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We have a choice. We can leave behind the garbage, or we can change what is in self to something exquisite, beautiful, healing, loving, and incredibly dynamic. This incredible energy teaches others how to be free and whole. The others begin to teach and change also. Those people radiate it out. They are it. This changes everything. One person at a time is all it takes. The growth is exponentially. One person can change the world.


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November 2001
Issue 6

In This Issue

1. Fear Part II: Being Controlled by Fear
2. Gems of Ancient Healing Traditions

Never Stop Dreaming The Dream

1. Being Controlled by Fear

Kay recently did a number of lectures in the course of public presentations and during classes. In newsletters to come we will share excerpts from the transcripts of these lectures.

During these lectures she talks about our masks, judgment, freedom, thoughtforms – which by the way her teachers called among the most devastating pollution on our planet, as destructive as radioactive or chemical pollutions now in our environment. She also talks about our Songs, our incredible beingness as individuals and ways to start to create a new world.

We still will continue our series on Soul Loss, but given that so many people are still asking about fear and safety we felt it to be important to share some of the Hetakas’ teachings and world views as their main goal always was and is the waking up of humanity out of the sleep we have fallen into thousands years ago.

Kay has studied with Domano and Chea Hetaka for more than thirteen years the tradition of these Peruvian people and with a lineage carrier of the Berber the ancient mystery teachings from the temples of Isis and Osiris which have astoundingly similar concepts of who we are, where we are coming from and what our possible future(s) look(s) like.

A word of caution before we begin, Kay’s teachers’ teachings are often not in line with “modern” spiritual “thoughtforms” and people – some of them considering themselves very spiritual – have been known to walk out of her public lectures often motivated by the very energy of arrogance and judgment that keeps us separated and incapable of truly building a new world together.


One of the things that happen when we hold judgment as a prime element in the way we live and think is fear. We judge because we are afraid. We are trying to get up the ladder. We are trying to be better than and we are trying to get connected again. We are trying to be whole and free again. As long as the judgment is in place, we live in fear. Judgment is just another euphemism for fear. It is another little flavor of fear.

In our culture, we are afraid of everything. This is drummed into us and perpetuated. This thought form is fed and fed. Everywhere you look whether it is radio, TV, movies, friends, neighbors or families are doing the proper social thing for this culture. They are feeding you judgment and fear to keep you intact and safe. You are part of the gang. You got to do the correct social thing, which means to judge and to be afraid. Make decisions based on fear.

If we did not have any fear or judgment, it would not matter where we went. The degree of safety is the same. We would not have that sensation of wondering when the next bomb is going to drop and is it going to be on me? When we get rid of the babble and the fear, which are this huge pile of shit that we live in, we can be free. We have created this little box, and it is made out of shit. It stinks. It is dirty. There are no windows or doors. We got a little TV Screen in their and little headsets with all the preprogramming and all the socialization there on the screen coming in and reinforcing this is what the world is.

As long as we are living in that box, there is no freedom. We don’t even see anything for what it actually is. We don’t know ourselves for what we really are. We don’t see another being, whether a plant, person, or animal, stars, rocks, or whatever it is for what it is. We don’t perceive it for what it is. We have this little picture of what the socialization of the masks say - “this is what it is suppose to be, this is how you are suppose to treat it.” That is not freedom.

If we allow things like the terrorism, the crashes, or the destruction to control our decision or to control our lives, we are handing over a huge amount of our own freedom on a silver platter. We are giving our freedom away. We are buying into a yet deeper piece of the backwards-turning wheel. We are buying it hook, line, and sinker, and we are also feeding and adding to it. We are making the fear thought form worse than before.

Real freedom is breaking out of the box. Crack that big thick shell, and get out by making a window or door. Stop the babble. Stop the fear. Then you will see what is actually there. You see yourself for who and what you really are. You see your totality, your Song, and your beingness. You see your masks and your little trips. You see your own beauty and your ancientness that is your immortality of beingness. It is perfectly clear. The information is available.

When we are hiding in that little box, we are hiding from this information. We are hiding from the knowledge of what we really are, and who and what everything else is. You crack out of the box, and you see somebody else for real, heart to heart, Song to Song. You see what is that eternal Song in the other whether it is a rock, or a river, or the wind, or another person, or group of people. Whatever it is you see the truth, and you perceive the connectedness and the extraordinariness. Everything is absolutely astounding. Everything is very different from each other, but astounding and eternal. This insight is what we are missing.

One thing the Hetaka’s always stressed was that one person can change the world. It took me (Kay) years and years and years to understand what that meant. It boggled my mind. I would be thrown into an intellectual tizzy. One person can change the world. First they change themselves inside. That is the first step. When one person can do that what they are, what their beingness is, and what they radiate out is something very different. They radiate something outside the little box, the babble, and the judgment. They radiate out pure acceptance, pure clarity, and pure strength. They have the knowingness that all it takes is focus of the attention. You take away all that babble, all that fear, and all that judgment tossed away and cut away.

