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The Reluctant Shaman

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After several years studying with Chea and Domano Hetaka, my two Peruvian teachers, it became apparent to me that they purposefully and creatively used our language in a very different arrangement and emphasis than what is normally considered standard American English even when they had known what the common phrasing was. Their usage was carefully and precisely chosen to best portray their native experience and unique perspective of life.

Throughout the writing of these books I have maintained their patterns of speech and rhythm, the only alterations being to minimize the extreme brokenness of sentences in order to ensure clarity.

The Hetakas had often talked with me on the power that knowledge carries when one does not hold it in fear, but relates to it and uses it to find and hold onto one's Song and center – to wake-up and stay awake. I cannot say that this or that is "THE KNOWLEDGE" or "THE TRUTH." I can only present the view of the world as I have lived it, and in the tradition of a kala keh nah seh of the Hetakas’ tribe, show you this way to experience for yourself. As the Hetakas have often said to me, it is for each person to objectively reexamine deep inside themselves, their beliefs, their values, and their world, to find THEIR OWN TRUTH - whatever that may be.

They advised in their parting words to me to suggest to the reader that they read with more than their thoughts, that they enjoy the pages slowly, and that they experience with their whole selves as they proceed.


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