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Promotion Rewards Program


We have created a rewards program for promotional help and support to spread the word about the release of Sacred Link - Joining Fortunes with the Unknown. We are certain you will find the win-win-win process designed for that purpose very inspiring.

As many of you know Kay Cordell Whitaker is the author of the now classic The Reluctant Shaman – A Woman’s First Encounters with the Unseen Spirits of the Earth (Harper San Francisco). Based on the phenomenal success of Ms. Whitaker’s previous work we expect a great interest in her newest book Sacred Link and hope that you will be able to participate in the program described below.


We ask anyone interested to help us spread the word about Sacred Link and in turn we offer the opportunity for free: private sessions or an entire class series with Kay, books and CDs, as well as Kay’s Red Door Radionics instrument and materials.

You can help us with the promotional efforts by any means you feel appropriate which includes: e-mails, online forums, bulletin boards – online and physical, or simply by talking with your friends. We do ask that you do not spam or inundate e-mailing lists or online forums nor be forceful in conveying the information to your family and friends or anyone else. If somebody is not interested in what you have to share please respect that. We will take any complaints we receive from people about these things very seriously and reserve the right to terminate any relationship within this program with anyone engaging in such practices.

We have created wonderful bookmarks from the cover image of Sacred Link. These bookmarks are available to everyone participating in the promotional program.

The way the program works is simple. When you first sign up to participate in the program we will send you a stack of these bookmarks. The bookmarks you will receive are numbered. When people visit our website, either because you have asked them to through e-mail or online forums and bulletin boards or because they have received one of “your” numbered bookmarks and they feel compelled to register with us, they will be asked to either enter the number shown on the bookmark that has brought them to our site or the name of the person who has shared the information about Sacred Link with them.

Based on that information we will be able to keep track of how many people have registered as a result of your efforts which will allow us to give out the gifts based on a preexisting rewards structure.
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