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The Spirits say here that gratitude is literally our "strength in life"; it gives us the strength to do whatever it is we need to do or to learn or to grow; it's our Magic.


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Song Magic News


November 2006
Issue 50

In This Issue

1. Bonecast Details
2. Thanksgiving Message from the Bone Spirits
3. Course Offerings

Never Stop Dreaming The Dream

1. Bonecast Details

As you may remember, we offered the opportunity for you to vote once again on the questions for the December Bonecast in the 2012 series.

The question most voted for was: “Unconditional Love: What is "Unconditional Love"? Will our ability to live Unconditional Love influence what is to come? What kind of influence can an individual have in a world of mega-controlling politics, mega-controlling militaries, mega-controlling corporations? What do the Spirits have to say?”

So during the upcoming Bonecast this coming Sunday we will present these questions about Unconditional Love to the Bone Spirits.

Since we have recently begun to work with Skype, which is providing us with many more seats at the conference call, we are sharing the information on how to join this Bonecast with our entire e-mailing list and encourage you to share the information with people you believe are interested in joining the event.

Start time for the conference call broadcast for this upcoming Bonecast will be this coming Sunday, December 3, at
1 pm MT. Follow this link to find your local time for this event.

From your Skype account, call +990008275207427 to participate, you will NOT need a conference room number when calling from your Skype account.

From a regular phone, call 1-712-432-4990 when calling from the US (long distance charges apply).

In Europe, call:
UK 0870 119 2350
France 0826 100 266
Germany 01805 00 7620

The conference is free but national rate charges will apply to these calls.

THE CONFERENCE ROOM NUMBER (when joining the call from a regular phone) IS: 5207427

Alan Hutner from Transitions Radio Magazine will again be the host for this event.

We are looking forward to sharing the Spirits of the Bones with you again.

Song to Song,


P.S.: If you are subscribed to our Bonecast Group, you may receive this mailing twice - our apologies.

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2. Thanksgiving Message
from the Bone Spirits

The following is a transcript from a live Bone Throwing presentation by Kay Cordell Whitaker on Transitions Radio Magazine hosted by Alan Hutner and Elizabeth Rose.
TRM Bones – Thanksgiving

Alan: We are getting ready for the Bone Throw this morning, actually, the Bones have been thrown and the question we asked, in case you are just tuning in, is asking the Spirit World about Thanksgiving. Of course there are 60 some Bones and these are all linked to different Spirits who come through and deliver messages to Kay in the tradition of the Hetakas'. In fact, if you want to listen to this and go online you can go to www.worldbalance.com.

Alan: OK, Kay, good to see you, even so I can't really see you.

Kay: Good morning.

Alan: Now let's see, I move over here, that's better.

Kay: Little hard to see you today; we're squeezed around the equipment here.

Alan: OK, Thanksgiving. What to they say about thanksgiving and gratitude?

Kay: The Spirits talk about gratitude as "The Magic". This is the magic that makes our lives healthy and bright and full and we need to learn how to walk with this kind of energy, to walk with gratitude.

What we've learned how to do is, and how they show it on the ground, on the figure here, is literally that we've learned how to walk with all the things that are not gratitude like judgment, sadness, fear, anger, belief in lack and greed, and those kinds of things. We've been taught this for centuries and centuries and centuries and when we live with those things, that is the way we are thinking and feeling on a daily basis, it creates "disease in the mind". In other words, lack of gratitude results in disease in the mind.

We've learned how to hide behind all these things that are not gratitude, the judgment, the stress, the fear, the anger. We literally hide behind them. In the very, very center of the Throw is the piece that represents our attention and our focus and so everything, as the Spirits say over and over again, EVERYTHING boils down to our attention and our focus and where we have put it, what are we focusing ON.

Are we focusing on all these negative things, the judgment, condemnation, fear, anger, resentment and violence, retribution and all that kind of stuff, or are we focusing on something like gratitude?

Now, gratitude for so many people in our culture has become a "Sunday-go-to-meeting" type of thing where we have a day like Thanksgiving, where we go to church and everything is all about gratitude and we're supposed to be so thankful about all these things in our lives and maybe we muster it up a bit and we have a few hours of real gratitude. But that does not compensate for the rest of the day, the rest of the week, the rest of the year, where we are totally swimming in the muck. The Spirits talk about it as "the way we walk": It's the way we think, it's the way we feel, it's the way we talk, it's how we are living our lives. We are living our lives based on judgment, condemnation, fear, anger, greed, believe in lack.

Now, when we are doing this, these non-gratitude states of being, all this judgment, the Spirits are saying that we are literally loosing a piece of ourselves. Every time we do this, every time we experience it, we are loosing something of ourselves and we are shutting parts of ourselves down, we shut down our creativity, we start to shut down our physical health, our mental health, our ability to think, our focus. Of course, things like our joy, play, passion, we're just throwing them away and hiding behind all of these negative ways of thinking and believing and being, these attitudes.

When we forget about gratitude, we literally are making ourselves open to negative energies. It's like we are just some sort of open target where all the negative energies that are floating around us just come right in. We have no resistance whatsoever, we're just inviting them in.

