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Learning both modes, radionics and hands-on healing, can help greatly in understanding either, and will increase your effectiveness in either modality.

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Radionics Compared to Hands-On Healing

The healing tradition that I was taught by both the Hetakas and the Egyptian tradition is a hands-on healing practice common to many other traditional cultures, for example, the psychic surgeons of the Philippines and the traditional healers of the Hawaiian islands. First the energy system of the healer is opened up through an initiatory process whereby she gains access to a constant, huge flow of life energy. Within the flow of that life current, there are both electromagnetic energy fields and subtle energy fields. When you apply that energy to a person with the intention of helping him to heal, you shift his electromagnetic field. The first thing that happens is that you increase the field’s intensity – an effect which can be measured with scientific instruments.
As the energy moves through you, you are pulling it from an endless source – from the Earth, the sun, the stars, from Creator. It’s moving through you like huge rivers. You’re not using the energy that comes from your own body, your own being; that would mean early death. You use ultimate source energy. You aim it into the entity you want to heal and you flood his system.

While you are doing this, your electromagnetic field increases in intensity, especially the magnetic component. Both the electric and magnetic components are increasing, but the magnetic fields becomes greatly intensified. The energy that you’re directing into your subject shifts his field, which also begins to increase in intensity. Your brain waves and those of your subject move into the alpha and theta wave ranges and sometimes even into the delta range. This usually induces sleep or expanded levels of consciousness. In order to be healed, a person’s body has to increase its magnetic field intensity significantly before any alteration can take place. Then it can receive energy, accept manipulation and change, acquire new frequencies – and it will hold, it lasts.

In radionics, when you broadcast healing frequencies, you’re altering the electromagnetic field of the target, whether the target is as specific as the liver or as broad as the whole auric field. Radionics does not take the place of the initiatory process undergone by a hands-on healer, and this initiatory process is not necessary in order to practice radionics (although it is helpful). However, any radionics practitioner needs to develop some of the skills of a traditional healer, especially those of focus and intent.

The healing process is similar in radionics and traditional hands-on healing. Both methods create a scalar wave, the “hole” and the “tunnel,” through which one can observe and broadcast. The radionics devices available to the public at this time have a “ceiling” on the energy intensity which can be broadcast, whereas the hands-on healing does not – it is dependent on, limited only by, the ability of the practitioner. One of the benefits of radionics is that it can hold the “tunnel” open for an unlimited amount of time – analysis and broadcast can go on forever. In hands-on healing, one holds the “tunnel” open with one’s concentration and intent; this can be very difficult for extended time periods as one has to remain in the theta or delta brain wave range and stay awake without losing focus on the task at hand. In radionics, one only needs to be in the alpha brain wave range and keep the psycho-babble aside long enough to ask the questions and set up the broadcast. Once the broadcast is programmed and set in motion, you can walk away from it. In hands-on healing, broadcasting can only happen as long as the practitioner can maintain the required state and focus.

The way radionics has evolved, it has become an incredible concentration and focusing tool for analyzing. The practitioner puts the target’s Witness into the Bowl and then adds the rates in question to the equation by touching them on the page. Once the Witness is in the Bowl, the scalar field to the target is fully formed and active. The practitioner only needs to aim her focus (through the “tunnel”) to the target and ask the appropriate questions. The non-medically-educated person can accomplish analysis of great detail with radionics because the structural details and resonances (rates) are all laid out in a rate book or manual. All you need to do is go down the list of rates systematically testing each one at a time.

With hands-on healing, the practitioner learns to create the scalar field with her own intent and focus. The appropriate questions to ask are part of the protocol taught, and are expanded upon through practice and interaction with the Spirits. Learning both modes, radionics and hands-on healing, can help greatly in understanding either, and will increase your effectiveness in either modality.

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