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Researchers around the world have worked for centuries to gather their own frequencies and develop their own model for this kind of research

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In addition to a radionics instrument one needs what is referred to within any radionics research system as "rates", "frequencies" and "symbols".

Throughout the past 20+ years of her research Kay has gathered a great number of various rates, symbols and frequencies that can be used when doing research work with  the Red Door Instrument.

The Lab Journal has well over 1000 pages with many rates, symbols and frequencies listed on each page. As Kay makes new findings in the course of her research work she continuously adds new material to the Lab Journal.

As with all our work and material the following applies to the Lab Journal as well:

Not for medical use.
For experimental research only.
Not intended as a medical diagnosis or treatment.
Descriptions used are subtle energy reference only and not the actual physical condition.
No claims are made.

The Red Door Lab Journal of Field Test Research Programs is available for purchase on CD only together with the Red Door Instrument. The price for the Lab Journal, which we also refer to as the "Red Door Manual", is $227.

Annual update service subscription is also available. The price for the subscription is $128/year.

The Lab Journal will be available for purchase in our online store soon. In the meantime please call toll free 1-866-422-1848 or e-mail to order a copy of the Lab Journal (only available together with the Red Door).

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