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Many of our clients who have healing practices enjoy this simple device to clean the space they are working in of any unfavorable energies that come up during their work with their clients.

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The Red Door Instrument

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The Red Door Instrument
Dimensional Entry Transmission Field Generator


During my many years of research work within the field of Radionics I used a number of different devices. After a time it became apparent that the efficiency of these devices and their ease (or lack thereof) of use did not match my expectations so I sat out to develop my own instrument. An instrument that would satisfy my requirements and criteria as to what such a research instrument should do.

The Red Door is the result of that development work.

As I studied with my Egyptian teacher, I worked with the Egyptian forms, creating these pieces of art myself and experiencing these energies personally. I started to wonder about which kinds of geometrical forms affect the human body in which ways. What effect does a particular shape have on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health?

I have experimented for years, building hundreds of different shapes and forms. I discovered that some shapes were broadcasters: they created a doorway through the dimensions on which information traveled. The most effective shape for this is the cylinder. The cylinder, by the way, appears in almost all radionics devices, no matter what form the machine takes, and regardless of the fact that so many of these machines were developed independently of each other.
I varied the ratios, the materials, the colors, and so on. As I investigated, it became apparent that this inter-dimensional phenomenon only happened with a cylinder having a particular set of ratios. The diameter and the height had to be exactly right. The size had to be exactly right.

This is because certain frequencies need to be generated in order to create the scalar energy field. The energy waves bouncing around inside the cylinder need to be of specific wave lengths to create the proper frequencies. A certain number of whole waves occur within the stretch of space from one side of the wall of the cylinder to the other. Depending on the frequency and wave length of the wave form, it will either pass through the cylinder wall or bounce off, refract. When it refracts off the inside wall, it travels across the inside of the bowl, hits the other side, and refracts again, and refracts again. The angles of refraction as it bounces this way and that way are very specific and predictable mathematically. If you visualize these lines of refraction building and building within the bowl, a pattern emerges – a very specific pattern of energy. This particular pattern is unique to this size bowl – if you change the size even a few hundredths of an inch you decrease the efficiency of the pattern.

My first cylinders were made of paper. When I was satisfied that I had zeroed in on the most effective shape and size, I searched for a more stable and permanent medium. Stone is very good, especially red granite, but it is very difficult to produce, requiring special tools for the cutting and grinding of the bowl. The expense is simply prohibitive. Wood works very well, and I was fortunate to find a highly skilled technician who could make them out of wood. They’re still not easy to manufacture. They have to be made on a special kind of lathe which allows extreme accuracy, within hundredths of an inch. The walls have to be perfectly straight, the bottom has to be perfectly straight, the corners have to be perfect. There aren’t too many people who can do that kind of precision woodworking.

It took a long time to develop the Red Door Bowl we use today. We had to determine what kind of wood works best, what kind of layering of lamination, what kind of seal – chemical, shellac, or varnish – would protect it without hindering any of the frequencies. We discovered that the Bowl needs to be red. Many experimental models and samples were made before we were satisfied.

It's ease of use and the range of things that can be done within any energy healing research using the Red Door, it's simplicity and the priceless effect of cleaning any space and surroundings just by sitting there, makes the Red Door an invaluable tool not only for my research work, but for all the work I do with clients and students.

Not for medical use.
For experimental research only.
Not intended as a medical diagnosis or treatment.
Descriptions used are subtle energy reference only and not the actual physical condition.
No claims are made.

The Red Door and accompanying material will be available for purchase in our online store soon.

In the meantime please call toll free 1-866-422-1848 or e-mail to order the Red Door.

The price for the Red Door Instrument is $899.

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