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The following text is an excerpt from Healing Spirits.

Healer, Heal Thyself

A lot of healers are taught not to try to heal themselves. There’s a reason for that: We get in our own way!

In the tradition in which I was trained, however, I was told that everything we do for someone else, we can do for ourselves. Yes, you probably will get in your own way to a certain degree, but if you work hard enough, you can facilitate some good results.

A good example is when I broke a bone in the middle of my foot. I was wearing high-heeled clogs, walking down a slanted driveway. My foot turned and I heard this terrible cracking sound. It was Saturday night, about midnight, and I was all by myself. So I hobbled into the house, kicked off the shoe, and looked at the injury. There was a triangular piece of bone pushing the skin outward on the side of my foot.

I knew that I had to get all the jagged edges lined up so that the healing, the knitting, could start. I’d been taught that you can move bones and align somebody’s spine just by using energy, not touching anything with your physical hands. I hadn’t had a chance to work on a broken bone yet, so this was my big test. With my hand about twelve inches out from my physical foot, I used energy to lift and push the bone back in place. I couldn’t just push it sideways and have it go in; it had to be lifted up to have that triangular piece fit back into the slot.

Using psychic surgery, I cut open and went down into the foot to put different drainage devices in place so that the edemic swelling which usually happens around a break could drain away. As the pain started to come around, I would take the pockets of pain and just remove them, so that I was somewhat uncomfortable but not in severe pain. The thing that I had the most difficulty with was the pain.

The next morning, I called a friend who was also a healer and very good with bones and asked her to come over. The triangular piece was back in its proper place—all the little jagged edges had lined up completely, just where they were supposed to be. There was no swelling and no bruising. So my friend worked on getting the bone to weave, to begin the process of building tissue between the cracks. She got the rest of the pain out, too, and took me to see a doctor.

He was a cocky young man, the type who would like everybody to think that he had seen everything. I had to do a lot of talking to convince him that I had a broken bone in my foot and needed an x-ray!

Sure enough, you could see it on the x-ray: there was the break, and there was the ligament that had been yanked out of place. My friend and I had set it back down where it belonged and the end of the ligament was starting to re-root. You could see that it was not like it was supposed to be, that obviously this piece of bone had been way out of line, otherwise the ligament wouldn’t have been torn off. And this doctor is looking at it as if he knew exactly what had happened…

When he left the room, his assistant said, “How did you do that? I have to know!” So I explained it to him and he was really excited. I did get a kind of strap-on cast for my own feeling of precaution, but I didn’t need it and I didn’t have to go through all the other medical procedures.

It can take several years for a ligament that gets ripped off the bone to reattach itself. Sometimes, they never heal at all. Yet the ligaments on my foot grew back exactly the way they were supposed to within months. The energy moved the bone back in place and reattached the fibers, literally sewing them back down into the bone. Then it stimulated the cells to do the things they’re supposed to do. This is a great example of hands-on healing, of giving the body the things it needs to rebuild and to heal.

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