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The field of radionics brings together physics and the psychic.   

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Radionics Frequencies

From the point of view of radionics, everything has a frequency or set of frequencies because everything is in vibration. These frequencies are found both on the electromagnetic scale and within the subtle energies. Every human, every animal, every plant, the insects, the microbes in the soil, the winds, the waters each has its own set of frequencies. Everything has its own unique signature, its Song. We each have a frequency or group of frequencies and patterns which define us as individuals in the universe. With investigation we can determine which frequencies define the Song of a particular entity. And we can tap into those frequencies to connect to that unique entity, like calling him/it on the phone. When we know the frequency of something, we can connect to it, make contact, exchange information, and alter it.

Our Song has a set of frequencies and patterns of frequencies that continue to vibrate and radiate. And each and every part of our body has its own frequencies and vibrational patterns each cell and piece of a cell, each organ, the auric field and each section of the aura. When we work radionically on an organism we are utilizing these frequencies.


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