimension?

Kay: Every single thing we experience is a lesson to be learned. That's what we come here for. We have very specific things that we want to try to experience and so we set the stage up for ourselves and together with others as a group of entities. We set the possibility up. We set up the dynamics of a culture and a family life and then we jump into it. With our free will we live it out, we play it out. We are very specifically wanting to experience what my grandparents would call the backwards turning wheel. This is the energy that takes things apart; that's what our culture is based on. Our culture has a great deal of imbalance because that's the only component that makes it up, the backwards turning wheel. So it takes everything apart with it and it's all about destruction and power-over.

And here we are: we are seeing it, we are living it out, we are dancing this dance to learn what it is. From the entities’ point of view we absolutely cannot know anything unless we personally experience it. There is no real knowing of anything unless you experience it. So we jump in here and we do it. It does not mean that we condone hurtful actions. It doesn't mean that we think that they are okay or that they are all right or that they can be continued. But it's something that we have to know.

If our spirits, our entities, don't know what these things are all about, then as we progress through eternity, having more and more lives here or in other places, there would be this huge piece of understanding missing. There would be things that we could not accomplish. We can never truly know what real peace is or real enlightenment or real clarity of understanding is until we have experienced the opposite side too.

Alan: So getting to another part of the question about staying healthy during these times, Kay. The good news is, it seems like, the responses in a terrorist way or biological way are not going to be as significant as maybe some people worried about. But any suggestions - did the Bones say how to stay in a transmuting state that even if somebody happens to be exposed in some way through one of these lesser attempts, we can be whole and healed?

Kay: The greatest disruption currently and into the future is on the emotional level. That's where the most disruption has happened. On the spiritual level we are troubled, we are still not responding in a very efficient and effective way on spiritual levels because we, over all as an entire culture, don't really operate on the spiritual levels very much. There is a lot about the spiritual that we just don't engage, we haven't pursued it. And so in those levels we do have a great deal of trouble but the most significant one is the emotional.

And here, the final focus, the solution as the Bones would call it, is for each person to seek the divine. Find creator. Seek what is sacred and holy and of god wherever you can find it. No one can do it for you. The “creator” and “Song” pieces are cuddled together here: it says the beginning of that search comes from inside self. We have to be able to find divine in self, in our own selves, before we are going to be able to see it anywhere else. And that's one of the things that is causing us not to know what to do with our new found pulling together as a people and community. We are holding this incredible tool in our right hand, this ability to collectively create copious volumes of fabulous, good, wonderful, beautiful energies - loving, kind, peaceful, divine healing life-energy - and we don't know how to activate it; we don't know what to do with it. We are still stuck in the middle of these retribution games full of that obsessive judgment and greed and all of that mask activity.

On a more physical side the Bones are talking about homeopathics and herbs as treatments and preventions. They are both useful. However, they have their limitations in response to these particular kinds of issues where the emotional and spiritual aspects are combined with the physical problems that are going to come up from these possible biological or chemical disruptions in our biosphere or our food chain. They do have some limited response here.

What the spirits are talking about as being the most effective are “energetics,” the use of life energy: hands-on traditional healing from any of the indigenous ancient cultures and their ceremonies of healing and also the more modern energetics which we refer to as radionics or psychotronics. Radionics is a combination of both using our mental and spiritual focus of life energy along with technology - combining them.

Next to these “energetics” pieces is where the “skull” piece, “death,” is sitting and this is also where the “picture of our future” piece is sitting. The “picture” is right side up, the “skull” is right side up creating a very strong message, an emphasis on these forms of healing. There are many, many things that we know that are available right now within these realms. Many people have not looked in that direction yet, some don't know quite what they are. But they are there. They are available. And these radionics’ technologies are being further developed at an extremely rapid pace.

This “death” piece - it doesn't necessarily mean physical death – the spirits are offering change, this is the opportunity, the big doorway. Certainly we're going to see some physical deaths; some people are going to decide to leave our realm of the physical and go into the spiritual side. And as they physically die that's a gift: they leave a gift for us. It’s up to us whether we discover what the gift is and use it. Here the gift that's been left on September 11, is this gift of coming together as community and being able to access this truly magical, beautiful good energy that all of us have inside of us and have access to. It flows so abundantly through the whole universe - all that we have to do is draw on it and clearly focus it on a purpose. It's in our right hand: this means it is ready to use anytime we want! This is our most effective tool. We just have to decide to turn our attention away from the violence and do it. The radionics and the traditional spiritual healing techniques – this beautiful divine life energy is what they use, that's what this is all about.

So it means turning to the divine, to spirit, to life energy, learning what it is within self and the universe, learning how to use it and making the decision to use it.

Alan: Thank you very much.

Kay: You’re welcome.

Alan: Good information. Keep your frequency up and we have more of the Bones next month.

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Remember, Love and Create and hold an image of Peace in spite of all the violence, power over, greed and injustice that is going on around you. This is among the most powerful ways to create a new world.

Never Stop Dreaming The Dream

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