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Geometry affects us – profoundly.

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Sacred Geometry

Ancient cultures had a great deal of understanding around the dynamics of geometry. They knew that any geometrical form, whether it’s two-dimensional or three-dimensional, generates vibrations in specific frequencies. It creates both electromagnetic frequencies and subtle energy frequencies. The geometry of a room or a form – its angles, it ratios, its proportions – all generate frequencies and fields of energy.
Some of these patterns of energy are extremely healthful. Some are rejuvenating. Some are very inspiring for enlightenment. Some of them are quite detrimental. We’ve all gone into a building in a city that was very unfortunately constructed. Not only was it ugly, but it just felt bad – it radiated this feeling that made you not want to be in it.

Geometry affects us – profoundly. It has a very strong effect on our bodies, our emotions, our mental abilities, our spiritual abilities, our state of being.

My first teachers, Chea and Domano Hetaka, used to tell me that every geometrical form is radiating energies. Each form has a medicine, a gift, for us. They would say some of the gifts are pretty nice and some are not so nice. The altars that they used in ceremony are all circular. They were very adamant that the circle be as perfect as possible, as round as you could get it. They knew that this form was creating an energy field, and it couldn’t do its proper work for you unless you had the geometry really tight. Other cultures have the same stringent requirements for their sacred altars and spaces. The angles, the proportions and ratios – everything has to be just right in order to generate the desired set of frequencies crucial to the purpose of the ceremony.

The Hetakas always told me, “Geometry has an effect. It’s very special. There’s a shape for everything. Whatever you want to do, there is a geometrical shape which will perform it.”

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