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In this section we will share other resources and information that we believe to be relevant to a spiritual path in general and the Hetakas' teachings specifically and are not covered in any of the other sections of our website. Check back often to see what's new.




Most of the ceremonies within the Hetakas' tradition are performed within a stone circle altar. The instructions on how to build this stone circle altar are part of Disk 1 of The Dance Of The Earth Fire Serpent CD.

We have received many requests to share the information on how to build this altar and you can download these instructions by following the link below.

You are free to use it for your own personal explorations and studies. If you are using the stone circle altar for any teachings of others we request you mention the Hetakas and Kay Cordell Whitaker as the original providers of this information with a reference to this website.

Building The Stone Circle Altar


About The Ancient Calling Chant on our CDs

Kay is not quite ready to reveal too much about the chant just yet, only to say that it is a very very ancient chant and, as far as she can tell from her experience, very powerful. The chant asks for all who listen to experience the truth of who they really are and what their place is in this world and among the stars.

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