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For many years the native elders who instructed Kay, Chea and Domano Hetaka of eastern Peru, have said the most important thing we can do for ourselves and our world is to "let ourselves be happy."


Shamanism - KATASEE

"The learning of the ways of Balance. This is said to be the dance of the stars. To learn how to not be carried off with the psychic winds. To keep balance. To dance. To give movement of your choosing." Domano Hetaka, The Reluctant Shaman.

The gift of the south, to know your own Song, has always been given first because it is the key that provides one with the dream and the power to persist through the roller coaster journeys of spiritual growth. This magic tool is knowing the joy and passion of life that is one’s own true unique identity, or as the Hetakas say, one’s “Song.” It is the purposeful turning of one’s attention into the feeling-experience of the vastness and beauty of one’s aliveness. It has been talked about through the ages as bliss, Ananda, Grace, feeling one’s own unique piece of Creator; it is coming to know the exquisite and wondrous feeling of one's own beingness and aliveness.

Ka ta see is understanding and controlling your attention. Ka ta see is balance, a state due to equilibriums; it is equity and harmony with the self and all forms. The world looks very different when we learn how to wake up and redirect our attention. The unfathomable beauty, the joy, the extraordinary amount and feeling of exchange with other forms. It is a human heritage. Life is poetic, with all its gracefulness and passionate depth. The rush and play of loving. The impregnation of daylight. The extravagancy of darkness. It is living poetry.

There is ablaze from the center, the heart of each and all things - life. From galaxies to photons. Life is conscious, intelligent energy that can collect itself into any function or shape. It collects around inertia to form energy patterns and matter. A person can learn how to collect it, store it, move it. When it collects into something, that is an individual. Its matrix has a unique pulsing, a rhythm, that belongs only to it. It sings to the universe and life pours through it, carrying its little song. It tells everybody around about its existence. This is life energy itself being scattered out as a gift from the heart. An individual's song is its joy. And we share them with each other continually. This is our web.

Death is only what shoves life along its way. It is a doorway to something new. Nothing is annihilated or lost or forgotten. All is carried on to the next place and all experience is shared and remembered. It is a great trick to learn to use this doorway. You must face, confront your death, prepare to die. This changes your place among the webs, gives you courage, shows you how living is a matter of attention.

Being alive has a feeling, a pleasant, stimulating feeling. An excitement that feels at first faint. Then as attention is put on it, it grows. This sensation, this beautiful awareness, is a formidable tool for collecting power. This is what we call passion of living. Fear drowns out this feeling. And nurturing this passion removes the grounds for fear.

This passion is your Song. To feel the passion is to feel and know the Song that is your own spirit's vibrations. The experience of this is the foundation of ka ta see. When you are balanced you will all the time feel that way. But just because you feel this does not mean you are balanced. Ka ta see is understanding and controlling your attention. The first task in learning this way is to be able to feel the passion of living at any time. This is of great advantage. It will heal, advise, and comfort you. Fading away the lonely separateness we all have carried. In a child's way years ago you had some knowing of this.

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