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Drumming To Journey By
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Power Animal Journey
  "I have three other Tapes and CD'S on the same subject and this one is far superior."


Meeting your Power Animal


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  1. To Quest The Spirit Animals
2. Journey To The Land Of The Spirit
3. Ceremonial Drumming
The beautifully guided spirit journey on this CD takes you to the world of the animal spirits to meet your power animal. Your power animal is a being, a member of an animal nation in spirit form, who has been with you all your life and will continue to be with you. This individual has tried to help you even when you have not been aware of it. In the ceremony you become conscious of this being and will then be able to carry on an intimate one-to-one relationship within non-ordinary realities and within your everyday world; a relationship full of excitement, intrigue and knowledge. Your power animal can help and guide you in extraordinary ways that reach far beyond your accustomed boundaries.

Within this tradition our Power Animal is a specific being from an "animal nation" which has committed to fulfilling this role throughout our entire life, it never changes places with other spirit animals.

We have many helpers from the animal spirit world and we can form intimate relationships with all of them, but our Power Animal is with us all of our lives. Only when people are dying do we see the Power Animal leaving the side of the spirit of that person because it's commitment is fulfilled.

The compelling sounds of the traditional drumming on this CD are an integral part of the ceremony and are said to carry you through the worlds: they become your sacred vehicle into the realms of the unknown.

This CD is also used for Soul Retrieval Journeys. Once you have found your Power Animal and have built a sufficient relationship, please contact us and we will share instructions with you on how to use this CD to retrieve lost Soul Pieces. For more information on the subject please see our newsletter section and download the sample issues on Soul Loss.


"I bought this CD because I had previously experienced a problem with power animal meditation. This CD is the cure. I cannot express how pleased I am with the results. I have three other Tapes and CD'S on the same subject and this one is far superior. I plan on owning more Kay Whitaker material in the near future. This material delivered everything it promised and more. It's worth every penny."

Thomas A. Murray Sr, Nashua, NH

"I make weekly or bi-weekly personal tune-ups using this CD. Initially, I used the journey to find my power animal -- a relationship I'm still exploring, but the metaphor of that relationship is quite powerful, and helpful in my life. Now I use the same journey CD, but go on soul retrievals, or on expeditions with my power animal to find an answer to a specific question. The results have been surprising: useful, grounding, information or sensation-packed. I appreciate the format of the CD; the ability to have a "voice" and "format" to follow, and a call back at the end. Not to mention great drumming. I highly recommend this investment."

Jenna Caplette, Bozeman, MT

"Being an experienced practitioner of shamanic journeying (it all started with Michael Harner's workshop some years ago)- I am sick of the bastardized variety of mind-altering and journeying CD's on the market. But, this one comes as a refreshment. Kay Whitaker's deeply suggestive voice leads you to The Realm of Power Animals and Spirit Helpers, and from there - you can fly. Though used to the traditional "solo and double drumming" (traditional shamanic journeying aid), I am really surprised to learn how effectively the sonic power of "The Voice of the Shaman" intensifies the journeying experience. If you are about to seriously venture into shamanic practice, this CD is a MUST."


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