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As part of her more than 20 years of research Kay has learned that any healing modality can greatly benefit from any form of radionics research. The Red Door Radionics Research work is a very important part of her Traditional Energy Healing Practice.

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Red Door Classes

Red Door Radionics and Subtle Energy Research Classes are based on scientific models combined with knowledge from ancient spiritual traditions from Peru and Egypt.

Kay is currently offering 2 levels of classes.

The first class offered is the introduction to the Red Door research work and the basic concepts and protocols of radionics. This class introduces students to radionics research with the Red Door and provides instructions on how to use the Red Door for a wide range of research areas.

This class is made up of a total of five, three-hour session and is taught long distance via conference call. The sessions are usually scheduled two weeks apart and take place on Saturdays at noon.

The next level class has the same structure and continues where the first level leaves off, instructing students in advanced research applications using the Red Door.

Registration for the Red Door Classes is ongoing and the classes are scheduled as they fill up. Dates are made available far enough in advance so registered students can make arrangements to be able to participate in the classes.

Application To The Class

If you are interested in participating in the Red Door Radionics and Subtle Energy Research Classes please fill out the application form by following the link below.

We will let you know if you have been accepted to participate in the Red Door Class as soon as Kay has had a chance to read your application.

Once you have been accepted to participate we will put you on the list of participants for the next appropriate upcoming Red Door Class. You can decide to make payment for the class at that time or you can wait until the class date is being announced. 

Please keep in mind that spaces are limited to these classes and are given first to people who have made the final commitment to participate in the form of their payment for the class.

Price for the basic and the advanced class is $395 each.

Kay Cordell Whitaker will be offering a Basic Red Door Radionics and Subtle Energy Research Class later this year followed by an advanced level class shortly after.

Please use this Application Form to apply for one or both Red Door Radionics Subtle Energy Research Classes.

You will also need the Red Door Instrument, the Red Door Lab  Journal of Field Test Research Programs and accompanying materials to participate in the classes.

All these materials needed to participate in the classes will be available in our online store soon. In the meantime please call toll free 1-866-422-1848 or e-mail

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