To forget about gratitude is to give your power away; it is to live a life where you are thinking and feeling and believing in things that have nothing to do with the truth of your own being, your own center, your own heart, your own Spirit or Soul. It has nothing to do with what some people would describe as godliness. The Spirits say here that gratitude is literally our "strength in life"; it gives us the strength to do whatever it is we need to do or to learn or to grow; it's our Magic.

Alan: You know, things happen. There is that expression, "blank" happens. You know, it just happens. There are things that we enjoy and we are grateful for, but things happen and we are not grateful for them. There is failure of electrical equipment in the studio; there are broken toilet seats. I mean, you know. And of course if you are centered in your heart maybe you can just not be emotional and reactive to it but, you know. What are the Bones saying about being grateful for things that you perceive that are negative, you perceive them as negative?

Kay: It's how we focus our attention and what are the basic underlying beliefs. If you believe that that equipment failure is somehow a bad thing, a horrible thing, something against you, something negative, big bad and ugly, than you are going to let that out, you're going to follow through.

Let me give you an example of something that just happened yesterday in my life, my home. The porch light in our house went out and it wasn't just the bulb. Something in the fixture, in the nitti gritty innards in there, was not functioning right. So we had a guy over, an electrician that came and took everything apart and looked at everything and sure enough, there are some wires hanging there in the wall, alive, full of electricity, not attached to anything, not clipped off, they're just hanging there, ready to start a fire. So even though this breaking down of the light was very annoying, which meant we have to go get a new fixture, we have to pay for the electrician, all this stuff, but it kept our house from burning down and I am really grateful.

Alan: So we can look forward to a better toilet seat.

Kay: Oh Yeah! It's in our basic, basic underlying beliefs. Are these things really bad, awful? Do we really need to be all angry, resentful, frustrated? Those are learned behaviors and they permeate our society.

Alan: There is also a cliche, "don't take it personally". And there is that identification when it's being done TO you when it's probably a random act of the cosmos, the fractal theory, you know, cause and effect, one energy creates another, you know what I'm saying? And we're putting out some of that if we're being angry, or negative or not grateful.

Kay: We're putting out tons and tons of it; people don't have any clue. We really need to stop and just sort of watch. Watch ourselves and watch everybody else around: what you're thinking, what you're feeling, how often and how much stuff are you putting out into your environment that is negative? We've learned how to live in this negative state 24 hours a day.

Alan: The other thing that comes up, of course part of the reason we asked the Bones and the Spirit World the question about gratitude and thanksgiving with the Thanksgiving Holiday, which is a celebration one time a year, and it'd be nice to celebrate all the time, to be grateful for our life; and I think of the family issues, you know that people have when they do the Holiday ritual, whatever it is. Who's house are we going to? Are you going back to your mother's and father's? Same thing for Christmas or Hanuka, whatever. You know it brings up all the family stuff.

What would the Bones say about, you know, putting that all to bed kind of. No matter what your parents did to you, your brothers, your sisters and say, I'm here and I have an opportunity to breathe and maybe eat some turkey. How do you go into that, or what do they say about how to go into the mode of forgiveness maybe as part of the gratitude to your family and the fact if it wasn't for your parents you wouldn't even be here.

Kay: In this Throw the Bones have the piece that represents our family, our best friends, our loved one's, our community, it's sitting in the right hand and it's part of a line of energy that's going from the left hand to the right hand and it talks all about how we need to begin having a great deal of gratitude for our community, our family, our loved ones, the people around us. And this concept of forgiveness does not mean that you condone bad behaviors; that has nothing to do with that, it's a totally different thing. Forgiveness, for instance in the ancient Egyptian words they have the same language structure for that word as we do in English and it means "before the giving of the injury" - "for-give". You want to put yourself, your emotions and your mental state back to the way they were before you ever received any injury. That's what forgiveness is all about. You don't want to hold on to the damage. You don't want to hold on to the grudge. You don't want to hold on to revenge and the hatred. You want to get yourself back to that state when you were cleaner and happier, living a more loving fulfilled life.

Alan: Alright. I wanna tell our listeners to go to your website at worldbalance.com. I know you are very busy, but are you still doing personal readings for people or they get in the cue for a reading?

Kay: Oh yes.

Alan: OK, so you can ask the Bones something on a more personal level, but I just told you not to take it personally. But you know what I'm talking about, call 505-466-3387. And if you are looking ahead for the New Year in your Daytimer, for 2007 is nearby, mark your calendar for one of Kay's rare public Bone Throws that's coming to BODY, January 21st, 2007, from 2 - 5 pm next year.

So be grateful all the time.

Kay: Gratitude is the Magic, it's our strength.

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3. Course Offerings

Kay is still accepting applications for a new installment of her 4 Year Course Series "Setting The World In Balance" as well as new Basic and Advanced level classes of her Red Door Radionics Research work.

To find out more about these classes and offerings go to the Study Opportunities section as well as the Energy Healing Research section.

We have received more applications than we have space available for the next installment of Kay's 4 Year Course "Setting The World In Balance". If you would like to participate in this course send in your application as soon as you can by following this link. After receiving your application, we will put your name on a waiting list and will let you know if a space becomes available in this offering or an additional offering has been added.

If you already have sent your application you will receive detailed information about this next upcoming installment very soon.

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Remember, Love and Create and hold an image of Peace in spite of all the violence, power over, greed and injustice that is going on around you. This is among the most powerful ways to create a new world.

Never Stop Dreaming The Dream

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