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Drumming To Journey By
Song Magic
Earth Fire Serpent
Power Animal Journey
"Do not underestimate the power of this very simple yet extraordinarily profound ceremony!"

Song Magic

This CD brings to you the gift of the south, the knowing of one's own Song.



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  The Song
Ceremony of Finding Your Song
  The text below is an excerpt from the first track of the Song Magic CD. The entire track gives you a detailed introduction to the concept of "Song" and why it is so important to "explore and come to know your own Song."

The purposeful turning of your attention to feel your own Song is the heart and basis of all the teachings, beliefs and ceremonies of the Hetakas' tribe.

The second track is the actual ceremony for finding your own unique Song. Without a doubt among the most powerful ceremonies in our time, it takes you to the raw truth of who and what you are; it takes you to the actual experience of feeling and understanding the antiquity, the vastness and the joy of your own essence, your spirit!

Both these tracks are part of Disc 1 of The Dance Of The Earth Fire Serpent CD.

The Song

The heart and goal of spiritual traditions around the world is to know who you are. To know who you really are.

How do you answer this question for yourself? Who are you? How do you identify yourself? What are you? Where are you headed?

Everything has a Song. Everything is alive - every plant, every animal, every rock, every grain of sand and soil. The rivers, creeks, springs. The winds. The mountains. The stars in the sky. Every atom is alive. And every single one has consciousness and action. Each has a center, a heart. And each one has a Song. Its own, individual, absolutely unique signature - its Song - that it radiates out into the universe. And each being’s Song is its own individual, unique, piece of Creator.

This Song, this signature, has a feeling to it of intense aliveness. Curious, wanting experience, loving life. Wanting to know. Wanting fun.

There are many paths and traditions to finding this mystery. There are different methods used all around the world. And it doesn’t have to take a long time. It doesn’t have to be difficult. All these different paths work. But it will be just as difficult and take just as long as you believe it will.

When my grandparents gave me the Ceremony of Finding Your Song, they told me to think of a time in my life, “When you were a child,” they said. "Or maybe even a moment from today. Some time when you felt happiness. Joy. An excited feeling. The kind of feeling you get when you listen to your most favorite music. Or doing the thing you really want to do. Maybe it’s painting something. Or being out among the plants, the soil, the trees. Or the sensation of falling in love - that swooning, giddy feeling."

Whatever it is, bring back the events. Bring it back in your mind - all the details. What was around you, the kind of light, the colors, the smells. Bring it all back. And bring the feeling back. Knowing that that feeling is the feeling of your Song. This is what your signature feels like. That is who you really are.

Our beings, our spirits, have a basic quality about them. A feeling of pleasure, delight, excitement. And when you are doing something that generates these feelings, you are stimulating the sensations of your own Song. You are feeling the truth about yourself. The truth of who you are.

All the knowledge of your gifts. Gifts that you were born with. The true desires and will of your spirit. How you connect to all other beings. How you connect to and are part of Creator. All this knowledge is in the feeling of your Song.

Even that falling-in-love feeling - it really has very little to do with the other person. Something about them stimulates in you the sensation of your Song. We mistake it for something else and we give all the credit away to the other person, when in reality it is your own essence that you are experiencing. All that beauty and excitement and love is the basic nature and sensation of your aliveness. It is the feeling of your Song.

When you are fully feeling your Song, you’re not being controlled by your masks. When you are busy being in the middle of your masks, you are not in the awareness of your Song.



"Do not underestimate the power of this very simple yet extraordinarily profound ceremony! You can't help but feel your own wondrousness and aliveness! This CD is the most moving I have heard when it comes to knowing and feeling the truth of your own being: reclaiming our own power."

Ken Robinson, Sisters, OR

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