Then there is the purity of self-the truth. When the focus of all your beingness, awareness, and attention is clearly and unwavering on one thing, then that one thing will come into being. It manifests. As one person does that, and they focus on love, truth, healing, the getting out of the box, and the freedom. They radiate the beingness of it rather than the talk of it. We are like radio stations for we are broadcasting 24 hours a day. That broadcasts bombards everything around us, filling the space and making an impression that sticks and flavors whatever it touches. The broadcast can stay in a room and in the walls for 100s of years. The flavor and medicine of that energy is there in the room and will touch everyone else that comes to that place. Everyone gets affected by it and gets changed. They can be taught and healed by this energy. You are dropping a pebble in a pond and the ripples go out and out and out. The energy keeps affecting others long after the person is dead. Those thought forms that were created, the energies, live and keep on affecting and healing.

We have choice. We can choose to continue to stay in that awful, disgusting little blind box with its little TV screen and its little ear phones babbling away all our toxic things, all the judgments, darts of nasty things of fear, anger, and judgment and radiate that into the world. This is what we leave behind as our legacy. This is our real legacy.

We have a choice. We can leave behind the garbage, or we can change what is in self to something exquisite, beautiful, healing, loving, and incredibly dynamic. This incredible energy teaches others how to be free and whole. The others begin to teach and change also. Those people radiate it out. They are it. This changes everything. One person at a time is all it takes. The growth is exponentially. One person can change the world.

We are in a time when we really need to make some decisions fast. We can make the decision to stay in the shit box, and that is the end of humanity on this planet. We can also make the choice to break out of the box, grow up, and take responsibility to free ourselves and help everyone else we come in contact with. It is a choice of an individual. If you don’t make the commitment to be free, you can’t. You can talk about it until you die. We can talk around it. We can talk at it. We can intellectualize it, ceremonalize it, but if you don’t make the commitment to do it such as the steps and the follow up. You got to follow up on the commitment. Don’t turn back; just go forward with that commitment.

There is a great momentum in our culture and in us individually to go back into the old habits. We are very, very addicted to that way of thinking and feeling. We will have an extraordinary experience and have a breakthrough, but can we hold on to it? It takes a commitment and a commitment to follow through on it from one minute to next to the next to not slip back.

If you take a really honest close look at our culture, at the institutions, they are falling apart. We try to band-aid it back and shove together as best as it can get, but it is not working. It often takes the chaos for people to start to wake up. If you look at the different prophecies of the indigenous people, the Hopes, the Hetakas, the Maoris and others, it is all in this list of warning signs. If you don’t clean up your act and begin to wake up to loving self and other then this catastrophe is going to happen. If you still don’t wake up, then the next event will happen, and on and on and on.

Each successive event gets more dramatic and horrific. All the planetary disruptions like volcanoes and earthquakes are, from the Hetaka’s tribe, very specific events on the prophecy list. We should have had very major earthquakes and volcano eruptions, but we haven’t because we have started to wake up. The old goes out with a very, very loud struggle. It has a huge death cry. It is going to get more frantic the closer it gets to its own death, If we don’t wake up and build this new wheel with every person taking that responsibility to wake up themselves. Each person takes the responsibility to wake up themselves and clean up their inner act.

As people are waking up and we see these new changes and new groups growing, many of these people haven’t totally shed the box. They may have cracked it open and they may be trying to get out of it, but they are still attached. As long as they are attached, they carry the paradigm with them. They drag some of the old beliefs and old babble, which they try to apply to the new until they decide to totally give it up. They have to give up the old way of thinking and feeling completely and give up the fear base. They have to unplug that entire dynamic of criticism and judgment.

2. Gems of Ancient Healing Traditions

Did you know that it is pretty much impossible for any healing work and especially for energy balancing healing processes to be effective if there is still shock present in the system and especially in the area you are concentrating your work on?

All ancient healing Traditions that Kay was taught in, Peruvian, Egyptian and the Kahuna Tradition from Hawaii, emphasize to check for and if present remove shock from any system before starting any energy work.

There are a number of different ways to remove shock from a system or a specific area of a system. In the ancient healing tradition of Kay’s Peruvian and Egyptian teachers people are trained to remove shock energetically.

One of the most effective ways that we have been taught is to flood the system or the area with pure clear energy that is the color of green emeralds. With clear focus of mind and attention the bundle of energy that is the shock is transformed and/or moved out of the system with the flood of green energy.

In these traditions people are also taught to ask Mother Earth to open a special door to a world that is the “heaven” of this shock energy, a world where it is truly drawn to and where it can “evolve” according to it’s own purpose of existence.

This discordant energy will be very happy to go to “their own world” and that prevents these energies from floating around in our space-time polluting our environment and possibly attaching themselves to whatever is convenient. In the case of shock after it is removed we can fill the space it was in with more green energy.

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Remember, Love and Create and hold an image of Peace in spite of all the violence, power over, greed and injustice that is going on around you. This is among the most powerful ways to create a new world.

Never Stop Dreaming The Dream

All Our Love To All of You and a great many Thanks for your interest in and support of our work.
It is always a pleasure to put this information together. Any comments about our newsletter are very much appreciated. Please send your comments to song@worldbalance.com.

Wanowa Ka Ta See
We are working together to make a world in Balance


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